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  • I’m sure there’s something, somewhere, some right-winger has said that wasn’t It’s Always Projection, but I’m darned if I can think of it. Can folks like Reynolds even order a meal or ask for the salt without It’s Always Projection? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    “history”: What we want to remember, not necessarily what actually happened.

    And to Ruth @30: It was “the truth” .. from a certain point of view.

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    Aw, man, I hate getting here late and missing all the fun and exciting “idealists are Stoopid!” “you ‘realists’ are sellouts!” hand-flailing slap-fests. Still, any time is a good time to do my eye exercises by watching the Shakira (“Boy, is she bendy!”) .gifs.
    Anyway, this caught my eye:

    he’s the perfect player for Belichick’s system because he can be used at multiple positions

    , and I immediately started thinking about all the great positions Mr. Te could be used at. Waterboy, towel supply, first-aid materials dispenser, why the list goes on and on. Yeah, don’t tell me: he’s an amazing athlete – the Babe Didriksen Zaharias of his day – and is going to revolutionamize pro football by throwing, catching and kicking a touchdown all on the same play. Yeah, I’ll wait. On the other hand, clearly God Isreal, because Saint Tim has another job in the pros (or at least a highly-hyped job possibility).

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    Whatever Jesse’s flaws, he seemed like he is trying to the right thing.

    Yeah, I like Jesse – he was overmatched by the office a bit, but he did his darndist, and he never impressed me as a sleazebag. It’s a tough call, sometimes – a decent, but only moderately competent guy or a competent politician who’s in it for career reasons, with all that entails. I think, on the whole, I’d rather go with the decent guy and muddle through. Too bad most people hate messy democracy and prefer an orderly government run by a Strong Leader. Jesse looked like what they wanted, but turned out to be too reasonable – he didn’t tell people what to do and give them the chair when they balked.

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    You’ve gotta love FFvCs just because he still believes* that he can out-heckle a professional comedian. That combination of thin-skinned defensiveness, arrogance and stupidity is what makes guys take up telling jokes for a living.
    Also, too, I’m all in favor of The Body, His Own Self, getting into the race. Why the Hell not? He’s got more to offer than anybody the GOP is going to put up, including a better record as Governor. Plus he’s more attractive and smarter than any of them. That naturally means he stands no chance, but at least it would be endlessly satisfying to see him in the debates.

    *after how many years of experience? Hell, Gary Trudeau was mocking him relentlessly back in the 80s, although maybe he thought it was just praise. God knows he’s stupid enough.

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    “..says that she speaks for the great majority of New Yorkers who detest the bikes, and that they’re a fire hazard.”

    This may be one of the (perhaps unintentionally) funniest bits of a news story I’ve ever seen. I can actually see her in my mind’s eye screeching that, and trailing off into wondering where her cats are and did you steal them.

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    Prurient poetry?

  • You’re not serious? Liddy was a goon, pure and simple. What he did was a crime, although of course nowadays it wouldn’t even be noticed. More to the point, he knew it was criminal, and he just didn’t care, much like the people who recently tortured prisoners, although small potatoes by comparison. Dick Cheney is a small-time, pathetic, wanna-be version of Liddy, and Liddy was scum. This guy may or may not be a HERO!!!1!1, but he did a morally and legally right thing at what turns out to be some cost to himself and his family. Liddy wasn’t any “political prisoner” any more than Jeffrey Dahmer was a political prisoner. That’s a remarkably foolish statement. As for Mr. Obama, he’s been a huge disappointment, but from reading some of you, I sense that you feel he’s the second coming of Stalin and Pol Pot combined. Maybe have a cool drink and lie down for a while. Obama has certainly been far less than his rhetoric would have suggested, but he has been a far cry from the rabid fascists that the GOP has been putting up lately. In this case I’ll take the lesser evil in hopes that we can maybe get this oil tanker turned around before we hit the reef they’ve been enthusiastically aiming us at.

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    I’m not sorry to see her go – her brand of “Hitler-in-the-bunker” crazy is tearing down the country faster than we can keep up. I wouldn’t care to place a bet on what she’ll do next, either – maybe she’ll run against Franken, maybe she’ll turn up on Pay-to-Pray TV, or maybe she’ll embark on a five-state murderous bank-robbery, kidnapping and drive-by tea-bagging tour. Who can say? She’s certifiable, and that’s her only political strength, but that doesn’t get you too far out in the “real world” (not that she would know what that is).

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    What laws did Obama break?

    Oy, this is a huge waste of space and time, like arguing with a Tea Party Patriot or a Creationist, but I’ll bite, once.

    “The citizen status of an enemy soldier is irrelevant.”

    That’s as may be, but your expansion on the neocon definition of “enemy combatant” to “enemy soldier” is rather telling. None of those guys were “soldiers” in any of the traditional senses of the term, unless you also view gang members and Mafia gentlemen as “soldiers”. As it is, the Constitution (that largely irrelevant piece of paper in these modern, fast-paced, pragmatic times) doesn’t distinguish between US citizens who are the right kind of people and live peacefully in the US in a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard; and US citizens who are the wrong kind of people and live overseas trying to bring harm and devastation to their nominal home nation. Sure, once we have decided that laws are situational, so that torture of certain kinds of people is Okey-dokey, and warrantless assassination of US citizens under the right kind of circumstances is hunky-dory, then there’s not a problem. What ever happened to the right-wing’s favorite “slippery-slope” argument? What about the Cheney “1% chance” argument? Why is it only OK to use those arguments (and I’m using the term “argument” about as loosely as a crash-dieter’s belt here) to support doing something morally, legally and ethically reprehensible, but not to support trying to hold to what might laughably be called Foundational Principles of this country?
    You’re standing with Dick Cheney when you ask your “what laws” question; after all, how can he have broken the law when the law has been re-written (overtly or covertly) to redefine it away from its original meaning. Cheney didn’t order anybody to be tortured, after all – merely to be “enhancedly interrogated”. Similarly, Obama didn’t order a US citizen to be killed without due process; he merely ordered an enemy combatant to be killed after a discussion with his assistants. Presumably you take the pragmatic view that circumstances determine the adherence to what we may call “laws”. I wonder what you make of the various historical episodes where underlings and citizens have done various things to ensure that heads of state were restricted in their ability to make their own rules about how power was to be applied? Why would they do such things? Why didn’t they just accept that sometimes distasteful things need to be done to ensure the safety of the Fatherland? Anyway, as can be seen above, it seems unlikely that you and I can understand each other very well, any more than I can see eye-to-eye with a Creationist or a “Global Warming Skeptic” and I could reach common ground. As humans we Know what we Know, and we don’t like to have our child-like faith in our Knowledge shaken. I’m lucky in a sense – I work in the sciences, so I get to come to terms with failure and the realization that I’m wrong about something pretty much every week. It’s been very helpful in my career as a parent.
    Feel free to savagely mock me, by the way; I won’t be back to this thread, so it’s no skin off my nose, and it won’t stop me from forcing my stupid opinions on you in the future. I’ve been mocked and sneered at by the best – all it ever does is make me cry myself to sleep at night, but I’ve been married for a couple decades, so that’s second nature to me now.

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    Oog. I’m so glad my kids have grown out of this stage of behavior. Now I only have to deal with teen-age angst. I’m glad you enjoy the friendly give-and-take of all this “Moar Purity!/Rules are for Dweebs!” stuff, TB, but personally, I wish it was still possible to get a liberal President elected in this country; maybe even (a man can dream!) one who actually refused to break the law just because his predecessor couldn’t be bothered to care about it. Roads and good intentions and all that. However, now that principles are only for losers and fascists, I agree that we should all just go along with the crowd. Times have changed; our kids are getting worse. They won’t obey their parents, they just want to fart and kill each other with drone strikes.
    Anyway, apart from Shakira’s mighty and worshipful hips, this sort of insight is why I like to lurch on by:

    “I hear the internet is a vast place full of interesting things.”

    Oddly enough I was just shaking my fist at some dang kids on my lawn this morning about how there’s just not as much porn around these days, and so much of it involves those dang pop-ups (the ads, I mean). Not as much interesting stuff as when I was a kid, alas. And the old theaters! They’re mostly all gone, too. Ah, the days when a man could get out his raincoat, shuffle into a nice, dimly-lit theater, nod at Paul Reubens, and enjoy a good, fulfilling double-feature for a reasonable price are long gone. O tempura, o Morays.
    Anyway, I didn’t have anything substantive to offer, so I figured I’d fit right in with this thread. Roll on Shakira!

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    Emu eggs are gorgeous, though

    Delicious, too, like baby Emus and bunnies, but unlike kittens (also not enough meat on them).

    Also, too, “turn the other cheek” – that phrase always makes me think of Shakira, for some reason. But then, what doesn’t. Hey! It’s Friday again!

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    I figured them for tea partiers.

    You figure? Could just as well be Paulians, although I will concede there’s a lot of overlap.

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    “..who knew it was the gubmint the whole damn time!”

    Well, clearly Alex Jones, for one. Unless it hits the Deserving Liberal Scum, in which case, it was God. It’s simple, really.

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    Holy Underwear, Batman! I dropped in to look for some condescending superiority voice and to ingratiate myself with Partisan Shill TB and his Sheeple Skwad (didn’t I see you open for MC Hammer back in the day?) and I stumbled into a Middle School slapfight. I feel so confused! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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    Also, too:

    The worst — the WORST — thing about Tebow is that he purports to be a humble servant of the Lord but is in fact the most narcissistic, self-aggrandizing self-promoter since Deion Sanders

    Well, yeah, but he’s always made it clear that he’s a Good Christian, so what’s your beef?

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    Get ahold of yourself, man! That’s crazy talk!

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    Oh, you’re serious? There’s a line here? Golly gee-whillikers, let me be the first to apologize, then. The thing is, you know, I hate to beat around the bush. I’d rather just take the shot and spit it out. What I mean to say is, I always figured if you’re going to be offensive, do it lovingly. And let me tell you, there’s a bunch of folks in this world that could sure use some loving, from what I can see.
    Unless you’re talking about my use of the word which denotes excreted and less-than-fully digested food materials. If so, then I apologize unreservedly, and plead that my youth in the less polite regions outside the big city may have corrupted an otherwise squeaky-clean manner of speaking.

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    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with Christine that a very patient, very thorough and very patient lover couldn’t cure. She’s not any more nuts than a lot of people I know; it’s just that she seems to be a little tightly-wrapped. About a year of enthusiastic physical expression of pure relief might help her get through some of those emotional problems and able to think a little more coherently. Not that I’d be volunteering. I’m getting too old for this shit.

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    Hey, a Fugs shout-out! I have their debut album, which I’ve prized for years and years and years and years. I even replaced it with the reissue on CD (even more songs!) once the tracks got too buggered to play well. A bit uneven in quality, but to the discerning ear, largely pretty god-awful. I particularly love the Swinburne Stomp and My Baby Done Left Me, which I still regard as the finest example of Village Jewish Country and Western ever made. They’re too good to be mentioned in the same breath as those Komen crooks, but then again, what isn’t.

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