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  • Correction Needed: Michael Bennett of Colorado wasn’t in the Senate at the time DOMA was passed. The Bennett who voted for it was Bob Bennett of Utah. Please correct this post to avoid confusion.

  • I called Rep. Ellison’s office and spoke to a rather bored sounding intern. He listened to me, took my information, said he would enter my comments into the database, then tried to throw in a red herring about how Ellison supports the People’s Budget. I informed him that that was not relevant at this time and that Ellison has a history of folding under pressure, is two-faced, and can’t be trusted. I also indicated that he should expect a primary if he doesn’t do his job as CPC co-chair and instead falls in line for Obama’s radical right agenda.

    I’ve called Klobuchar’s office many times in the past and never speak to anyone who knows what is going on. Even when they put me on hold multiple times (!) to “get an answer” they come back with nothing.

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