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    Hey Jamie
    After you screw over the poor and the middle classes , who you going to screw next? who will be left to loot?

  • Certain politicians seem to be “annointed ones” that can do no wrong no matter what happens or what they say. The press fawns over them at every opportunity. Both McCain and Christie seem to have this in common. The propaganda seems to be just the “right” person elected like a dirty harry/ clint eastwood character and all the problems of the day will be solved.I think Christie will survive but a more soft spoken but equally pernicious on policy republican candidate will emerge.

  • Congress will sell out quietly on friday night with a voice vote and extremely little press coverage until it is a fait accompli. hear me now believe me later……

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    where would the press be financially without dem subscriptions? dems have always had the wallet power to impact media but refuse to use it.look what happened to glenn beck. fdr dems should work to do the same thing to the ny times and wapo. instead dems pay money for the subscriptions that support the corrupt policies and pols that hurt our families. griping is gutless and meaningless without action. boycott neo liberal middle class killing media corps

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    for years democrats have been selling the 99% down the river. from clinton to lieberman to baucus. mort sahl complained about dem sellouts in 1979 what has changed? history buffs might add it has been going on since vp wallace was kicked of the 1944 ticket in favor of the more controllable truman. What remains constent thru the years is the co opted press providing cover for these corrupt politicians. until you change the press coverage you will be pissing into the wind, all sound and fury signifying NOTHING.

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    Dems deserve the long term betrayal they get. Dems refuse to go after the media shows and their sponsers that give cover to dem politicians selling out. years from now dem politicians will be still selling out their base because the base refuses to learn and do something about it. corrupt politicians could not servive without a corrupt press.

  • name one person in the democratic leadership that is not a sellout?
    Issue after issue favored the dems but what do we get-enept messaging and strategies where dems lose power due to structural changes after off year elections and census re apportionment changes. i undertand the liberal leaders of europian parties are selling out for jobs and bright futures for themselves.
    We need corporations because of the huge capital structures they need to have in major industries. They can not be killed off without killing our way of life. BUT the corporate greed/profit motive can not be allowed to kill off the american dream. This struggle will only get worst because the corrupt corporate media propagandizes most issues and refuses to even talk about others. This censorship causes a stupidity effect that is east to manipulate. We are a democracy in name only

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    walk on gilded splinters- spooky good
    saw the pie at winterland spring of 72 with clem. RIP steve

  • flibuster reform did not change filibusters on policy issues.
    public option passage would take additional reform and a democratic house

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    harry is the sonny liston of politicians

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    Obviously the rep leadership is not demanding his resignation. 2- They feel they can tough it out apparantly. 3 toughing it out is what they do a lot vs dems who would resign and slink off. 4 dems resigning goes hand in hand with a corporate,right wing position loving press demanding a dem resignation while being very muted if a republican is in trouble. This is just another example of the usefulness of the media’s double standard. you will get nowhere till you take on the media problems dems face

  • what everyone is missing is how news of the bust broke yesterday and today we find out he has already been convicted. the right wing corporate press was in on the news blackout. Imagine if this had been a dem rep or member of the administration.How many facts brought to light by wikileaks would have been ignored by the press if otherwise possible absent the leaks. You will have shitty politicians from both parties until you go after corrupt, co-opted news coverage. Boycott dishonest media and its sponsers if you want improvement.

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    Many 3 letter agencies seem to be bringing drugs into the country while other 3 letter agencies bust those involved.
    read church senate sub committee report on cia from 70s-lsd bought and usage. alfred mccoys heroin and the politics of southeast asia-which the cia tried unsuccessfully to supress with a supreme court ruling. alfred’s work on cocaine and politics of south america/ iran contra coke dealing. gary millers expose before being driven to suicide. no wonder law enforcment hates motor cycle clubs that make meth-they are cutting into the profits. you can not convince me the amount of various drugs that come into the usa could get here without complicity from 3 letter agencies.

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    Name one dem thats to the left of Bernie and has a track record.If jbade was a Clinton supporter in 2008 I could understand the motive for this article.

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    Give examples of Bernie selling out. In their absence all we have is character assassination. Is this the beginning of veal penning democrats to Clinton who lost the 2008 nomination because thinking dems figured out she was more of the pro corporate Bill Clinton policies?

  • refusal to even score single payer check
    refusal to extend medicare elgibility check
    willingness to let corrupt congressmen work out details check
    what could possibly go wrong?

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    was oswald in the book depository building behind kennedy at the time of the massive head shot inflicted near the grassy knoll? that bullet was definitely fired from in front of kennedy. gerald ford, senator spector and several others made their bones carrying water for the coup cover up. maybe if they keep taking polls [...]

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    I have said for years that if serious 0 should have called for medicare to be extended down to 30 years of age with some special provisions for pre existing conditions or kids coverage. This could have been passed a lot faster leaving time for dems to fix the banking industry…….Sorry i was dreaming dems fix the banking industry should be a sit com hahahahahaha

  • those that would trade freedom for security will soon have neither-benjamine franklin……….exactly as hoped for by our neoliberal masters.

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    can’t wait to vote for dems and send them campaign contributions. 99% sellouts

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