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    Suddenly I’m reminded of that little newsreel scene from Citizen Kane where we see an old Charles Foster Kane at a cornerstone-laying ceremony. He looks uncomfortable, he holds up a trowel of mortar and spills it on himself, he gets in the way of the actual workmen who are forced to push their way around him.

    I know that it’s sadly necessary for American political candidates, however wealthy and however long it’s been since they had any other job than lawyering and politicking, to pretend as though they’re jes’ po’ folks who eat hot dogs and mow their lawns every weekend. I thought it couldn’t get any more grotesque than when George W. Bush did it but somehow Mitt Romney managed to beat him.

    Oh, well. Now that Romney’s political career is finished maybe he can piss off to his own version of Xanadu, hire someone to ghost-write his memoirs and drink his Sprite while his wife works on a jigsaw puzzle in the corner.