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    The USG cannot lawfully contract out its sovereign duties to private contractors. One, it’s not in the original constitution. Two, private contractors are bound first and foremost to their shareholders to make a profit. The USG is of, by, and for the people. When it comes to secrecy, how can the USG delegate that to a commercial entity? They cannot delegate the supremacy clause, for example. Is the USG holding private contractors harmless against their own negligence?

    What’s the difference between Manning forwarding information to Wikileaks and a private contractor forwarding information to its officers and shareholders? Manning did not do it for money!

    Let’s say Booz Allen heard something about a merger between two other companies. What’s to prevent them from asking one of their employees doing NSA work to monitor the conversations and report back so they can buy some stock, for example?

  • We long ago waived our right of privacy. When you log onto Google, they track where you go and what you look at, then from that put ads up based on that feedback. Or, LinkedIn, for example, constantly is scanning who you email, or who worked at the same company, and then list them and ask you to connect with them. Then Facebook pulls up lists of people you may know and asks you to connect with them. Everything you do on the internet is tracked, analyzed, etc., before the USG gets it.

    By signing up to these sites people are waiving their right to privacy. Simple as that.

  • OBL could have gotten a subscription to the NY Times to read the leaked documents. He had no email to receive information, but relied on a courier hand carrying information, like a copy of the NY Times.

    The US Army was broken in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stop loss, multiple deployments, hill-billy armor, Falluja. FUBAR.

    Served 4 years in ASA, Chinese Language. After a couple of years in, just wanted to get out and go back to finish college. Manning did the crime and is doing the time. He confessed (under duress). The Espionage Act is the new Dredd Scott decision writ large. A 1917 law that’s been used only a handful of times until more recently under a Democratic President. WTf!

  • This is the trial that will define the current era and taint jurisprudence under the Obama administration as mind-numbingly wrong — as wrong as the Dredd Scott decision or the injustice done to Saccho & Vanzetti.

    Unfortunately, the President is on the wrong side of history on this. Manning wasn’t looking back, but looking ahead, and his shining light on the conduct of our illegal war(s) helped to form the consensus to wind the wars down.

    That this trial is be held, in good part, in secret shows just what it is: a kangaroo court that is a disgrace to the American system of justice.

    Let’s not forget that PFC Manning enlisted in the military during a time of war, served overseas in a war zone, wasn’t asked but didn’t tell, could have copped out but took a great risk, was subject to multiple deployments under stop loss, and was confined in solitary and tortured prior to even being indicted.

    His confession was obtained by duress and should be tossed as fruit of the poisonous tree.

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    Clarence suffers self-loathing to the nth degree. Explained once that people may make fun of his accent.

    Had to wonder also about the multiple references to Loving v Virginia where SCOTUS found anti-miscegenation statute unconstitutional. Clarence is married to a white woman. Surely they are not trying to persuade ol’ Clarence because he follows whatever Tony Scalia does.

    Tony sounded very gay in his snarky falsetto: “How can I decide if I don’t know the date? How? Give me the date, waaaaaaaaah.”

  • Photo looks more like a Grateful Dead bandmember than a pre-Christian era Jew who would not know how to relate to modern time Sunday morning tele-evangelicals pushing prosperity.

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    Boehner has yet to pull the rabbit out of his hat: an actual vote in the House. The wingnuts couldn’t agree to $1MM, how will they do 400K? We can count on them to saw the woman in half.

  • Any deal short of total Dem capitulation would not get through the Senate: Rand Paul spent a good hour on the floor today ranting about class warfare and jealousy toward rich people. He likely would put a (secret?) hold on any deal.

    In the House, Boehner has no control whatsoever over his flopping member(ship). He’s been playing the bluff game for years now: pretend there’s possible agreement among the baggers, when there is none, then wait for the deal to collapse then blame POTUS — to fix blame take any true statement about the repugs, substitute in the word Dems and voila. Works everytime!

  • Brilliant and well-researched expose. Better than the NY Times could do. Impressive.

  • Abu Graib stateside. Torture guideline: Strip the prisoner and mock him. Except, this is an US citizen on the US homeland. A kid who VOLUNTEERED to serve in the Army and even shipped out to a battle zone, thereby putting his life in jeopardy for his country. Then he gets abused this way before ever convicted of anything. His abusive captors should be prosecuted for violation of US military codes; but if not, then in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

  • This country needs better CEO’s, CFO’s, investors. The 1% are ruinous to the economy. The repugs have the HOUSE where every committee chair person is an angry middle aged white male. Wow. That really represents the country…

  • IMPEACH BOEHNER NOW. Dereliction of duty. Treason. Interference. Blocking from behind. Behavior unbecoming a speaker. Irrelevance. Putrid pussilanimity.

  • The numbers really don’t matter: it’s the constituencies the pols serve. The repubs see the dems coddling the huddled masses and giving out “gifts” to buy off a base of voters, while the repubs counter with privatizing services in order to create new repubs, i.e. the 2% CEO/CFO class that comprises their base.

    The difference being the 2% plutocrats don’t want to pay a cent in taxes but the 99% are expected to pay for everything, including their own “entitlements.” In my case, 40 plus year working life, a stiff like me pays payroll taxes that include a large chunk of Social Security and Medicare taken out of each pay check. Hundreds of thousands already paid in over the decades.

    Politico clearly can stuff it for ignoring the fact that the 99% pay as we go such that the money has already been collected, and in the case of Social Security, raided to prop up repub transfer of wealth to the 2%.

  • Bibi needed to ratchet up the fear factor in anticipation of upcoming elections in Israel: clearly the US prevented him from bomb-bomb-bombing Iran, so he had to resort to earlier formula and bomb Gaza, blast the air-raid sirens, pump his iron-fist.

    Bibi has the Iron Shield missile defense in place, but a few rockets nonetheless got through, in order to justify the massive over-response. Jets versus slingshots.

    Three Israelis to date have been killed, but it takes such a sacrifice to keep Bibi in power with no end in sight to the continued violence.

    Cynical politics as usual.

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    How pathetic is it that what were the confederate states so quickly went to Rombo early in the evening? The electoral map was red all over until late into the night. What’s wrong with these people?

    The red states in the south receive the greatest amount of federal $$$ while contributing the least $$$ to the federal government. These states also have the greatest to benefit under Obamacare. Clearly, changing the way we elect the Prez will not change the outcome in these states.

    If it were football, we might make some headway. Howzabout being a black football player at Ole Miss with their rebel flag and yadda yadda. Maybe we have seen the end of the southern strategy and outcomes likewise will change.

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    The repubs kept the House because of gerrymandering the districts, not any “mandate” for them to continue tax cuts for the rich.

    In California the districts, thanks to a last act by former repub governor Schwarzenneger, were set by an independent commission, and the dems won a super majority in both houses of the legislature. Also, the repubs put on the ballot a measure that would have repealed the new map, which failed miserably.

    Without gerrymandering, the dems would have won back the US House.

    As for Rick Scott in Florida, Karl Rove, and the Rombo campaign, their misplaced optimism was due in large part to waiting for the voter machines and/or suppression to kick in to change the outcome, which apparently didn’t happen, due at least in part to the Justice Department fighting back this time around.

    The Supreme Court fixed it for Bush, set the stage with Citizens United to fix it for Rombo, and now will take up fixing it for the next repub by declaring the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional.

    The beat goes on.

  • It was the coverup!

    Betrayus and his allies were probably waiting to see first who won the election.

    If Rombo wins, then the repubs could cover it up and “fix it”, so they kept it under wraps within the repub power structure and didn’t want Senator DiFi knowing about it; however, once Obama won, Betrayus and his fellow repub Cantor had to let the cat out of the bag. The cover up they were planning became impossible.

    Maybe if Rombo won, to give Betrayus the benefit of the doubt, he could then resign to give the new President his own CIA director without the affair ever needing to be mentioned.

    On a related matter, apparently his previous prostate surgery was successful: he was able to dingle a couple of ladies it appears and kept all his bodily functions. Maybe he’s writing a book and wants to amp up sales with the salacious undercurrent. As a general, he already has blood on his hands.

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    Racism swings both ways. As a progressive white guy who thinks to the left of Che Guevera, why am I being lumped in with the other white guy conservative types? Of course, the main stream media went there first, but really, isn’t that the definition of racism, to pre-judge a person by the color of [...]

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    Progressive thinkers may fear that if the rules in the Senate are modernized to eliminate the 60 vote blockage, then when the repubs hold the majority again (and let’s face it, they will some day), they will be able quickly to put the full proto-fascist state into operation.

    But, really, can their hateful anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-immigrant stands ever again prevail given the changed electorate?

    Harry Reid and the other dems in the Senate need to take the chance now that this is the best time to change the rules and break the logjam, rather than worry too much about less than likely negative possibilities anymore. Now is the best time to make change.

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    When Obama wins the electoral and rombo the popular, doubt not that the repubs will be screaming bloody murder and try to change the system.

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