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  • Thanks for the article link. I have to wonder how my brother who was a machinist and union member would have voted. He worked in a large steel mill that went to the union to ask for concessions over the hard times. I think the Germans were dumping steel into the US a the time. Long ago and I was starting college and not particularly aware of the big picture. The union did and as a result, my brother who had worked there 15 years had his time cut to protect the hours of workers with more seniority who got their 40 hours protected. He barely managed to get 3 days a week, and he had 3 kids to support. I can only image that the union destroyed the loyalty of younger workers.

    From the article, I have to wonder what exactly the UAW was selling to workers to get their vote?? A two tiered wage system? Preferential hours for those with seniority (but a the expense of younger workers?)?? better medical benefits?

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    We need some good ole fashion Old Testment ass whopping here…I remember sitting in an OT class, taught by some great people, remember the prof explain how an eye for eye was a revolution in the idea of justice…oh yes it was, and it was not about revenge…the countries and cultures around the Hebrews had [...]

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    Even if Assad forces launched the nerve gas, why is the appropriate and best response to bomb them? From what I have read amid all the confusion is that no less than 50 targets have been targeted and some sources said expect several days of cruise missile launches. The bloody, murderous irony is that the [...]

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    Democrats now vindicate Bush. As I go around reading the moral justification for an attack on Syria from some liberals and pro-Democratic party sites, I read the same arguments as the Bush administration put forward over a decade ago. You know, right wingers like to work the cliche that liberals are wimps–nope, some are outright [...]

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    Good points. I would add a note about OWS. First, let us note that the part of OWS that was in the streets was violently put down. We now know that the violent assault was deliberate and coordinated by the FBI, with the cooperation of Democratic mayors and private security forces.

    The major success of OWS was that it gave a language to class and class warfare that gained traction among people. The article and other posters are correct–it has become impossible to use words like “proletariat”, “petite bourgeoisie” etc in America. The cultural hegemony of the capitalists is nearly absolute in defining the ways people can describe or talk about class and class conflict within any social media.

    When Rommey gave his now infamous comments about the 46%, people understood in a way they would not have say 10-15 years ago. The simply phrasing of the 1% versus the 99% gave an image and sense to class warfare (and the growing use of the term bankster). It was a major event in Obama’s election as his campaign played off populist imagery even though Obama said such things that he and Rommey agreed on Social Security reform during the debates. Obama was able to have his cake and eat it too–destroy OWS as an alternative to a corporate dominated Democratic party while using their imagery to political advantage.

    We obviously need a language that can speak to and about class and class warfare that is uniquely American which can work against the mass media, the business press, pop culture ideas of individualism, high school and college and economic textbooks, and on and on. OWS got us on the road to that.

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    In other words, this bill was so rotten that eight Republicans couldn’t stomach it.

    Is this true? I went to the link: There is a link on the page to the vote. I checked all the nays and all of them were Dems–not one republican. Not voting was Fudge. This gives me pause at least [...]

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    Maybe a new dynamic. Looks like 60-70 rabid gop wingers will never vote for anything Obama proposes. If Obama proposed privatizing SS they would vote against him. Obama now needs Dem House and Senate members to pass his budget–he cannot pass his essentially moderate-to-right-wing budget by solely relying on gop. He must gain enough support from the Dem representatives. My impression is that this time out, many Dems ma not be lockstep (except for Pelosi). Three of four Oregon dems voted against the current budget.

    I suppose the great irony here is that blind Obama hatred by teabagger reps has caused them to validate the old saw: Cut one’s nose off to spite one’s face. It was this group of crazies who kept Obama from knee-capping SS.

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    Purposeless pragmatist. Our first existentialist president. Seems to fit.

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    I expect O is making a show of defending middle income earners before lowering the boom on SS, Medicare and Medicaid.

    That was the implication for me.

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    Okay moderate republican speech.

    Given the speech, only two ways to fiscal health is to slash spending and pleaase ask “the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more in taxes”. Like asking them to choose the mid-priced. Such hard hitting decisive rhetoric.

    No indication of a Keynsian stimulus package. The role of gummit will be to simply collect taxes and cut expeditures.

    As Krugman noted, and which he may have forgotten, but he hit Obama for basically taking on the rhetoric of basically right wing economics during the last round of budge–it is all about deficitm deficit, deficit cutting–and being the moderate right of center president, please rich people, pay a little bit more.

  • Obama is the best republican running. The election is between a Rockefeller republican vs. a hard right Bush Jr./Reagan republican.

    Right wingers and solid Democrats share a common illusion about Obama–that he is a liberal.

    About Nader. McDonnell is full of self serving Dem party bullshit. In 2000 the Gore loss was spoken in terms of voter suppression, a corrupt Supreme Court, ballot construction, yuppie riots stopping the counting of votes, etc.

    In 2012 the loss is all about Nader for Dem party apologists like O’Donnell. For the last 12 years Dem party elites marginalized Nader for the simple fact that he represented an alternative to an increasing right moving party and subserviance to monied interests. Nader was a leftist insurgency movement and he had to be stopped by Dems. Fast forward to last year, and the worst police violence against OWS was in cities controlled by Dems. OWS in many ways was a leftist insurgency. And it too had to be marginalized and beaten down.

    During these last 12 years, Dem party leaders and activists did nothing about fixing the election systems. They had their narrative about the loss, and it wasn’t about voter suppression, which is why dem leadership was blind sided by gop creating legalized forms of Jim Crow.

    You want change, then vote for change.

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    As I understand the eye for eye passage in the OT, the Hebreaic tribes at the time did something utterly unique. They removed all class distinctions as Alan has shown existed in the model–Code of Hammurabi. The Hebrew tribes made law classless, with any and all penalties equally applied and proportinate. At the time, the [...]

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    Good question. I thought after 2000 Dem leadership and the activists in the base would be focused on ballot and election reform–but nada as far as I can tell. I think some clue might be found in how the 2000 election loss narrative changed. In 2000 it was all about voter suppression, ballot counting, Sec. [...]

  • The problem is that as the security state increases, everybody is soon considered guilty of something. There is no such trait as “innocent” at a certain point. Simply declaring one’s innocence is by itself proof of guilt.

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    Thank you for the response. Clarifies alot.

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    The problem I have in understanding the stand your ground laws is this idea I got somewhere that justification for lethal self defense depends on means and opportunity. For example, a guy with a sword down the block is yelling at you. You cannot shoot him as he does have the means to harm you [...]

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    I think you are basically correct, but I would add this. If Obama wins, he will move even further rightward–what’s to stop him? The irony is that what prevented Obama’s blantant rightward shift is the utterly insane hatred the gop has toward him. They opposed even his right wing policies because of their knee jerk [...]

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    Thank you. For me, the Obama adminstration’s fundamental, raw unfiltered beliefs about education were about two events close upon each other. In Feb. of 2011 Obama defended the bonuses of Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, whose companies had to bailed out to somthing over $50+ billion dollars. Less than a month later Obama applauded the [...]

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    A few random points. The people you describe would be called petite bourgeoisie. This class has taken on the belief systems of the rulers and have historically been politically conservative to reactionary. But sometimes they can be aligned against monopolistic practices. Saw this in the early teabagger movement, which at first seemed to be against [...]

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    The head of Code Pink called him a “slackivist”

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