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    You know, I have real problems assigning any kind of humanity to a man who is directing the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians. I do, however, believe this yet another armed action against non-Christian, brown people
    who happen to sit atop the most important, and increasingly scarce, resource in the world. As long as the corporate fascists and the israelis control our government, the more brown people our armed forces will kill.

  • If President Obama caves on this, and if he caves anymore, period, it’s time for the party to draft candidates to challenge him in the primaries. The time for compromise has passed. the future of the Republic is at stake.
    these people mean to impose a Christio-Corporate dictatorship. We have to stop them NOW.

    And, yes, i know I sound like my crazy old uncle, but the right scares me to no end, and I’m prepared to beat them back, whatever that might ultimately mean.

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    The GOP just don’t bother to try and dissuade the perception that if you’re not rich, white and all wingnutty that their idea of healthcare is that you should just die as quickly as possible,