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    ahem, Lange

    Thank you.

  • The progressive wing of the party is nothing less than the Black Bloc members of Occupy except that they spend more time setting their own houses on fire than the other guys.

    T’s little rant above apparently includes a lot of people like me, broadly caricaturing progressives. I voted devotedly, never made a “protest vote” and have been further left than anyone I put into office, even locally. I am voting for Obama for the greater good of the country, he has not done me a lick of good personally. No matter. I dislike some of Obama’s policies, but he is considerably better in some areas where I thought he wouldn’t be and there really is no choice.

    Mr. Bogg, you’re an ass at times, this is another. I remember when you posted a reply to me years ago about how well you did under Reagan. You may have done great under Reagan, but I never understood why you needed to brag about it.

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    Digby has been doing her “the sky is falling!” shtick for so many years that I ceased taking her seriously. I still read her stuff, agree from time to time, but I can’t trust someone who sees disaster on every horizon.

    You gotta play the hand you’re dealt, and when the choices are “not that great” vs. “catastrophic”, wanting catastrophic to win is a dangerous error. I’d have more respect for those who want someone well to the left of current party politics if they would start with local elections, move statewide and actually capture some turf rather than just be rhetorical bomb-throwers who go all in on the one race they could never win.

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    Hm. Gay-hating archbishop with elderly mother picks up young man. I’m thinking some Bernard Herrmann music might go well with this scenario.

  • Ever see a weasel try to pull a moue? I just did. Thanks for the pic. That and the title of your Douthat piece have made it difficult to keep food down today.

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    I think someone at the Guardian finally read the Ticky-Tack file of postings an anonymous source (or ten) generously sent.

    That is how it’s done these days, right?

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    I used the word writer more loosely than you. I meant “a person who puts words of questionable literacy on a page so to sell to a gullible public” whereas I infer you meant “at least a marginally talented creator of prose”.

    We can agree to disagree on these small matters.

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    You would think she’d be happy a writer is richer than some old queen.

  • They could try Josh’s Masturbatory Fantasies To Depopulate The Darker Continents, where he’d always have one hand on his throbbing light saber. I’m sure it’d have a readership, much as a horrific car accident has an audience.

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    Was there ever a editorial position Brown took at a magazine that improved said magazine? I remember the drooling technoindustrialist hagiography that started cropping up during her tenure at The New Yorker (which wouldn’t have been out of place in PC magazine), along with other rather embarrassing pseudo-”edgy” articles.

    Ferguson’s is just the sort of crap she would find a place for.

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    Charming? BWAHAHAHAHA! But seriously…

    It’s a thing that should happen here as well. The parking lot/closed street farmer’s market is a fairly recent phenomenon. We had two farmer’s markets in sheltered stationary locations for decades until development took them both out. Now the markets are shuffled from mall lots, to lots under the freeway, to blocking a street once a week. A permanent location close to rail or bus (or both) makes far more sense.

  • He should have said it fell under military business, the little general wanted to go on maneuvers.

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    Rafalca Glues and Mucilage. Look for the dancing horse on the bottle!

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    Are you their Kim Fowley?

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    Tell me, are either of you disappointed if the object of your desires turns out to be a nice person? Really, I’m curious. Me, I can’t separate the image from the maggot brain it’s attached to.

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    As a sage named Wooster once said, “There’s some raw work pulled at the font from time to time, is there not?”

  • Accidentally? Or “accidentally”? Wives and children can get uppity, too.

    I’ll enter! If I win, I’ll send Carlson a note telling him I have redirected my prize in his name to a black self-protection group. Now which one to donate it to…

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    Well, Wilson Pickett’s earlier Run Joey, Run (similar story, totally different song) was amusing in that it wasn’t morbid and he was pretty much laughing at Joey’s plight while telling him to get the hell out of Dodge. I tell people I like the song without telling them which one I mean (not that most even heard Pickett’s song).

    Ah, Afternoon Delight. The song about sex that kills desire dead.

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    No, it apparently aged out like so many other bad songs of our youth. I don’t know whether to be proud or depressed that our youth have carved entirely new avenues of musical crap.

    That said, Goldsboro should get some sort of life achievement award for dreck.

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    Bits And Pieces is horrid, but it serves the purpose of making me appreciate a good drummer when I hear one. There’s exactly one DC5 song I can stand, and that ain’t it.

    A woman at the place I worked asked me if I knew the Macarena when I’d never even heard the song. I honestly didn’t even know what she was talking about. She teed it up on her CD player and proceeded to show me the dance. I was profoundly underwhelmed with both song and dance, and I’d lived through numerous bad dance crazes, the first I remember may have been the Jerk or the Watusi. Maybe even the Swim.

    I am proud to say I have never heard a Nickelback song in full.

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