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  • All these stories do is perpetuate the myth that either party works for America or the American people. We will never be able to take the next step until that becomes the story instead of this ridicules drivel. Good God man open your eyes!

  • MrChip commented on the blog post Obama’s 2008 Hope Morphs Into 2012 Slash-and-Burn

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    Just in time to “save” the GOP party once the MOTUs fully realize Obama will be one toxic MFer by 2012 and the media will play it up, that we now have the strong president we need (again) to replace the “weak” democrat.

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    “I scratched my head and asked how a deal that the CBO concluded would increase unemployment and slow GDP growth over the course of the next year could possibly put the President in a better position for the next election. The response was that they were so worried about the direction of the poll numbers they believed they had to do this or none of that would matter, and would worry about that later.”

    If it was me..
    At this point I jumped and yelled “you lie” to the WH rep…

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    It’s like we can’t quite as a group/people/citizens truly grasp what reality is. It’s much more comfortable to believe that there’s no way anyone in our Government is corrupted enough to actually let America come to true harm (steal sure, but actually let America itself truly be harmed no way) which is demonstrably untrue!!!! They (not aloud of course) would rather have TV comfort their hectic lives and entertainment media addled minds and not contemplate having to “change” or get out of a comfort zone of well, I’m okay today.everything must be okay then.. I don’t like what I think happens when we truly collapse..

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    Your being kind, I was gonna go with FR

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    When the Republicans took the debt ceiling hostage this time they were in risky uncharted waters. They didn’t know what Obama’s bottom line would be.

    I will have to call B.S. on that.. The tan man and O did this together…

    Keep pretending to be act like it’s new that Obama has sold us out, I really don’t get that and I think a new narrative is desperately needed.

  • No way in hell will I waste a vote on Barry. Why would anyone really ?Support the dems?, the dems that have shatted on us since 2008 (and during Bush’s time). Why support either party anymore when it’s painfully obvious they are both arms of the same corporate organ, competing for their lobbyists affections. It’s disgusting and there’s no way in hell they deserve even a well the other guy is worse bullshit anymore…NO MORE.

  • completely agree

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    Your said “Even if I didn’t like Obama I’d have to admit he’s better than Romney or Bachman. In addition the national Democrats basesd on these early returns I think have a shot at a real comeback.”

    And when all the bullshit is done, that’s what it comes down to isn’t it. Obama is LESS EVIL than Romney or Bachmann. Some of us are DONE with that game. Also, I think they had that comeback in 2008, had the house, the senate and O…how’d that work out for everyone ? It didn’t. Does Obama EVEN GESTURE towards a progressive position on anything ? No. Only when campaigning…

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    Jimmy Carter could kick Obama’s ass (now). That’s just freaking pathetic at best.

    I hate to think that the Mike Sax’s and malinowski’s are being willfully ignorant because that’s just being a shitty human being but if they aren’t, they seriously are some dumb motherfuckers…

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    I thought those were going to expire before once ?

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    I agree that is appealing, maybe if we just get the large business’s that don’t pay their’s and eliminate charity to oil companies and the like that are drowning in profits we won’t need to cut social safety nets…another thing that is appealing for a lot of us humans, it’s called morals or taking care of our own. And by our own; I mean our countries..nobody should starve or freeze to death in the USA no matter how dumb, addicted or feeble they are. They only way to have a great country is to elevate the people. It’s disgusting to me that we place more value on celeberity culture than we do being good citizens and it’s that “mindset” that says it’s okay to be greedy, that if I can get away with it, it’s fine. If I get caught, it won’t hurt that much. We are spoiled so bad we can’t see how dumb we’ve become. No new taxes, no road/bridge repairs, rich neighborhoods can hire their own cops and fire support. Woohoo USA USA

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    If it’s like the last 4 years of Bush’s third term I mean Obama’s first (sorry I CAN’T tell the difference)..why would the next 4 offer ANY hope with O ? It doesn’t. I am here because I don’t put party over country, I am here because I care about the direction our country (the world) is going in. Nobody paid me to be here.

  • “Rightly or wrongly, the Obama campaign believes getting the headlines “Obama brokers big bipartisan deficit deal” in itself would a be big boost to his political brand, especially if they can blame the GOP for the unpopular components of the deal.”

    I don’t believe they are that tone def on the issue, wanting to do something big would include repealing Bush’s tax cuts and things of that ilk. There’s basically no real win in anything I’ve heard about the negotiations (maybe minor military cuts?).

    Saying I don’t believe them is as nice as I can say it.

  • sounds like the definition of insanity the way you defend the home team even though they are OBVIOUSLY no longer the “home” team…really Nancy gonna steer the president down the correct path ? Good luck with that.

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    Vodka tonic, maybe October 6th night at the protest in DC.

    That kinda stuff just kills me (not the vodka tonics), we need to have the narrative start being look how both parties do the same corrupt things…together. Not wow, those democrats sure dont’ act like they are supposed to meme every day (and I mean every day it’s a new shock for some apparently)…

    Also, no more Sarah Palin. Leave that crap to DKOS and Huff Post.

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    But it’s undeniable that the President is disinclined to use actual leverage points to get things from the opposition that one would think he would want. Maybe it’s time to recalibrate the belief in what we think he wants.

    Gee ya think? Welcome to the club, we’ve been inviting you for a long time now..

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    Agreed, even if they were trying to do something good here (cough cough) it will have so many inaccuracies…and proving yourself after the fact would be a nightmare challenge. I hate being an evil empire.

  • Agreed and I don’t blame him one bit.

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    Have the miners themselves taken any action, formed a group, lead a protest ?

    I think I would be uhm pissed off but I never hear anything from the miners themselves ?

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