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  • Martin Berg wrote a new diary post: Four ways to tell if President Obama was lip-syncing

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    So it turns out that Beyonce’s ardent, flawless performance of the Star-Spangled Banner may have been lip-synced. The more important and far trickier question is whether President Obama’s impassioned promise to fight for the middle class and a just society is for real, or just more lip service. The president pushed all the right buttons [...]

  • Martin Berg wrote a new diary post: The Battle For Obama’s Soul

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    We know which Barack Obama won reelection Tuesday night. The question is: which one woke up and went to work Wednesday morning? Was it the passive Obama who, after winning a stirring, historic victory in 2008, allowed the insurgent tea party to inaccurately redefine his affordable health care plan as a government takeover? Was it [...]

  • Martin Berg wrote a new diary post: Behind Romney’s battleship plan, an ill wind blows

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    Thumbnail If Mitt Romney’s high-finance cronies had more money invested in horses and bayonets, would the Republican presidential candidate be insisting that our national security depended on them? As it is, Romney is championing a vast and costly expansion in the number of the Navy’s big battleships, from which one of his top foreign policy advisers could make [...]

  • Martin Berg wrote a new diary post: How Ryan’s real math works

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    OK, so Paul Ryan’s budget numbers don’t add up. But there’s another critical bit of arithmetic that has been working just fine for him, though you won’t read anything about it in the lengthy New York Times magazine profile now available on the newspaper’s web site. Ryan is portrayed as the Miller Lite-sipping, regular guy NFL-watching, [...]

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    Thank you for the heads up, fixed.

  • Martin Berg wrote a new diary post: Night on Fantasy Island

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    As a snapshot of the wildly dysfunctional state of our political union, last night’s festivities were a smashing success. All sides were serving up plenty of mom, apple pie and platitudes while ignoring what’s actually left on plates of millions of Americans – nothing. I did find at least something to agree with in what [...]

  • Martin Berg wrote a new diary post: King’s Longest March

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    Everybody wants to claim a piece of the spirit of Martin Luther King in support of his or her cause. A Pentagon official even had the nerve to say King, who championed nonviolence, would have supported U.S. wars in Afghanistan. That’s an especially dubious assertion given that the civil rights leader became an increasingly vocal [...]

  • Martin Berg wrote a new diary post: Bailout Fuels Bitter Race to the Bottom

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    Thumbnail Maybe I just missed Harley Davidson’s thank you note to me and other taxpayers for bailing them out during the height of the financial crisis. Perhaps the iconic motorcycle maker  didn’t think it would have to send a thank you note. After all, they had every reason to think that the Federal Reserve’s emergency, low [...]