• I think this perfectly sums up the right-wing view of science and mathematics. They don’t really think there’s any objective truth to any of it. For them it’s all just big words and confusing symbols that are just as meaningless as the political shibboleths they love to hurl about. They figure that the professional men, the scientists and the statisticians and all the rest of them, are just people who have been trained to juggle those empty words and symbols more convincingly than the common man–and always with an ideological purpose, because the right-wingers see the educational system as just another ideological body with a covert agenda.

    After all we’re talking about people who seriously believe that almost all the world’s atmospheric scientists are party to a vast conspiracy to dupe the world, with all their fancy figures and made-up statistics and whatnot, into thinking that the Earth is warming up and that the release of carbon dioxide is what’s causing it. How this cabal supposedly formed and what its motives are goes unexplained; nevertheless we’re supposed to believe it exists and that only a few brave Republican politicians and their small number of pet scientists know the real truth. But then maybe I’ve just explained why right-wingers think scientists are all con men; the only scientists they ever do business have zero ethics.