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  • mmanion commented on the blog post Both Of These Things Are Just Like The Other

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    Maureen Orth has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. How’d she manage to raise such a pathetic little misogynist.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Love In The House Of Spy

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    Can’t wait for the video game of this to come out. ‘Call of Booty’ or something.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Elections Have Consequences

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    Jeez, if only Obamacare could find the cure for CUD (Consequence Understanding Disorder) which seems to be afflicting our uber-progressive brethren at an alarming rate.

    I have not had health insurance for more than 10 years because of a pre-existing condition. My current healthcare plan is ‘faith-based’ and consists of praying to the FSM that I don’t have any serious illness arise. I’m not one of those hippy freeloaders who ‘chooses’ to forego insurance. Work multiple jobs but no one wants to insure me at any price due to a genetic issue with hypertension. Given my age and my history, it’s only a matter of time before something unpleasant and financially devastating happens, so thank you liberal purists for ‘voting your conscience’ while the rest of us sit on pins and needles hoping against hope that we don’t have a stroke or end up with cancer until all features of Obamacare can be fully implemented.

    Your fucking ‘conscience’ can take responsibility for unnecessary deaths if Romney/Ryan end up winning.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post There Will Be Teblood: The Non-Flinging-ning

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    Yeah–I think we all get that it’s a coded fundy reference to how super humble and extra-special all true Christian ‘servants of Christ’ are compared to the rest of us self-involved heathens, rather than Tebow’s personal ad for an efficient housekeeper (with huge tits). How does that interpretation make him any less of a dick?

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Book Chat Talk Thing

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    I read American Prometheus several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just found it again as I was repairing a grotesquely overloaded bookshelf that finally caved and thought about reading it again, but it is not a light read, as you say.

    Agree with the Pratchett comments and would add the Jasper Fforde Thursday Next series for those who like a light read, nerd humor and alternate universe-type fiction. The first book, The Eyre Affair, was quite good, as were some of the sequels, but the series is a bit hit or miss and, in general, would probably have more appeal to liberal arts grads than to science majors.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Karen Handel Is The Komen’s Katrina

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    It’s almost as they have no actual governance despite all the presidents, VPs, directors, officers, program staff, grand poobahs and other execs they pay substantial salaries too–and that doesn’t even include the slew of consultants and advisers they’ve funneled donated funds to. I think this is more than just one bad apple, though. I think it’s been a fairly rotten bunch for a while now (see suing other nonprofits and blocking legislation that supports women’s health on political grounds which WAY predate Karen Handel’s influence). Karen Handel’s lack of skills simply served as an inadvertent flashlight to reveal the tainted core.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Grief Ghoul Nancy Brinker’s Race For The Bullshit

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    Just that public Tweet alone makes her unfit to serve in a board position. Her lack of discretion is a liability to the org.

    Good lord, I am stunned by how poorly they are governed. The tiny little group I’m involved with all know better than this and we would expect much better from them. Abortion debate aside, I can’t imagine anyone contributing money to this bunch of imbeciles.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post The Komen Syndrome

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    There is this movement in the nonprofit world called ‘venture philanthropy’ that encourages the incursion of venture capital dollars (and commensurate ‘values’) into traditional nonprofit management. I think we can coin a new verb to describe it: “Komenizing.” It is particularly ugly when supposed advocacy groups that are really just fronts for Wall Street investors get their hands on protected patient info. One of the biggest of these ‘nonprofits,” The Milken Foundation (yes, that Milken) sponsors FasterCures, PatientsLikeMe and RARE Project, all of which ask patients to voluntarily ‘share their stories,’ which they then data mine for medical history stuff they can sell to Wall Street. I would really love to know if Komen has been engaging in this practice, too. Given their focus on squeezing out every dime to sustain their ability to squeeze out every dime, I have to believe they have.

    Patient health info in the hands of a convicted felon. What could possibly go wrong?

  • mmanion commented on the blog post The Pink Badge of Cowardice

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    I think it would be helpful to offer people who want to donate to breast cancer research a viable alternative. People will overlook a lot of shit if they think the mission of the org is important. There are plenty of other breast cancer research groups out there and it might assuage guilt about jumping ship from SBK if there was a way to contribute to breast cancer research.

    I’m curious about the paid ‘officer’ positions people are referencing. Corp officers in most nonprofits are members of the governing board–not employees–and most states have laws against nonprofit board members receiving financial compensation. I imagine they found some creative way to get around it, but as they are a 501(c)3, their financial information, including employee compensation, is public record. It would be interesting for an enterprising investigative journalist to comb through their 990 and provide an overview of how they are using all the donated funds they receive. I’m all for appropriately compensating nonprofit employees, but there is a distinction between being a day-to-day manager (executive director, for example) and being a member of the governing board that meets quarterly and has little daily responsibility for the org. If SBK is paying their board, even if it’s not illegal, it certainly doesn’t look good.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post That $1500 Blender Isn’t Going To Pay For Itself

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    You could look at supporting her kickback scheme as a charitable donation to help McMegan with her KKT (‘kitchen kitsch tourette’s’), a tragic impulse buying disorder characterized by total lack of discretion coupled with zero self-awareness.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Chivy Chase

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    Kind of feel bad for her. Clearly, she’s trying very hard to make herself sound like an ‘in the know’ gourmand, but the stuff she’s recommending smacks of KKT (‘kitchen kitsch tourette’s'), a tragic impulse buying disorder characterized by total lack of discretion coupled with zero self-awareness.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Where Is Paul Harvey When You Need Him…

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    Love this site:
    It’s about time for some pushback on the stoopid.

  • The only way this ‘past history’ wouldn’t count is if you are suggesting that someone with a documented history of unethical behavior, deceit and political malfeasance is the appropriate choice to fix what you consider to be current problems in the WH. I hope you can see the failure of logic in that argument. Palin wants to be a leader in some capacity. That means her past experience, actions and behaviors are absolutely relevant, no matter how ‘small fish’ you choose to view them.

    Her gamesmanship over the nomination thing is a perfect example of her sociopathy, btw. Doesn’t matter who she inconveniences or deceives or how much money she cons supporters out of contributing to her potential campaign so long as there is some material gain for herself in it. Ditto the ‘wild ride’ bus tour where she is actually willing to put people (and the journalists she loves to hate are, in fact, actual people) in physical jeopardy to play her ‘Where’s Sarah–Look at Me!’ game. Why do you guys put up with/support her nonsense?)

  • mmanion commented on the blog post The Mysterious Galaxy

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    More fantasy than sci-fi, but the early Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde could be a really fun summer read (The Eyre Affair, Lost in a Good Book). Also, ‘Towing Jehovah’ by James Morris

  • mmanion commented on the blog post You Want To Go Where Everybody Knows You’re Lame

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    I think ‘The Faces of Meth: Wasilla, Walmart and the Men I Have Loved’ would be a great name for Bristol Palin’s soon to be published, as yet unnamed memoir coming June 2011!

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Lao-Tsu-Tsu-Tsudio

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    OT, but Sullivan v. McArdle slappy fight ensuing over at the Atlantic:

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Don’t Retreat, Revise

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    I was mostly kidding in my earlier comment about this registered Republican being a new variety of really loony leftist Republican, but they actually went there:

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Don’t Retreat, Revise

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    This proves nothing. He was probably one of that new (just since Saturday) breed of far left loony ‘Republicans’ we are always hearing about (since Saturday). Or, this was a personal vendetta against conservatives (who are actually the real victims of this shootin, doncha’ know)and he just registered as a Republican to make the right look bad. Or, there is a conspiracy at the AZ Secretary of State’s Office and they changed his real registration from ‘Communist/Fascist/Nazi’ to ‘Republican.’ Or, since it is AZ, ‘Republican’ might be the only option you can select when registering to vote. I’m sure pundits on the right will select one or two options from the menu above and their hapless followers will accept it without question.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post These Are Not The Violent Extremists You Are Looking For

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    CNN went there yesterday, asking law enforcement spokespeople if they thought Republicans might be in danger now because of this. Good lawd. We have a whole right-wing segment of society advocating the use of violence to redress their fantasy victimization at the hands of the govt, brown people and un-real Americans and we have our media participating in a folie a’ deux, dutifully supporting and reinforcing these fantasies of victimization. It’s really kind of creepy.

  • mmanion commented on the blog post Sarah Palin’s Hit List

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    Finally–MSNBC just now is showing the Palin target graphic. None of them have touched this all day. Cowards.

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