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  • Do you really think he would have acted particularly different if he had been elected?

    “Really, how much of a show do we have to put on for these people? Ann, fine, everyone’s seen your dress. No, we’re not dancing. Let’s go.”

  • Considering what these people are, and what they’re really bothered over, we’re probably lucky they have a foreign-born dad to complain about. Otherwise they’d have gone straight to “Anti-Christ.”

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    And if you’ll fuck one of them then, yes, you’ll pretty much fuck anyone.

    This is tangential to one of the unspoken resentments of men on the Right: Having decided among themselves that Liberals gals all put out, they therefore accept what–in their world–is its corollary: A woman who does it will do it with anyone.
    And its sub-corollary: Therefore, she will do it with me.

    However, you can imagine their disappointment.
    Or maybe you can’t–I wish I were making up the degree of perceived entitlement here.

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    I’m trying to imagine my reaction in the 60s if, as a schoolgirl watching the original Star Trek, someone had told me that Sulu was eventually going to be the beloved elder statesman of the homosexual rights movement . . .

    . . . and there wouldn’t have been one. Even if the announcement came with timelines and diagrams, it would have been incomprehensible, like word salad.

    Proof that some things turn out even better than you could have imagined.

  • Y’know, if they’d said that–since sexual mores changed a lot then–more priests started having consensual relationships with other adults, it would be a pretty reasonable claim (I’d believe it, for one), and not even reflect too badly on the priests.

    But this is the sort of thing you’d expect from men who are so sexophobic that they honest-to-Ned can’t see the moral difference between two grownups getting together on their own volition and raping a minor.

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    (he’s the guy in the photo above)

    That’s a guy?

  • Incidentally, has anyone heard from Riverbend? Did she get out okay? Is she all right?

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    Aren’t there any grown-ups in South Carolina? It’s as if the entire state is so distracted by the man’s affair (and of course, their own Christian charity in “forgiving him” [as if it were any of their business]) that the part where he’s too freaking stupid, inept and/or self-centered to conduct an affair without it landing in the national news blew right by them.

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    I missed the part where forcing a pregnant woman to die was a basic Catholic value–and apparently the nun who made the decision to terminate–and who is at least as Catholic as Bishop Olmsted–agrees with me.

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    Oh, and looky here: Olmsted has his own personal coat-of-arms

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    If you look at Olmsted’s Wikipedia page, you’d see his 7-year career as Bishop of Phoenix has been one horse’s ass move after another.

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    These people’s injuries were quite clearly caused by someone’s negligence–there’s a clear pattern of both associated injury (see the NEJM study cited above) and negligence (the Bush Administration knowingly lying about the danger.)

    Oh, and “they’re paid well to do it”? Out of what orifice did you pull that? Average base pay for FDNY firefighters is $37,500. Before taxes.

    You’re a doctor, you say? My mom and my younger sister are doctors–a PhD and a JD, respectively. You’re implying that you’re a physician, but given the pattern of apologists for the Republicans to make stuff up, you’ll understand my skepticism. Most of the attendings I know understand what it is to have to deal with other peoples’ ill-informed assumptions about one’s personal finances.

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    This is from the New England J of M, from last April. Longitudinal 7-year study of 12,781 FDNY employees (both firefighters and EMTs) of the 13,954 who worked the WTC site in the two weeks after the attack. That’s 12,781 people out of an agency with around 14,500 line employees (“line” as in “not staff”–these are the folks in the trucks, not bureaucrats), so it’s the vast majority of the entire fire department we’re talking about here.

    Here’s what they found:

    Surprisingly, we observed little or no recovery of average lung function during the 6-year follow-up period. Indeed, from 2002 through 2008, FEV1 values continued to decline, so that the overall loss in lung function from early 2001 until late 2008 averaged almost 600 ml for firefighters who had never smoked and more than 500 ml for EMS workers who had never smoked.

    FEV1 is forced expiratory volume in 1 second, a common measure of lung function. This isn’t just a few unlucky people here and there. This is the average WTC worker, who’s lost more than half-a-liter of lung function.

    And isn’t getting better.

    Mind you, they ran these risks because the Bush Administration told them it was safe. The feds got them killed, sick, physically diminished. It’s in no way unreasonable that the feds ante up.

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    Obama’s not going to do squat about this. But Congressional Dems should go after him with everything they’ve got–every trick, clean or dirty.

    This is a golden opportunity.

    You know how you deal with bullies in groups? Pick one you can take, and take him; kick every last inch of his smug ass up and down the schoolyard, where the other bullies can see. They may not leave you alone forever, but they’ll be that much slower giving you guff.

    So the effect you want isn’t polite discourse.

    It’s Cantor so upset he has to run to the men’s room every ten minutes. It’s him having to hire more staff because the one he’s got can’t keep up with the nasty phone calls. It’s his kids coming home crying because the other kids called their daddy a dirty traitor.

    Oh, and fundraisers not returning his calls.

    Yeah, this would be expensive and labor-intensive. Worth every bit of it, though.

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    I saw him last June when he was Grand Marshall of the NYC Pride Parade. He rode past–waving and smiling and acting all Grand Marshally–then about an hour later, he was back, on foot, working the crowd. My immediate thought was: If I didn’t know better, I’d swear this guy was running for office. Anyway, if [...]