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    You’d still need up to a 100 of those at minimum for each current traditional plant.

    Without some serious technological advance such as safe fusion, not an answer.

    Small scale energy saving, solar, recycling and radical habitual changes are the required answers, there’s only a small number of people able, willing and motivated to do such, let alone if they can at all afford it. Think also all former Soviet states, Asia, etc.


    I guess we’re simply screwed unless we make a technilogical breakthrough in energy

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    But it’s doable.
    Doable but not feasible. I’m all for renewable, waning of fosile fuel, but those numbers will never make it into reality. 4 million mega windmills. Stretch them out on a field and it is 2000 x 2000 windmills.

    My opinion is, we get fusion figured out, or we’re screwed. Perhaps we shouldn’t even bother with the US turning fascist and all escalations, wars, violence and polution, we might off ourselves well before…..

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    Nobody is ‘chilling his free speech’. It’s a mistake these dumbasses make all the time; the right to free speech does not ex clude anyone from sueing you for the consequences. What these trolls really want is to spout all their verbal diarhea without having to face any repercusions. It don’t work that way (although with current push over D’s and a corrupted O in the WH it seems to be the default…)

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    ShorterSherrod Brown email: “I had to vote yes as it was this or nothing”

    1. Liar liar pants on fire.
    2. Even if that were true (no deal), polling shows people would actually favor ‘leadership’ and not buckling at the knees

    Fucking tossers, time to start throwing over cars, set some fires and do some good old school riotting

    …….. as if..

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    RIP Holbrooke and my sympathy to his family and friends. I can not condone celebrating his death. His actions have been wrong and have resulted in great human losses and tragedy, yet, I don’t think it was done in the name of evil or greed, rather as a result of the all too common ignorance, [...]

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    I did not see any of those threads indeed, I mostly read FP articles.I found and checked your naming thread and it seems a fair number of people share my concern. It’s regretable, but including the word ‘progressive’ is a red flag to a main portion of the populace, and equally regretable, populism is likely [...]

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    “New Progressive Alliance” Good luck with that name. The most important thing is that people can identify with it, such a name smells of enthusiastic highly involved ideological political activists. Most people are not and will not identify. Pick a name that emphasizes ‘we the people’, ‘working class’, ‘equality’, ‘free speech’, etc, all values we [...]

  • This is already a done deal.

    The Washington post has numerous articles up from ‘serious’ journalists who all manage to explain how bad a deal this is, and how it’s in its finishing stages. And how it will please the ‘independents’ (forget about a majority of the American people, formerly known as ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ being against the cuts for the wealthy)

    New York times lined up an op-ed today from really serious people how this is the best deal possible and we should stop crying about it. A lot of sympathy for ‘the left’ of course, someone might forget NYT is a ‘liberal’ news paper, but suck it up little people.

    MJ this morning came out in full force, most notably Joe got the memo this morning to stop ridiculin Obama, to stop exclaiming how Obama could have played and won, stop explaining The GOP would be giving in to the unemployment benefits in the end regardless, stop all that and get with the program on how ‘GOOD’ this deal is.
    Joe has seriously serious and reliable peeople on of course, Jim Cramer, Mark Halperin, Politico sheep, and of course ‘all economics’ who allegedly all agree the stimulus effect and job creation power of giving a couple more billion to Paris Hilton is enormous.

    I wonder, are we among the only few little frogs noticing the kettle being heated up?

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    Axelrod is having a fucking ‘uuh uuh uuh best compromise uh uh uh and uh uh’ goddamn stutter spin attack on MJ right now

    Is he on fucking drugs??


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    Why do Democrats keep on acting as if this is something inevitable that will happen regardless? “I regret this deal coming through”, “I really wanted something different”

    You ARE the fucking goverment.

    You CAN say NO!!!!

    EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU ARE the fucking goverment!!! You can VOTE on each and every bill or proposal AS YOU WISH or as your CONSCIOUS tells you to, and do the work for THE PEOPLE, as a goverment BY THE PEOPLE should do…..


    Unless of course you admit each and every one has been bought and paid for, and Obama is the excuse tool of choice.

    I understand….

    Forgive me for being so gullible…

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    That interview was as cringe worthy, empty and waffling as I expected. Both Obama and Stewart lost in this impossible lose-lose interview. What was Stewart thinking? Only ‘serious’ people can do a sit down with the prez and softball an agreeable msm story.

    Most telling part was when Stewart used the word ‘timid’ and Obama shot forward out of his chair. The truth hurts the most I guess.

    But again, Stewart tried the impossible, but settled on the ‘respectfull critical note’. All the obvious left unsaid
    How about DADT?
    How about DOMA?
    How about prosecuting torture?
    How about transparancy? Healthcare on C-SPAN?
    How about the wars and breaking Bush’ surge records?
    Financial reform?
    Social security?
    Lobbyists continuing to set the agenda?
    Wishy washy Kagan nomination?
    The war against ‘liberal fringes’?

    I could keep on going, I guess Stewart decided to stick with the least toxic ‘criticism’. Sorry Jon, poor judgement, never ever do that again, you lost a lot of credits in my book, even if it was well intended.