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    Cocktailhag is quite possibly the greatest alias evah. However, offensive terms like “poopyhead” and “Condi Rice” should be prefaced with a trigger warning.

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    I agree with nearly everything you say, but see we’re talking about the NSA’s ability to transmit ‘spycode’ (aka worms/viruses) into installed Linux. (To be clear, I am not talking about altering the Linux kernel at point of origin; given that Linux is FOSS, that concept is meaningless)

    In the interests of paranoia, how do you really know whether the latest download patch/fix (Win/Linux/OSX) didn’t include an NSA worm?

    Ever heard of Stuxnet? Here’s an introduction. Read the article and then tell me how a nation that can come up with something like that would have any problem corrupting Linux code.

    Again, we’re talking about the NSA: an organization with virtually unlimited funding, meaning it has the resources (and the time) to eventually circumvent whatever protection protocols you or anyone might have…especially when they can justify constant surveillance in the name of terrorism. You might be thinking ‘LOL government software is like military intelligence: oxymoronic’ but it really is no joke.

    As far as a “system of trust” among Linux developers: ROFL. How is this “system” regulated; what are the controls?

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    I’ve built my own desktops for at least the past 13 years…but thanks for the tip.

    The point here is that connecting to the interwebs grants the NSA access to your life, regardless of OS. Want to minimize your online presence? Try not buying/using a smartphone.

    I simply have no interest in adopting Linux – there is zero benefit aside from the rather shallow salve to conscience achieved by not paying Microsoft/Apple.

    While I am sure the NSA has found a way into our Linux, they at least had to do the heavy lifting. Nobody bent over and went all Deliverance to help them defile our lives.

    No bending over required – Linux is open source.

    Today’s Linux kernel has approx 16 million lines of code; Win 7 has approx 40 million lines of code. Both employ C/C++ (although Win 7 still relies heavily on DOS; Win 8 uses something called Metro but wtf). All that tells me is that Linux is more efficient OS & less prone to error than Windoze…which everyone already knows. The downside is that with less than half the code of Windoze, the NSA geeks will spend less time learning Linux.

    The federal government’s intelligence tentacles (NSA, CIA, FBI) wrt data collection policies are the issue, not whining about competing operating systems. That is pure distraction.

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    Good question – those figures are for desktops only.

    For servers it seems to be roughly a 3-way split between Linux, Unix and Windows.


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    MS Windows has around 90% of the OS market.
    OS X: 7.4%
    Linux: 1.7%

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    I’ve tried Linux in the past (v9 from Red Hat; Ubuntu 8.1) and they just require too much maintenance & geek-level management. Which I guess is fine if you’re into that sort of thing, but I’m not. Spending time downloading drivers every few days is, oddly enough, a hassle. Compatibility issues aside, I would have to say that a Linux OS is superior to Windows or Mac. Currently running Win 7 Ultimate and Win 7 Professional. Being MS products they’re memory hogs, but RAM is cheap so not a problem.

    As far as security issues are concerned, meh. Regardless of OS, you can’t hope to thwart the NSA hackers, who have at their disposal virtually unlimited funding and a plethora of PhDs. Shutting off your computer and disconnecting it from all external sources would be your best bet.

    Most of your sounds like an anti-corporate rant…not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it is an ideological concern, not a practical matter.

  • Protips for those concerned with maintaining their privacy:

    Don’t ever use an online “cloud” facility to store data. Pick up a flash drive and encrypt it; back up and disconnect when not in use.

    Optimize your internal drive(s) frequently.

    Regularly sweep for cookies/malware/adware. (I won’t suggest any particular program – do your own friggin research)

    Use cash whenever possible. (Corollary: avoid buying stuff online whenever possible)

    Use snail mail whenever possible.

    Do NOT use Facebook (or Google+, or Twitter, or etc…)

    Turn off your PC when not in use AND disconnect it from any network(s).

    Don’t use smartphones.

    Savvy readers will note that most of these suggestions are simply exercises directed towards minimizing your online footprint.

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    Ever since, my childhood has been corrupted.

    But hey, hammer away.

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    You are a sick, twisted fuck for having brought up the Liberace/Aunt Harriet scene from Batman as a segue to celebrate BBQ.

    I think I love you.

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    Many things Democrats once disapproved of under George W. Bush, like unauthorized military intervention, they support because Obama did it.

    Agreed. I enthusiastically voted for Obama in 2008, but had basically resigned myself to voting for him by 2012. Because

    Bush engaged in many abuses of power but in some ways Obama may have done even more significant long-term damage by normalizing these abuses and giving them a bipartisan seal of approval. Obama has helped turn principled concerns into just another partisan fight.

    Correct. Obama has given many of Bush’s more offensive policies the sheen of legitimacy. Unsure if this is because Obama’s own ideology is center-right or because Obama is a coward – but I suspect it is a mix.

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    A tip for George Tierney Jr of Greenville, SC.

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    Also. Slut.

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    Best when read out loud.

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    To illustrate the difficulty, the first example I cited involved whether Clarence Thomas “misunderstood” the financial disclosure form when he failed to include his wife’s income. No doubt, many people doubt that he “misunderstood” but to rebut this as false would be difficult indeed, requiring knowledge of Mr. Thomas’s thinking.

    It makes no more sense to characterize Clarence Thomas’ incorrectly filling out a financial disclosure form as a “misunderstanding” than a conscious act of deception. Just say he filled out the form incorrectly and then make an educated guess at his incompetence and/or dishonesty. After all, it would be irresponsible not to speculate.

  • Look, if I operate a business and I expect someone to attempt to stage a sit-in on my property, I am fully within my rights to lock the doors. That does not prevent anyone from protesting outside, it just keeps them from damaging my property.

    I agree…but blocking transmissions goes way beyond locking doors. Your metaphor depends entirely on pre-cell auspices.

    And anyway, you’re backtracking. First you argued BART’s case by citing out of control protests, now you’re complaining about sit-ins. Is there any sort of mass dissent that shouldn’t be stamped out before it begins? Like, do you think the editorial board of the Chronicle should refuse to publish dissenting commentary for fear that such might spark a wave of inconvenient protesting?

    Seems to me you’re just arguing in favor of

    censor[ing] communications [and] to obstruct free speech and assembly,

    to use Kevin’s words.

  • I agree with much of what you say, but the actions undertaken by BART do not bode well for liberal democracy.

    And I deeply disagree with this:

    They did not muzzle anyone, they did not take away the signs of protesters, and they did not beat the dissenters with batons. They simply kept an expected protest from spinning out of control.

    BART did muzzle people, and did take away their signs…nominally to keep an expected protest from spinning out of control, but in reality to keep an expected protest from occurring.

    A dangerous precedent.

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    Which of the Old Masters did you resurrect to capture Lord Wembley’s visage?? Fine work, fine work indeed. I bid $1.

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    Anyone know how much Brooks earns? We’re getting a bit strapped for cash and my 3 yr old is looking to get a gig at the Times.

    He might be overqualified…but these are hard times.

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    Cyborgs have their own logic.
    Cum with me if you want to live.

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    Who is Sarah Palin?

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