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    So they couldn’t get the millenials to sign on or donate to this cause. Hmmm. Was it because they want social security and medicare to be available to them when they are older or is it because they are buried in student loan debt, unable to find good paying jobs and figuring out how they have been lied to? Or maybe they are seeing their own parents and grandparents struggling and realizing that Wall Street’s argument makes no sense.

  • I long for the day when it is called marriage, not gay marriage. We should have the same system that Britain and Mexico have, even for “straight” marriage. A civil ceremony at town hall is required. Then you take that certificate, if you so choose, to your church so you can have a religious ceremony. The religious ceremony absent of the civil ceremony is not recognized by the state. Separation of church and state. Bingo. Churches are not required to marry people, just like now – try getting a Catholic priest to marry an interfaith couple or perform a ceremony outside of the church itself. Many rabbis will not preside over interfaith ceremonies either. Religions can still pick and choose who they will hold a ceremony for – many won’t if the bride is pregnant, but the state should allow two willing adults to enter into matrimony if they so choose.

  • The Congress has been spied on for a long time, mostly to gain political favor. However, it was extremely ramped up under Bush/Cheney. Paul Wellstone anyone? Anthrax sent to Senators Leahy and Daschle to intimidate them into signing onto the Patriot act? We no longer have a choice in who we “elect”. The candidates are hand picked way ahead of time and groomed. They (the PTB) will allow the politicians to talk a good game but when it comes down to voting? Why do we find so many of our politicians letting we, the people, down? Because they are harassed and blackmailed into going along with Wall St./Corporate power and the National Security apparatus. Ike was right when he gave his farewell, beware the Military/Industrial Complex. That is where the money is and the war profiteers are living fat and happy and will continue to use our young men and women as cannon fodder to keep the money pouring in. Cheney and Rumsfeld learned their lessons well serving in the Nixon administration. Why do you think there are the same people in Washington for decades and there is a revolving door between Wall St. and serving in government?

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    Crazy enough to not recognize that her husband is gay and that she, herself borders on crazy yet smart enough to know when to bow out ahead of the law. Moving on to a lucrative position at a “think” tank I suppose along with keeping her farm subsidies, Congressional pension and health care thanks to the taxpayers.

  • Wow. What makes him think a 17 year old would be interested in sex with an 11 year old unless Gohmert himself has entertained those thoughts?

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    Love, comfort and family.

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    Anal rape as a form of male dominance has a long history. In modern times from Eton to Skull and Bones I see it as a sort of insurance that the next generation toes the line lest they be blackmailed into submission. That is why to GOP is so closeted and afraid of gay rights. With sunshine and being open you take the blackmail away and people can be free to live their lives and consciences.

  • Ah, the sitcoms of the 70′s. There was some serious shit being discussed then. All in the Family (racism), Maude (abortion), Soap (alternative lifestyles). How is it that we are more repressed 40 years later?

  • Wow, I made the mistake of following the link and reading the whole column. He’s paid to write this drivel?

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    I do believe that is larger than my ex-husband’s!

  • As long as Newt sees and area he can make money from he will change his views accordingly. He sees the sea change in attitude occuring and will jump on the ship to be far ahead of his colleagues if he spots an opportunity.

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    appropriation of other people’s pain to make oneself feel important makes me crazier,

    Thank you for this. I have been trying to verbalize why so many of these “interviews” and news stories make me crazy. You nailed it.

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    The men (and women) in Aurora who shielded their friends, stayed with them, tending their wounds despite the danger to themselves tells me boatloads about their qualities as human beings. The fact that saving someone would not be worth it to Taranto tells me he would have run and left his own mother behind and tells me all I need to know about his quality as a human being.

  • Trouble is most people don’t recognize proper English anymore. That’s in his favor.

  • Beat me to it. Terrible, terrible copy and grammar.

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    The first of winter will be a novelty for the L&T Casey but she may soon weary of the freezing temps and snow. You have to wear real shoes or boots here on the East Coast for many months. It sucks.

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    Don’t encourage them

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    Male conservatives tend to have the authoritarian Daddy fantasies in my experience.

  • #6 without a doubt. Perfect. They play at their roles while taking themselves seriously.

    As an aside – Can these right wingers do anything for themselves? They seem to always have to cheat and steal ideas along with money.

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    Damn, you have a design eye. Love the repetitive steps/slants in the photo. BTW I live in RI so if you want to attend Netroots Nation Providence I can put you up. I don’t have Bassets but I do have a 90lb Boxer named Hank.

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