• 97% voted against their interests of those who voted. Around 50% of Americans don’t see the point of voting. So who are the low information people?

  • Please read ypmc’s link to the NY Times piece which goes into detail as to what is so heinous about this loophole. People can be physically hurt by this besides the obvious rip off of Medicare. Remember this when the push to “strengthen” Medicare and SS comes.

    ¶ The Medicare program covers most costs associated with treating severe renal disease, regardless of a patient’s age, and the dialysis market continues to grow steadily. In 2010, the government’s kidney program was spending $1.9 billion on injectable anti-anemia drugs like Epogen.

    ¶ But nearly a decade ago, evidence started to surface that questioned the effectiveness and safety of Epogen at the levels being used.

    ¶ Researchers found that Medicare’s practice of reimbursing providers with separate payments for the drugs and for dialysis treatments encouraged overprescription because the providers made healthy profits with each dose. They also found that high doses posed cardiovascular risks to patients.

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    I’m so excited for a resurgence of the wobbly ideas. They fought for more leisure time- the 8 hr day. The other unions were about wages. An employer can control wages. They can’t control your FREE time. They try, but they can’t. It is in that free time that innovation happens from the shush-ke-bob to [...]

  • Ditto that Eric. Trucks is all talk.

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    The reason to vote and campaign for a good candidate is that we need to build an independent movement that’s honest, that doesn’t self-censor, and that supports candidates or elected officials who come to us — rather than us running to them.

    I’m quite taken with mr. Swanson’s reasoning. Tis quite original and well argued. [...]

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    That’s the big problem i.e. the last two paragraphs. Even Baker tries to herd us into the veal pen at the end of the piece. Very disappointing. Harper’s was kick ass with Roger Hodge and Ken Silverstein as editors. Now with Thomas Frank it is more middlin’, I’m sorry to say.

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    Right on! I witnessed this the other night when my “liberal” friends were saying that if Romney was elected we would be in Iran in a heartbeat. I had another “liberal” friend say that Obama’s economic philosophy was bottom up while Mitt’s was top down. Talk about “low information”!

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    Then there are the Gen Xs that showed up last night in Billings, Montana, of all places, to see the comedian Lewis Black. Lewis is the comedian of the Boomers who has a knack for appealing to Gen X and Y. He blames no one and everyone. A particularly poignant moment came when he wistfully between cursing recalled how we who grew up in the Fifties and Sixties believed in flying cars and trips to Mars. We believed we could get off the fracking planet!

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    Juliania, Diane Ravitch was Asst Sect of Education under George H. W. Bush. At first an advocate for standardized testing, she is now vehemently opposed. She is opposed to “No Child Left Behind” and “Race to the Top”. She is well worth reading and listening to. Another strong voice is Paul Taylor Gatto who wrote “The Underground History of American Education”. A teacher for 30 years in NYC public schools, he finally quit and publicly denounced our education system that is more like a prison system than anything to do with education. If you look at the history of education, it’s always be hijacked by elites who think they know better than the rabble about how to “educate” our children. I am fascinated with his take and the history he lays out. In the early colonial days, practically everybody could read, write and do math. Washington didn’t go to school until his was eleven. Then he took what amounted to a college level surveying course. Spent two years at “school”. He became a surveyor and crafty budding lord that he was, he bought up some of the best land in Virginia.
    “School” in ancient Athens meant leisure. It is in our leisure time that we have time to invent and make music and art. But the TPTB want us to be locked into long hours at grinding work with little free time. They want a school system that teaches obedience over freedom.
    I have a teaching degree like many of my contemporaries and I salute those who chose to teach within the system while actually trying to buck it at the same time. We confine children to small grey boxes and make them sit in straight rows and divorce learning from life.
    Now I live in a rural state with a county that still has one room schools. Children can absorb whatever lessons are being taught no matter what their age. Who came up with dividing kids by age?
    And my father who passed this year was an educator of children with challenges such as deafness, blindness, and physical disabilities. He said, “Children should be custom made not be created on an assembly line.” Part of the curriculum was taking care of large St. Bernard dogs, two steers, and 5 horses. They also learned to bale hay and build a car and a boat.
    I especially salute him. I learned much by following him around as he fixed things at the school or planted a tree.
    Check out Gatto’s book.

  • I was more than dismayed by the Sixties bashing that Obama engaged in during the 2008 campaign. The subtle Boomer bashing on his part sowed the seeds of discontent upon many of his young followers. I heard them questioning Social Security back then. So many of the comments above are right on. We are in [...]

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    I’ll take an activist over a reporter most of the time. Militancy is not the same as violence. Taking over a building to house the homeless is militancy not violence. Please read pieces by actual activists who are involved in community actions. I actually heard Hedges say on a KPFA debate with Kristof Lapauer that [...]

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    Yes, Yes. Words matter. At first I thought that the Hedges piece was about the language. Now after his second piece, I’m beginning to distrust him entirely. Like the journalists that subverted the movements in the Sixties and Seventies, this talk of “cancer” and “beasts” and “uneducated criminals” is what is tearing us apart. It [...]

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    Whet about this report from blackagendareport.com?

    In Chicago, Occupy the Dream and Occupy Chicago staged a well-attended King Day rally featuring top city Democrats on the dais, including Cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle and congresspersons Jan Schakowsky and Jesse Jackson, Jr. Under such circumstances, there could be no real discussion of how the 1% have [...]

  • That’s called ” feel good liberalism”. They probably listen to NPR and drive a Prius.

  • Read Wendy Davis’ story here on Longview port dispute. Same thing. The city and county gave all kinds of perks to have EGT build that grain terminal and then turned around and hired cheap non-local labor to construct it and cheaper union labor to run it. Local leaders are pretty easy to fool and/or corrupt. [...]

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    Richard Grffin was a recess appt to the NLRB.

    Griffin was a lawyer for labor unions including the AFL-CIO and the International Union of Operating Engineers

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/06/dem-nlrb-recess-appointments-rushed-dont-appear-on-white-house-nominee-list/#ixzz1kkuu9vHF

    Who’s side are they on, indeed!

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    Thank you , Wendy. I’ve been following this story closely as I think it epitomizes everything the Occupy movement stands for and is about. Also the ILWU is a truly courageous group who oppose wars in which working people are killed and maimed. They are heroes. The Trumka part of all this should also be [...]

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    Then again, the town should have raised enough cattle, sheep, pigs, and chicken to feed the town and no more. Raised enough wheat to make the bread and no more. And made enough power to keep the machinery running. In early colonial times a blacksmith made a hammer because somebody needed one. He did not [...]

  • For the record, I oppose both SOPA and PIPA. The Motion Picture industry makes it fairly difficult to copy their stuff. If you have the time and inclination though you can pirate. But from what I have read, these technology illiterate bills will not stop such infringements. Instead we get a junk bill that will make it hard for innovating at a basic level. I don’t even think the Motion Picture business really would want to stop a free internet. They must get all kinds of ideas for free as well as information that makes it easier to make a movie. I don’t think this was thought through or……

    So what is really going on? The recurring question: Evil or Stupid?

    More reading at redd.it blog.reddit.com/2012/01/technical-examination-of-sopa-and.html

  • Okay, I know the argument is somewhere and I’ve read it, but if you make a movie for 50 million dollars, how do you get the money back? Or is this part of working towards a non market society where we find a way to make the same movie by all pooling our resources and then all enjoy it? You know, the modern day equivalent of sitting around the fire telling stories after finding berries and eating a rabbit, mending our clothes and making sure the roof doesn’t leak.

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