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  • When Toobin was promoting his awful book during Clinton years, its premise was that there actually was a VRWC. So far, so good. However, employing the old bait and switch, he went around to EVERY right wing media stop with an anecdote that painted HRC in the scariest possible light – and, he did it with a look on his face of unalloyed (albeit manufactured) terror. A perfect illustration of his low rent character

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    I tried looking up the house vote here. but I couldn’t find it under STOCK or Stop Congress etc. Does anyone know the bill’s number? Trying to find out if Chellie Pingree voted for it.

  • I wouldn’t be so sure about the staying power of any pushback from dems in congress. These are, after all, democrats who have an unbroken record of caving in to monied interests. And it’s monied interests that want to destroy SS and Medicare. Chained CPI is the first tug at the thread, and will lead to an ever accelerating series of attacks

    My rep is Chellie Pingree, who everyone thinks is a reliable liberal. I think she’s useless. On this topic, while ostensibly opposing chained CPI, she refers to it not as a cut, but as “limiting increases” in COLAs. By adopting the language of CPI proponents, I think she’s softening us up for the inevitable day when she will “reluctantly” agree to support Obama’s budget in its entirety.

    Watch for other spineless members of the CPC to also begin adopting this odious and treacherous spin, if they haven’t done so already.

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    I thought matt damon and john krasinsky solved fracking with their feel good movie of the year

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    my rep chellie pingree voted for this fustercluck, which was predictable because she has no courage of conviction. Worse, she doubled down with a tweet about “wasteful spending” which, as we all know, is dog whistle for cutting programs to help the sick, elderly, and poor.

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    Yes, the stephanie miller bob cesca centrists ARE a whiny annoyance to true liberals, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, they’re the ones elected dems listen to. At the very least, we need to a) primary these fainthearted and or bought and paid for democrats and b) if they win in the primaries, we look at third party options or sit on our hands.

    I voted Green for President and refused to vote for Chellie Pingree for congress – not because she votes wrong, but because she’s a mousy, go along to get along backbencher who provides no value to the political dialog. She was at one point a vice chair (or equivalent title) in the progressive caucus, but no trace of the People’s Budget could be found on her website. If you can’t even front the progressive caucus initiatives in your political communications, you bring zero impact to the battle for hearts and minds.

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    my strongly held beliefs about Democratic office holders are:

    1) they hate, and I mean at a deep and visceral level, they HATE their base and thus ignore it

    2) they do, however, pay very close attention to their vocal conservative constituents

    3) they win elections handily and their takeaway is always that their constituents want more conservative policies

    They are free to conduct themselves in this manner because they don’t FEAR their base. They perceive us as a whiny annoyance. Time to change that perception. Time to let them know we don’t have their backs at the polls. Either by primarying them or, if they win their primaries, by sitting on our hands in the general election. Yes, we’ll undoubtedly get a GOP crazy but we’re getting their policies now no matter what.

    Democrats have to fear us to carry out our will. Now, they just plain don’t.

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    No liberal enjoys Obama bashing more than me, but I take issue with the premise of this post. IMO, Obama didn’t cave. Everything he’s done since taking office would indicate he’s totally down with the GOP agenda. Investigate Bush era criminality? Look forward, not back. Prosecute banksters? No, kneecap Schneiderman and the other Sec’y of States instead.
    Protect social security and medicare? Hell no – after years of suggesting cuts, he most recently suggests chained CPI and 67-YO eligibility for Medicare.

    Obama is a right winger who puts up some liberal window dressing here and there, but look at the evidence. Words lie. Facts don’t.

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    One more thing: my wife and I ran right to our insurance agent and upped our liability and injury coverage to the highest levels available, so that if we injure someone, there will be some money there. The highest levels are still paltry.

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    I should add, Maine Care (medicaid)is one of the top priority targets in a-hole tea party governor paul lepage’s crosshairs.

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    I live in Maine, where the legislature has in its infinite wisdom and corruptability, agreed to cap both liability and injury claims. This didn’t just happen, BTW and as with many things in life, I was blissfully unaware of it until my brother (for whom I’m legal guardian) was injured in an auto accident.

    He was a passenger in the backseat of an auto, being transported to his day program. Given the profound nature of my brother’s injuries, the driver’s available insurance tapped out almost immediately, helped along by the fact that there were two injured passengers. So, take the insurance cap and divide it in half.

    Had the driver run into a minivan full of 15 orphans, the cap amounts would have been divided by 15.

    Gaze at your navel and ponder the fairness of that. And ask yourself, who benefits by that arrangement? Could it be…the insurance company? Keep in mind, my brother was not a party to the transaction between the insured and the insurer, but he has no one to sue. Well, sure, he can sue the driver, but he’s busy looking for a pot to pee in.

    So guess who is shouldering the burden? Medicare and Maine Care. In other words, you and me.

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    As a liberal who hates the democratic party with the heat of a thousand white hots suns, this sort of thing never amazes me; it just makes my hatred that much more unforgiving.

    I just can’t imagine who these douchebags think is going to vote for them? Republicans? All the democrats they’ve pissed off? Who?

    With Teddy Kennedy gone and Allen Grayson voted out, there’s really no one left with even the slightest inclination to fight. Oh sure, the house progressive caucus puts together a fine doc in the people’s budget, but they’ve done nothing to publicize it. I guess they feel they can point to it come election time and get us to say thank you with our votes.

    Sorry, I’m not buying it. You don’t points for being ineffective, and for not fighting passionately. Chellie Pingree, my rep, doesn’t even mention the PB on her website, and she’s a high-up in the PC.

    Raul Grihalva, the PC co-chair (last seen retreating from what felt like dozens of lines in the sand during the health care debate) was on with Amy Goodman recently. This guy couldn’t sell cold water in the Sahara desert.

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    Don’t confuse “democrats” with liberals. Democrats are in many ways worse than republicans because with the latter, you at least know for a fact they’re out to screw you. Democrats are lucy with the football and we’re all charlie brown.

    But that’s just my opinion. I’m sure the advanced thinkers over at bob cesca can explain to you how egregious scam artists like Schumer, Claire McCaskill and Joe Manchin are deserving of our support.

  • Weiner’s turning into Alan Grayson, which is a good thing. He’s not there yet, but he’s showing some potential.

    Too bad he had to publicly attack Grayson while AG was still in office for being too, you know, Grayson-y. Just one of the million reasons why I as a liberal loathe all elected democrats.

  • Gee, you wouldn’t think that a strong labor state like Ohio would allow this to happen but, as with Wisconsin, I’d be shocked if the reason for the GOP takeover couldn’t be traced directly to the un- and underemployed voting against their own interests and most likely creating scapegoats (teh gays, teh jooze, teh mooslims, teh other-unlike-me-lazy unemployed) to blame for their problems. It almost makes me wish they get what they voted for, but I can’t abide punishing the innocent victims who would be created.

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    why is anyone surprised by the indescribably awful things claire mckaskill does? She’s forever been the dimmest of bulbs in the senate democratic caucus (which by itself is a major achievement). A blue dog to the core, she’s blanche lincoln all over again. Her “tweets” (which she’s so proud of) are spectacularly lame and inane. [...]

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    Darrell El Issa? That sounds kinda…mooslimy.

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    I used to enjoy the Stephanie Miller show a lot, but about a month before the election, I quit cold turkey. I could no longer listen to her fluffing Obama (her blind cultism is only rivaled by bob cesca’s); she and chris lavoie were constantly kvetching about democrats not supporting the blue dogs and other treacherous and or spineless bastards who sold us out every step of the way.

    No longer could I listen to interviews with self serving democratic officeholders who talked tough but folded up like an origami doll at the first sign of republican opposition.

    Admittedly, the show had not been the same since a year before, when despite what was said, Jim Ward had obviously quit and had to be coaxed back albeit with less creative burden on him. Bad for the show, bad for the true liberals for whom Jim was the standard bearer.

    I also quit going to most of the blogs I had visited faithfully for years. I was turned off by defense of Obamacare, or rather, defense of democrats most notably obama for not fighting relentlessly to pass true health care.

    Now, other than Firedoglake and glenn greenwald, are there any radio shows or blogs that are telling it like it is? Please not Randi Rhodes – I agree with her, I just find her unlistenable.

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    Reasons the democrats always screw up:

    Even after sweeping political victories, they don’t truly believe that the majority of the country supports them; so, they put aside all their winning positions before they even enter negotiations (impeachment is off the table, single payer is off the table, etc)

    They are terrible on TV, enunciating their positions. We’ve all seen it…they’re given an opportunity to hit one out of the park and (pardon the mixed sports metaphors) they at best punt it but far too often fumble at their own one yard line.

    They are far too focused on “what’s possible” rather than what, with an optimistic attitude and a well-coordinated persuasion effort, they could make possible (e.g., single payer). Why not try for something worthwhile rather than worrying obsessively over losing. You never see republicans settling for a fallback position before the battle has begun, but you see democrats do it every time.

    After all these years, they should know the GOP game plan inside out – big lies, wedge issues, creating fear. Yet, no matter how many times it happens, they’re always shocked – shocked I tell you – when the republicans lie about their positions (death panels). They never game plan for anything. They never pre-empt. We all see it coming a mile away, but Obama and Reid are “caught off stride” by it.

    All of which contributes to the media’s negativity toward democrats. Hell, I hate them, and I’m a liberal. We all know about corporate ownership of the media, but there’s a human element as well, and the human side has nothing but contempt for the spineless conduct of democrats from Obama to Reid to Pelosi to your local school board members.

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    Bush got 110% of what he wanted with smaller majorities.

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