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    When your husband (and I) smoked a little weed in our checkered pasts, the consequences of getting caught were pretty much close to nil. In fact, about all that happened was the cop took the weed and smoked it himself or dumped on the ground to mock you.

    Now the consequences are horrific. My oldest daughter almost couldn’t get into college. Only being a cute, white, blond, female first-time offender, at 17, who cried in court and was allowed a diversionary program that kept the conviction off her record saved her.

    The consequences of that favorable treatment meant my daughter could go to to college directly out of high school.

    Her boyfriend didn’t get so lucky. He wasn’t a cute, blond, crying girl, though he was white. And since he didn’t have the money for college and couldn’t get financial aid. Well, the last we heard, he was working fast-food and construction in the summer and hoping to get into college when all this crap cleared off his record.

    And while I hope he beats the odds, most people who end up in this situation don’t.

    So, fuck being ‘cool.’ Any minor drug conviction can keep you out of virtually every profession and severely hamper your life. Not that it should.

    But what things SHOULD be and what things ARE, are not the same.

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    Nope. He’s got fame. He’ll end up as a ‘face’ for some big Wall Street firm. Gino Torretta was a ‘face man/rain maker’ (Senior Financial Advisor) for Wachovia Securities for a long time. Now he has some NCAA radio thing.

    So, don’t cry for Tebow. His inability to play NFL football won’t hamper his real-world job prospects.

  • You can RECEIVE UNSOLICITED LEAKS with NO CONSEQUENCE. That is a perfectly protected Constitutional right.


  • He wasn’t protecting a source, the FBI already knew who did it — Kim. They’re after him because he STUPIDLY went into the DoD facility and took the stuff off the computer with Kim’s help. That’s a crime.

    And let me tell you, these guys were complete clowns. Those badges are tracked. The computers are logged. The desk phones are logged.

    So what happened?

    Kim called the reporter from his office desk phone. Then when the reporter came over to his office while he (Kim) accessed the files with him in Kim’s office on Kim’s computer. Then they went to lunch together. They the came back together and went over the files again while the reporter was in his office!

    Then the story shows up that day!

    This isn’t about finding out a source. They KNEW the source. They’d caught the source. They’re just hanging the journalist who also committed a crime.

    You can receive classified documents as a journalist. But you CANNOT STEAL THEM.

  • I take it you didn’t read the affidavit.

    He didn’t get this in mail from Kim or some such. Rather, it’s pretty clear that he, somehow, flipped Kim and he was, in fact, a co-conspirator to break the law. He’s going to go to jail.

    So, what’s okay? When someone, like Manning, sends you the material, you can do what you will.

    What’s not okay? Engaging in a conspiracy to steal classified information.

    This was in the ‘not okay’ category.

  • He’s right Kevin. Being much older than you, I’ve seen many narrowly focused movements hijacked by mulitple outsider movements to the point they became so diffuse and confused that they fell apart.

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    lol. In light of all the issues that come-up in the skeptic and atheist movements because of Myers and the FreeThought bullies, you just proved TBOgg’s thesis in spades.

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    Brilliant piece. In my particular ‘issue-interest’ we’ve had the same thing happen. To the point where it’s been hijacked by a bunch of assholes who’ve done their very best to divide and destroy our incredibly broad-and-diverse community with their purity litmus tests in their particular social-justice beliefs.

    Beliefs that the majority of us, even within the moderate-liberals such as myself, do not hold to be true in most particulars. And any truths are acknowledgeable are so vastly over-claimed that there’s no room for discussion when the thought-police start-up their trolling and flying baboon patrols.

    Sadly, this is nothing new. Now that I’m on the north-side of 50, I’ve spent close to 35-years watching this happen in every movement and association I’ve ever held dear. The fucking special-interest carpet-baggers just have to make it all about them…

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    I pointed that out in 2007. Obama has made a career out of surrendering. From his first legislative post in Illinois to the Presidency of the US.

    The guy just has no backbone. And it’s killing this country which really needs to move more toward the center and away from the right-tilt it currently suffers.

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    Oh, thank you for that bit of humor Marion. I followed TBogg’s link to the original article. The comments rapidly descended into Benghazi conspiracy theory.

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    But Obama is just what she wants, just ask him:

    During an interview with Noticias Univision 23, the network’s Miami affiliate newscast, Obama pushed back against the accusation made in some corners of south Florida’s Cuban-American and Venezuelan communities that he wants to instill a socialist economic system in the U.S. The president said he believes few actually believe that.

    “I don’t know that there are a lot of Cubans or Venezuelans, Americans who believe that,” Obama said. “The truth of the matter is that my policies are so mainstream that if I had set the same policies that I had back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican.”

    Yeah, he’s really quite the Nixon. Only without the Watergate. Even Reaganesque in some ways…

    But what do I know, I’m only a 52-year-old ex-Republican DFH.

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    Sigh… Another idiotic false equivalency post. You’re good most of the time, but when people with standards a bit higher than yours aren’t interested in sucking Obama’s cock 24/7 you sure get all pissy.

    He ain’t that great. He capitualtes way too much. But worse, is how he reinforces the double-standard in law.

    When the S&L crisis hit, bankers went to fucking jail under Bush & Clinton. When this bank crisis hit, Obama gave them a free pass instead of sending those fuckers up. Even worse, they went after Joe Sixpacks who tarted up their loan paperwork with the full force of the Federal Government.

    And we have Manning, Gitmo, drone strikes, lobbying for FISA, etc…

    So, yeah, he ain’t my favorite guy.

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    We don’t have to “solve it.” It’s solving itself. By 2042 it’s expected that white people will be a minority (less than 50%) ethnic group. Whites will still be the largest group, but they’ll be less than 50%.

    Every year, like a retreating glacier, the white-power Republicans get smaller and smaller and smaller.

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    I grew up in that BS. They’re never going to understand why I left, my brother left, our wives left and none of our children are interested in going back… It’s as if they have tin ears, one and all…

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    Ok, the editor really needs work…

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    I find it kind of interesting why they need money. They should be covered by a liability policy for just this reason. So, I’m guessing it’s a shameless plea for money. But if they really don’t have coverage, either it was an incredible screw-up on their part or they voided their coverage.

    And voiding this coverage is not that hard. For those who’ve never had professional insurance policies there are three major traps that get a lot of idiots burned.

    First, the policy will have a rider that requires you to notify them within a short-period of time (30-days or less) of lawsuits or THREATS of lawsuits AND if corrective action is possible, you must take it. If you fail to notify, you’re not covered.

    Second, if you fail to take reasonable corrective action, you’re not covered.

    Third, if you refuse settlement, you’re not covered.

    When NRO doubled-down on the Mann attacks they may have screwed themselves. Also, they may not have taken it seriously and not reported it the insurer.

    I bet they settle after they milk it for all the money they can get.

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    Douhat is confusing me… The right doesn’t want brown ‘anchor’ babies and are more than willing to ship those future ‘takers’ back to Mexico, even if they are Americans…

    Further, Catholics (the white kind) are supposed to have lots of kids, by litters if possible.

    Yet he’s had just ONE white (I presume) Catholic baby AND he want’s more brown babies?

    I think his column was hacked by Anonymous. That’s the only rational explanation for this black hole of cognitive dissonance.

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    I understand the Chinese not getting it… But Oh, wait, they have something in common — ideological blinkers that keep them from seeing reality… Though I’m not so sure about the Chinese…

  • Looking at this morning’s map, it’s 50/50.

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    49ers vs Packers — playoffs. Packer WR catches ball and falls to ground. Two, TWO, defenders touch him. Ref doesn’t blow whistle, WR runs 50 more yards into endzone. TD Packers, 49ers lose.

    49ers vs Packers — playoffs. Packer TE pushes off linebacker, literally throwing him to the ground, because Linebacker was there for the INT on the slant. 49ers called for Pass Interference, Packer score later on drive and win.

    49ers vs Packers — Packer RB fumbles, 49ers recover. Ruled non-fumble, Packers go on to score and win game.

    49ers vs Packers — Jerry Rice clearly fumbles the ball and referees rule no fumble. 49ers later score game winning TD on the drive (The Catch II.)

    49ers vs Giants — FG attempt goes wonky. Giants attempt a pass. 49er defender tackles receiver to prevent catch. Everyone knows it’s a bad call, even 49er fans (of which I’m one) refs rule incomplete, 49ers should have penalized and Giants gotten another kick at the spot of the foul.

    Broncos vs Raiders — playoff. Lyle Little CLEARLY fumbles (and admits to it later), Raider linebacker recovers and runs it in for TD.

    Other items — the ‘fumblerooksie’ (illegal forward laterals disguised as ‘fumbles’).

    Vinnie Testeverde’s head is not a football, costing the Seahawks a win, a playoff berth and D. Erickson his job.

    And I could go. And on. And on. And on.

    And I can do it game after game after game, decade after decade. Bad calls are part of the sport. The Steelers own at least TWO Superbowl Rings because of bad calls. The 49ers are likely out at least one. Other fans of other teams can say the same thing.

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