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  • “Family Research Council”, “Canada Family Action”, “American Family Association”. Is it safe to say that any organization that prominently features “Family” in its name is an organization of batshit Jesus freaks?

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    What fun it must be! A dismal little gathering mostly of socially maladroit Republican men, getting wasted on very bad beer no doubt, with maybe a country music CD on endless replay in the background.

  • I used to wonder why the United States kept up the farce of pretending the Guantanamo Base wasn’t really American territory but a Cuban installation that we were renting from them. Rather convenient that when the Bush Administration wanted a play to start breaking laws they were able to pretend it was happening in Cuba, yeah?

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    Very true. What truly gets me, though–what really convinces me that somehow this country has entered Topsy-Turvy World and might never come back out–is that the sort of pants-wetting overreaction to the slightest hint of imaginary threats cultivated under the administration of Bush the Lesser is, the Republicans tell us, actually courage and strength. It’s unbelievable. Some incompetent loser manages to sneak a few grams of homemade explosives onto a plane in his underwear? Screaming that the brown hordes are upon us and demanding that what’s left of due process be run through the shredder is, apparently, how you prove to the world you’re a tough guy.

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    You know Ken Rogoff used to be a chess master? Very true. Not too bad a one, but he decided to give it up and turn to economics, which has worked out about as well as Reuben Fine’s decision to quit chess and take up psychology.

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    Ugh. Have we just seen the official beginning of George W. Bush’s rehabilitation, with Obama’s full complicity? God, just shoot me.

    Even Nixon never really got himself rehabilitated. Oh, he tried hard enough, churning out book after book and attempting to cloak himself in the mantle of elder statesmanship. But I figured Bush Jr. would safely disappear off to his toy ranch to drink himself to death. If he somehow gets made over into another Reagan with a fake smile and a hat borrowed from the costume shop–oh, it hardly bears thinking.

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    “…who’s interned for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich…”

    “U” might as well learn “ur” relationship advice from the best, “every1″.

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    I’ve always raised an eyebrow at the notion of meditation. I must not have the temperament for it, or something. I’ve never understood it anyway, any more than I’ve understood the state of mind involved in the equally dodgy concept of prayer.

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    I’m quite serious here: if I’m particularly agitated or preoccupied with thoughts I’d rather not dwell on, and especially if I’m stuck without other means of distraction (e.g. if I’m on a long commute), I’ll start going over the periodic table in my head and reviewing what I know about the chemistry of all the elements.

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    Guh. This was predictable as hell following the 2012 elections but I’ve never seen the circular “logic” for keeping marijuana illegal so clearly on display. We can’t make it legal because it’s bad for you, and it must be bad for you cos otherwise it’d be legal. Insane.

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    No use for laws because people just break them. Now that you’ve got that old chestnut out of the way I suggest you next trot out the “regulating guns is useless because a murderer will just switch to a knife / baseball bat / Confederate Army saber” canard.

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    Who knows. For all one man loving another is supposed to be THE WORST SIN IN THE WORLD apparently–worse than anything else imaginable except for murdering embryos maybe, judging by the amount of effort, ink, and money spent on combating it–surely there’s something at least a little sinful in taking an unhealthy fascination in someone else’s sex life and cherishing weird fantasies about it?

  • Well, privatization is automatically better and cheaper because uh well blah blah free market blah invisible hand blah blah blah. It’s one of the great unquestioned assumptions of US politics.

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    Republicans really seem to benefit from this kind of kid-glove treatment by the press. I’m reminded about how Bush Jr. was lauded after presidential campaign debates, seemingly just because he didn’t drool or wet himself while behind a podium.

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    “So granting him that the Great Flood is an example of non-human caused climate change, why does that mean that global warming isn’t human caused climate change?”

    Because it’s so arrogant for liberals to claim that we puny mortals are capable of altering the climate of the entire planet. It’s like the environmentalists think we’re God.

    (Seriously, I’ve come across this argument once. There’s just no winning with these people.)

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    “It contains health promoting flavonoid poly-phenolic antioxidants such as lutein, zea-xanthin, ß and α-carotenes in small amounts.”

    None of the substances listed is a flavonoid.

    It’s so silly anyway. We’re awash in anti-oxidants; there’s hardly a foodstuff on the planet that doesn’t have something in it that can be called an anti-oxidant.

  • I think there’s every chance the NOM clowns expect nobody will actually read the numbers on the horizontal axis. They figure people will look at the lines sloping downward, notice nothing else, and react accordingly.

    And I’d love to see this broken down by state.

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    Bruce, sweetheart, as much as it might flatter yourself to think it, we don’t think you’re a threat. We think you’re a joke.

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    If there’s any aspect of these cases that disgusts me the most, aside from the loathsomeness of the abuse itself, it’s how Church officials always try to blame the victims for being angry and unforgiving and just wanting to hurt the Church instead of accepting their contrition and moving on.

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    I can’t get my eyes off that grey fingernail polish. Grey. Or is that just the cyanosis from the drug overdose making them look that color?

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