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  • Jan Helfeld is a minarchist libertarian troll on Youtube who tries to make media figures and politicians look stupid with a package of tough questions he’s put together to lead the interviewee to contradict himself; Helfeld’s had some viral successes on Youtube. His goal is to bring us back to the allegedly libertarian values of [...]

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    Not voting seems to be a popular option among libertarians right now, and so unsurprisingly, Reason Magazine editor Katherine Mangu-Ward wrote an article arguing against voting. Over at The Economist’s Democracy in America blog, S.M. counters in part by slowly explaining Robert Nozick’s view of decision theory for libertarians who apparently aren’t so familiar with him:

    Nozick suggests that decision theory [...]

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    Thumbnail George McGovern passed today. He had many roles in his personal life — a distinguished World War II veteran, small hotel owner, and history professor — but the controversies he became involved with as a Senator would define his legacy; nobody can say McGovern didn’t fight for his ideals, and this fight led to a [...]

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    Dear Dan,

    I’m nobody of great importance, just an avid reader of your site, and a new FDL blogger. I have a fascination with media, but I don’t have time to watch much TV; on a daily basis, Mediaite has for a long time helpfully provided the most interesting clips of the day. I read it [...]
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