• Let the record show that the liberal/progressive opposition to Barack Obama started here…sometime after the left-wing love-fest for Obama somehow managed to elect him President.

    FDL folks who voted for this know who they are…don’t they?

    At least most of you (I think) didn’t vote to reelect this.

    For the rest…

    Embrace your President…and his agenda.

    This is what you’ve won.


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    The Obama campaign doesn’t appear to be dominating hearts and minds at FDL.

    Has Jane been banned from appearing on MSNBC or CurrentTV in this election cycle?

    Is FDL standing down in 2012?

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    President Obama’s job approval average for each of the last 5 weeks in the very same 7-day Gallup Daily tracking poll that Jon referenced is:

    44%, 46%, 45%, 45%, and 45%.

    How do those those numbers measure up for an incumbent president seeking reelection…by “historic standards”?

    Romney’s “bounce” aside…

    It’s clear that President Obama has his own problems, isn’t it?

  • “…the political resurgence of the right, and THEIR hate-driven philosophy.”

    That view dovetails quite nicely with the argument I was making, actually…I might have said “fear-driven”, but fear leads to hatred, so I won’t quibble.

    As I stated at the beginning of our exchange, France and other European countries have homogeneous societies…certainly when compared to the United States. These nations are culturally homogeneous with unique languages, customs, religious practices and history in a way that’s dramatically different from the United States. That homogeneity discourages assimilation of immigrants with dramatically different cultural attributes…compared to the United States.

    Muslims in France complain that they aren’t allowed to assimilate fully into French culture, and that they’re becoming part of a permanent subculture with a lower standard of living and limited upward mobility in French society…while many native-born French citizens clearly resent the presence of the customs and religious beliefs of the Muslim minority, Muslim-related civil unrest, and the threat that they believe is posed to the preservation of French culture.

    When you combine that tension with an never-ending EU economic crisis that threatens to throw most of the member economies into turmoil from one day to the next, and the rising strength of the French ultra-nationalist political parties…is that really so different from Germany in the 1920s and 1930s?

    How much economic turmoil and civil unrest would be necessary to create the conditions for a Marine Le Pen to form a government in France…or prevent the forming of a coalition government at all? Not sure…but it’s certainly not unimaginable.

    Anyway, I still believe that the United States successfully assimilates more immigrants from a rainbow of different ethnicities and cultures than any other nation in the world.

    I don’t believe that you’ve mounted an effective argument to the contrary.

    If you really find me and my comments to be clownish…enjoy the entertainment, tanbark.

    Honestly…I enjoyed the exchange.

  • The will of the German people?

    Can’t comment on that, Evelyn.

    Will or no, most Germans followed Hitler into the Second World War and the Holocaust.

    It couldn’t have happened otherwise.

  • Evasion, tanbark…

    I take that back…let’s call it: “short attention span”.

    So…I’ll simply show good faith, and refresh your memory:

    “Which countries best assimilate immigrants from varied racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds”?


    “Which countries do it better (and in larger numbers)than the U.S.”?

    So…which ones?

    Besides Norway and France (lol)? (Please…don’t ignore the volume issue, tanbark. Thanks.)

    Anything, tanbark?

    Anything at all?

  • OK, tanbark…

    Which countries best assimilate immigrants from varied racial and cultural backgrounds?

    Which countries do it better (and in larger numbers) than the U.S.?

    Can we rule out Norway…and France?

  • Nonsense, Evelyn.

    Review the contents of your link regarding Adolph Hitler’s ascension to power in Germany.

    Hitler assumed office as Chancellor in 1933 in accordance with the election laws in place in Germany.

    Are you really so pleased with the assimilation of immigrants into French society and culture?

    And do you really want to brag about assimilation of immigrants to France…compared to the U.S.?

    Really, Evelyn?

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    C’mon, David…

    Jenny Granholm over at Current TV says just “jump” where the “fiscal cliff” is concerned.

    Jenny says the water’s fine.

  • The “Nordic countries”…?

    Like Norway…of all “Nordic” nations…for example?

    The man who murdered 77 people in Norway was declared insane.

    Was he more insane than the man elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933?

    I don’t think so.

    Clearly…you disagree.


    I stand by my initial comment.

    The U.S. is the most tolerant and most assimilative of the world’s nations.

    Still…in a democracy, it’s ok to disagree.


  • lol

    Hollande was elected because the most far-right candidate refused to endorse incumbent conservative Sarkozy.

    There will be a French Hitler…and France will elect him/her.

    Just as Germany elected its Chancellor in 1933.

  • You think it’s bad here?

    This is the most assimilative culture in the world.

    The U.S. culture…to the extent that we have one…is that we have no culture, and no real homogeneity…certainly not compared to the world’s other large nations.

    Worry about France.

    When the average Frenchman finally figures out what the demographics and record of immigrant assimilation in France hold in store for the venerable French cultural identity…France will make the Germany of the 1920s and 1930s look perfectly reasonable.

    That’s where your next Hitler will come from…the U.S. is way, way down the list in that regard.

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    No “referendum” for this incumbent.

    We’re going with “choice” in this campaign.

    Celebrating…or even engaging in a discussion of…the record in office is strongly discouraged.

    Folks might draw the wrong conclusions.

  • I was interested in the reaction of former DNC Chair and physician Howard Dean. Dean said he had hoped the individual mandate would be overturned.

    Governor Dean added that since the individual mandate was constitutional when viewed as a tax, upholding the mandate virtually assures that there will be no single payer system for the forseeable future and that the current system of health care paid for by the private health care industry will continue indefinitely.

    President Obama and Congressional Democrats may be celebrating the SCOTUS ruling, but I wonder how many other progressives are?

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    How much money…for tv and web ads and direct mail…would it take to persuade those who regularly offer their opinions at Firedoglake to vote for Governor Romney? Alternatively… How much expenditure would be required to convince a conservative to vote to re-elect President Obama? There isn’t enough money in the world to accomplish either of [...]

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    Anyone willing to bet that Barack Obama will draw more evangelical Christian votes than Mitt Romney will?

    Reality check…

  • Actually, its too bad that President Obama didn’t ask for an up-or-down vote in Congress on Bowles-Simpson.

    It would have forced Pelosi onto the record, as well the GOP. No more posturing or grandstanding…everyone with a recorded vote. No voting “present” either!

    I wonder…with debt commissioners Tom Coburn and Dick Durbin (talk about an odd couple) on record as “yes” votes…

    What would the final vote have looked like?

  • I’m a veteran, Blue Texan, so I went to the Pew Research link you provided.

    Here’s what I read:

    “Veterans who served on active duty during the post-9/11 era consider themselves more patriotic than oher Americans, and most see the military as an efficient and meritocratic institution.”



    “Veterans who have served since Vietnam, including post-9/11 veterans, are more likely than the general public and older veterans to approve of the the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

    Thanks for the link.

  • Those protesters look like a bunch of white liberal electoral racists to me.


    So do most of the folks at FDL.

    Just ask Melissa Harris-Perry.

    She won’t let you hide anymore.

    Obama/Biden 2012.

  • I wonder…

    Will the host of ANY MSNBC evening or prime-time show discuss the comments of their pal, MSNBC guest, contributor (and, even HOST) Professor Melissa Harris-Perry in her piece in The Nation last week?

    Chris Matthews? Larry O’Donnell? Rachel Maddow, maybe?

    Because, when she speaks of “liberal electoral racism”…

    She’s talking about the people here at FDL who routinely criticize President Obama.

    Not only can’t conservative racists criticize the President…you racists can’t either.

    One thing’s certain…

    As far as Professor Harris-Perry is concerned…whatever your ideology…if you criticize the President…your motives are “suspect”.

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