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    Not only does it not increase crime, but bringing a MMJ dispensary into a neighborhood actually mellows it, vs. bringing a bar into a neighborhood. Bar neighborhoods exhibit a decline in property values and other measurements of residents’ happiness. They get messy, noisy and dangerous. Not true for cannabis.

    Just sayin’.

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    Was there power to the building after the blast? How could he have received a fax AFTER the bomb if it was retrieved from the recycling bin? You mean to tell me that after an event of that magnitude they still received and sorted faxes? Is this why he’s been out of the public eye [...]

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    My husband and I met rafting; we honeymooned in Idaho’s beautiful campgrounds. We have taken three private raft trips down the Grand Canyon for three weeks at a time. Whenever we feel apart we go camping and everything is right again.

    In between is every day city living. I don’t know if I could do it without the balm of nature.

    And now I know exactly how to find shelter and start a fire in the forest! Merci!

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    That is one of the things I’m enjoying so much, the slowness, the simple language. At least to the point I’ve reached, you don’t always use modern words to describe the things Loon is seeing or looking for on his wander, you use his descriptions. You draw such vivid pictures of Loon’s environment, I feel like I am there.

    Does your research for one book lead to the next or do you already have ten stories inside clamoring for your attention?

  • I’m only a third of the way through and don’t want to ask too many questions about what’s ahead, because I love a good courtroom drama.

    What got you interested enough in this story to write a book about it?

  • Hoo boy, I’d like to hear those tales! The only way the Bankenships of the world get away with stuff is the government officials who ignore rules, looking the other way at infractions. It’s as if regulations never I existed.

    I think you did a great job describing Blankenship and his menacing mein. Do you think he might be a sociopath?

  • Laurence, how do the people you met in WV feel about Blankenship? Is he more admired or feared?

  • Laurence, I’m enjoying the book, although spikes in blood pressure aren’t really all that enjoyable. I lived in
    Wise VA, worked in Norton for several years in the mid seventies and am very fond of the people I met. Strip mining was the thing then, which wreaked its own havoc on the towns and hollers. Every mining family I met had a relative dying an agonizing death from black lung…literally every family…yet they had this superstitious thing they used to do.

    “Lucky, lucky coal dust” they would say as they passed cars covered in the stuff. They’d lick a forefinger, swipe it along the dust leaving a trail on the car. Then they would wipe the dust on their palm, smack the palm with a fist and say “bring me some luck”. I don’t think it worked.

    Blankenship is like every other coal operator I knew back then, too. Arrogant, sure of their power and vindictive against the growing backlash from the younger generation. They ignored federal laws mandating restoration of the mountainsides they destroyed. In turn, those mountainsides destroyed the downhill towns every spring during runoff. The people in those towns see so beaten down by life all they had the energy for was a half-hearted rebuild of their village. I heard a lot of griping, but rarely in public. They despised but needed the coal companies.

    What is your sense of how West Virginia feels about Massey and Blankenship?

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    KKKlayman is one of the “top” birther lawyers. He’s been involved in several suits and has filed an amicus brief in the Alabama birther case going before the AL Supremes soon. He is, as reading any of his personal lawsuits will show, a slime ball of the first order…and a terrible lawyer.

    We have lots more about him at the Fogbow,

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    There have been several complaints filed and at least one bar investigation. But the way she craptices law is so…crappy, no one has ever hired her – she has only ever worked for herself – and the bar doesn’t see her abusing clients so they don’t, apparently, care what she does.

    She’s crazy. It’s not about Obama anymore, if it ever was. It’s about her narcissism. And she’s a better dentist, at least, than she is an lawyer. The consensus is that she’s adequate, with little concern for personal hygiene or pain management. Must be the Mossad training.

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    Peterr, LaPierre isn’t the only one at NRA with demons. Keene, the new president, has a whole family with demons. His son is in jail for a road rage shooting and his wife is suspected of embezzling $400k from the American Conservative Union (not that that’s a bad thing).

    It all makes me want to scream, but I’m in an airport so I’d probably be arrested.

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    David, I’ve followed you, lurking all the way, from calitics to digby to FDL. Thanks for, well, it all. I hope you come back. You add considerably to my understanding of the world. Enjoy the sabbatical.

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    SD, I will make a donation in your name to this Port Townsend, WA no kill shelter. The foster kittehs appreciate all you’ve done for their birthers and sisters.

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    RIP, SD. I was thinking just yesterday that you probably were making the absolute most of these last moments, in your inimitable sacred way.

    Namaste to all his kitties and friends.

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    Autocorrect hates me. Miss me, not gross me. No slashes, either.

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    “Thom provided a wonderful life for his family,” his wife, Nanette, said in a statement. “We are shocked and saddened by his death.” Really^^!? I want my family to say how much they loved me andgross me and how much fun we used to have. “good provider”? She must not have liked him very much. [...]

  • I use cochineal to color soap, especially rose scented bars. I also use nutmeg, cinnamon and coffee. Cappuchinno, anyone?

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    Good morning, Glenn. George Will has always been a dishonest curmudgeon in high dudgeon. I can’t wait until his hour is up on the national stage.

    Im reminded of cycles once more. There was a time when Will’s was the voice in the wilderness. Conservatives wahhhhh’d mightily that the liberal press ignored, mocked or vilified them and wouldn’t let them play with the serious people (I’ve always believed there was good reason for that and they haven’t proven me wrong). Now that the tables have turned, they’ve locked us out just the same.

    And here we are again. Another cycle, another change movement is being born. The Tea Party doesn’t have the power to change history, in the long run. Selfishness, hatred and fear are not the transforming qualities that justice is. This movement, though…

  • I’m old enough to remember when this was true. People discussed politics and ideas without hating each other, joined grops to effect change. I’m hopeful we can make it true again, but it will happen in spite of the media and because of the Internet, and on a local level.

    I ebought three of your books from Powells this morning. I’m looking forward to reading them. Thanks! It’s nice to feel enthusiastic again, after all this time.

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