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  • mmc9431 commented on the blog post Come Saturday Morning: A Tale of Two Franchise Operations

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    Republicans have a very short sight of vision. They have that quick kill, slash and burn mentality. They don’t care what happens to a company 3 or 5 yrs down the road because they won’t be there then. It’s all about taking as much money out as they can, and running.

    If they had a vision,(and confidence in their ability) they would realize that if they surround themselves with success, they would actually make more money.

  • mmc9431 commented on the blog post Capitol Police Blocking Access to Building in Madison

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    It should be very apparent to anyone that follows politics, that the Republicans are only concerned in upholding the Constitution when it suits a specific purpose for them When it isn’t convenient, they’re more than willing to throw it under the bus.