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    Has the Republican Party become so unhinged that Jan Brewer is the last sober last defense against their utter insanity and partisan madness? Never thought I’d say this, but Jan Brewer has shown a stunning amount of common sense with this decision.

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    It is reassuring that the president has renewed his commitment to ending the trillion-dollar giveaway to millionaires that is the Bush tax cuts. But will Obama have backbone? He’s “compromised”m on this issue once. If Republicans will not budge and threaten another government shutdown or won;t raise the debt ceiling, etc., odds are that this gets tossed aside again.

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    John Boehner is interested in appeasing the tiny percentage of extreme partisan that call themselves the “Tea Party,” not in fulfilling his constitutional responsibility to govern this nation for all Americans. That he is willing to kill millions of jobs and risk a devastating recession because of partisan politics is mind-blowing. How do you remove these extremists from office? Can a Speaker be impeached? Better do it…and fast.

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    Paul Ryan and the extreme Republicans in Congress are only interested in the “numbers” of corporate profits. This plan blows up the deficit while making deep cuts in programs that matter, “balancing” the budget with tricks that place he burden on ordinary Americans. RyanCare will literally kill seniors off by ending Medicare.

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    And where is the condemnation from the right and from prominent Republicans over what their pal Terry Jones has done? Just because you have a right to do something incredibly stupid and offensive doesn’t mean you do it. This is a serious situation…

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    The only reason people are “afraid” of Herman Cain is because of his violent, anti-Muslim, anti-American rhetoric. It is a very sad day in this country when a “politician” can campaign on the promise to exclude a certain religious segment of our population from his government — OUR government — and that boosts his “appeal” with the GOP…

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    The time has come for the president to announce what exactly the mission in Libya is for the United States, when it will be considered a “success,” when our troops will leave, and when we will stop firing hundreds of $1.5 million missiles.

  • Here we are, supposedly in the worst fiscal crisis in our history — as the Tea Party screams at us daily — and the wonderful leadership of the Republicans in Congress is giving us utterly worthless legislation to cut meaningless amounts of money from the budget for public radio that tens of millions of Americans use and appreciate every day. Well done, GOP!

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    This is unbelievable. I sincerely hope that this crisis is the final straw for the idea of expanded nuclear power in the United States. Japan is a modern country, and this happened to them. It could happen here…”

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    Not encouraging to see a key member of the Obama administration forced out for simply having a conscience and expressing the horror that we all feel about the treatment of Bradley Manning.

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    Scott Walker and the Republithugs have no interest in negotiating or compromising with Democrats, public employees, or anyone else oppose to their radical and dangerous partisan agenda. Their marching orders from the Kochs are to bust the unions…

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    I’m really not sure how you run a Republican presidential campaign when your only major political accomplishment is essentially copied as a while by the Democratic POTUS you’re seeking to replace.

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    The public employees have offered to give Walker and the Republithugs every concession they have so forcefully demands. Everything. Collective bargaining, a right enjoyed by Wisconsin state employees for 50 years, is the only issue they won’t back down from., That’s it. And Walker hasn’t even responded to the offer. This is about radical right-wing [...]

  • Somehow the Republithugs seem to be regressing and upping the proverbial ante on their stupidity. Where will this visceral hatred stop? Just with “illegals”? What other group of “undesirable” Americans will the right try to actively kick out of this country?

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    Peaceful protesters take to the streets and defeat a brutal dictator after thirty bloody years in power. that’s history. No need to bomb or invade when the people find their voice for freedom.

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    The president can’t drag his feet any longer. He must cut the ties with Mubarak and force him to step down immediately. Is he not listening to the Egyptian people?

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    It’s not just SS. Now Republicans will be intro’ing legislation to quite literally obliterate Medicare.This is a plan that would give seniors fewer benefits at higher cost, and probably force many folks not to sign up and go without any insurance.

    Imagine what adding millions of uninsured seniors, with more medical problems and intensive care needs, will do to our health care crisis? Skyrocketing costs for federal, state and local governments will bankrupt this country.

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    The specifics of Obama’s speech will no doubt make many here on the left cringe. A worthless spending freeze, countless nods to compromise with Republicans that has never worked before and will not in the future. But as a political speech, and a speech meant to speak to the middle of the country, it was [...]

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    The hard truth is that it’s hard-working folks like this, people that built America and are continuing to build America, that Republicans and “centrists” and all of the politicians wailing about deficits and giving more tax cuts to the rich…they take them for granted. But without these good, honest folks this country is nothing.

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    Clearly the first hammer to fall from the Comcast merger. This is a wrongheaded decision made out of spite and anger. While I didn’t always agree with his tone, Keith was the centerpiece of MSNBC and the only person responsible for their resurgence into cable relevancy. To kick him out shows no class and no [...]

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