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    A belated, but sincere Thank You for all the kind bday wishes. The best part about being a “woman of a certain age” is that you get to be whatever age strikes you at the moment. So today I am 27….just because. And as much as I tried to broker the peace from day one with those two (I had just gotten off the plane bringing Wembley from PA), Fenway still finds cause multiple times daily to growl at the little guy. Admittedly, he is somewhat annoying….. Thank you all again and keep on being the BEST commentor family on the intertubes!!!

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    You really did nail my boys on the head…so to speak. And Wembley is the happiest, most easy going, most “dog-dog” we have ever had. He goes through life truly taking it one day at a time. And he’s cute as all get out!!!

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    Tbogg and I saw Jimmy Webb perform at a local venue here in North Park about 2 years ago. The venue is a church and so the acoustics were amazing with just Webb and a piano. His version of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” and “Wichita Lineman” were the highlights of the concert…but everything was amazing. Thanks for the reminder….

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    Shooting 5 and 6 year olds in a kindergarten classroom…. I can’t even wrap my brain around this one. Makes me feel truly hopeless for the future of this country. And ask Tbogg…I’m the eternal optimist. It just breaks my heart….

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    Awwww…who’s my pretty puppy?

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    Fenway gets cold really easily so he tends to sleep on the bed under all of the blankets with just his nose peeking out. But the second that Tbogg gets up from the desk chair, he is out of the bed and in the chair. The chair under the window occupied by Wembley is primarily used as a perch from which to bark hysterically at anything/one that goes down the alley. It, however, has the best afternoon sun so it is also a favorite spot for charging basset batteries. We will let you know when we have officially given up and moved to the afore-mentioned dog beds. I don’t think it’s too far down the line….

  • So great to hear Jane!!!

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    So love that costume….so not appropriate for a basset. I have a friend who has 2 Champion Ridgebacks and her male is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. Amazing breed.

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    What a great picture! Bo is almost as handsome as Arthur….

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    We’re all wolves now….

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    Tbogg makes a truly delectable cranberry and pistachio biscotti that is to die for….dogs however, are not allowed to indulge.

  • Marion…DON’T DO IT!!!! What in the name of dear f’ing DOG is wrong with that man??? wow….just wow.

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    Admission of a basset mom: I am OBSESSED with their feet and Wembley has, as you all know, the best dinosaur feet EVER. When I first started working with a local rescue (Helen Woodward Animal Center) I discovered that evaluating a dog’s comfort level with people touching their feet is a temperament test used in assessing a dog’s potential adoptability. Interestingly, the reaction is somewhat constant in any dog’s behavior and even with training and socialization, it doesn’t change much. The funny part is that Wembley and Beckham both are/were very temperamental about their feet…and they both have the reputation, based on their tendancy to glower, as being…shall we say…difficult. Fenway and Satchmo, in contrast, could care less what you do/did to their feet…poke, prod, wibble, wobble, tickle, paint their nails (no I never did that) and they’re fine with it. And their reputations are close to saintly. Way too much info about my dogs and their feet I’m guessing….even for you guys.

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    Wow…that picture really shows why we call him Wem-Belly. But he sure is darn cute!

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    I think there is a bigger point that needs to be made to the “I’m just not going to vote so nyah, nyah, nyah” crowd. I grew up in a Democratic household and my father was a union member his entire working life. He grew up in the back woods of Tennessee, had a 6th grade education, and believed that we all had a responsibility to “look out for our neighbors”. He instilled that belief in me and I have always considered myself a liberal. We raised Casey to have that same sense of social responsibility and she is now looking at a career that will potentially put her in harms way every day because she wants the world to be a safer, better place. Those “purists” who can find every reason to be angry, upset, disappointed, appalled, disgusted with or at Obama, are forgetting a fundamental truism that goes along with calling oneself a “progressive”…or let’s just say an old-fashioned liberal… and that is that we ALL STILL have a responsibility to “look out for our neighbors.” There are many folks who read this blog who are out of work and have been for a long time. We are all still sitting in front of a computer. There are millions of families in this country where kids don’t even have a basic computer to do school work. There are working families in big city “food deserts” whose kids are diabetic because they can’t afford to provide basic nutrition. Here in San Diego, America’s Finest City, I see 5 or 6 people a day at stop lights with their signs and their pleading faces…”every little bit helps.” As has been said here several times, elections have consequenses. A Romney/Ryan presidency will have grave consequences for us all, but even graver ones for our neighbors who are barely hanging on now. So hold your nose if you must, but VOTE and stop thinking so much about you and your shattered “Obama dreams” and do what true liberals do…they look out for their neighbors.

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    He is gorgeous isn’t he? Even without my Mom bias….

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    This makes me sad for the L&T Casey’s entire generation…

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    Our Lovely and Talented daughter plans to pursue her graduate degree in Criminology/Criminal Psychology, ideally pursuing a career as a criminal profiler for any number of Federal Law Enforcement agencies. As she will be dealing with warped minds, I believe that her parentage actually gives her a significant leg up.

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    I will step in and tackle the insurance question. Yes, pet insurance is widely available. That being said, the coverage tends to be somewhat limited and really best for catastrophic situations. Also, there are generally clauses that exclude coverage for pre-diagnosed conditions, which, it seems, all of our dogs have had.

    As for Stumbley, the meds have already reduced the limp significantly…however he is, at best, an uncooperative patient…continued launches off the bed, running full speed up and down the stairs and requiring a head lock maneuver to administer the meds. Brat.

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    They do LOTS of things…they drool, they wag their tails (fenway even does a helicopter version), they eat baby carrots for snacks, they protect the alley (which involves jumping in the leather chair and barking like maniacs at any person or dog walking by), they chew on their Nylabones (okay…not very often), they “chase” the small soccer ball (okay…not so much), Wembley tosses the toys and bones around to himself in an incredibly cute way (Fenway…no), they drool (oh I said that already), they….are AWESOME Snugglers!! As Mr.Toad said…what more do they need to do?

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