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    It’s been a blast, TBogg. It was more fun during the Bush years, because the targets were more plentiful. But you work with what you got, right?
    The Internetz will never be the same.
    Okay, go get some sand in your crack now, beach bum. And remember, no weed on Mitt Romney’s beach!

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    Sigh…I’m old enough to remember when it took more than one press of the spacebar to read your posts.
    Twitter has ruined you, Bogg-man.

  • Tboggy, we hardly knew ye…
    Get your freak on, old man.

  • Saw this coming for a while, what with the fewer and fewer posts. Can’t blame you, though. You waded through the right-wing sewers for us, so we didn’t have to. I’m sure there will be great rejoicing over there in the next few days.
    At least you helped get us past Romney, so there’s that.
    Thanks for the laughs, funnyman. We’ll miss you.

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    The way I see it is he’s trying to hide the nutcases from the general electorate. If he can hide some of the crazy shit they say until the convention, it’ll make it easier for them to move to the middle for the general election.
    He knows how much the primary debates hurt them last time.

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    Seems to me you’re a bit confused about what a blog is all about. It’s where a person writes about their thoughts and feelings, or just whatever the hell they want to write about.
    They don’t need your approval. It’s their blog. If you don’t like what you read on one blog, there are at least 2-3 other blogs on the net. You might even find one you agree with.

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    Goddammit, I stay off the internet for one fucking night, and everything goes to hell.
    I get up this morning, first stop BJ, and WTF?! Now I’m sitting here with wet eyes and a runny nose over some fat dude’s fat cat. HellFuckingShit.
    Goddam, I feel bad for Cole. He loved that cat more than anything.
    And trust me: He didn’t want any drinking buddies last night. He wanted to be alone so he could cry like a baby all night, which can get a little undignified in front other guys. Especially when drinking.
    Roll On, Tunch. Hope you got a comfy spot somewhere.

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    How does this woman keep landing these primo gigs? What in the hell has she ever written that anyone, anywhere, would consider “extraordinary”?
    I can name at least a dozen obscure bloggers with more intellectual heft than this moron. She’s the type that goes with her “gut”, although her “gut” has been consistently wrong about everything.
    She must have nekkid pictures of somebody.
    Fuckin’ Beltway…

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    Step 1: Arm teachers and janitors for “security”.
    Step 2: Pass law allowing kids to have gun-shaped devices.
    Step 3: “Oh dear God! Officer, I’m telling you I swore I saw a gun! A real gun! I didn’t mean to shoot little Jasper!”

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    So it turns out dropping out of High School and not attending college won’t matter after all. Mr. Snowden is now receiving the kind of education that no amount of money can buy.

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    Thompson was burnt out by the end. He was writing mediocre(by his standards)sports columns on in the final years of his life. You would have never known it was his work if not for the byline.

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    Methinks this will be a looonnnggg thread.
    TBogg, when will you learn not to dis Secret President Jill Stein AND defend Nobama?
    I don’t have the stamina to read this thread after the concern trolls get here.

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    Speaking as a Dad, I know you’re gonna be missing your little girl on Christmas.
    Happy Christmas, TBogg. The world is a better place because of people like you.

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    You forgot Gandhi.
    You’re welcome.

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    Thanks for fighting the good fight against idiots on twitter.
    I got into a shouting match with my gun nut daughter last night about this because of her 4 year old daughter, my only grandchild. I guess she didn’t like what I had to say.
    This is madness.

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    Excellent segment, and all true.
    Sadly, the people that need to watch and comprehend this message will refuse to do so.
    My wingnut brother-in-law dismisses her as “Rachel Madcow” and trivializes whatever she might say. He is an intelligent man, but during the primaries he was actually singing the praises of Herman Fucking Cain!
    What the hell is wrong with these people?

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    Ahhh, been waiting for this Golden Oldie!
    And, bless his heart, smilingdog is on it like a dog on a bone, naturally.
    Let the games begin!

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    Fox News has done it’s job well.

    Good Luck,America. You’re gonna need it.

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    Now I know why you didn’t post all day! You’ve been wrestling with yourself ala Steve Martin in “All of Me”, trying not to join that firebagger thread!
    Excellent self-control, T!
    I have a feeling they won’t show the same discipline.
    Call the clean-up crew and tell’em to get ready for a lot of pony shit.

  • But can we go all Cujo on smilingdog?

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