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    A crime would mean you were charged with something. It is more like if cops are inconvenienced they can just kill you and say they were ” scared” for their lives. Used to be cops had to prove the homicide was justified, now they have to only prove they were scared. There Is virtually no way to prove a persons emotions. Just like with stand your ground, cops as we’ll as people should have a duty first to try to diffuse a situation. Without that duty people everywhere will continue to be killed.

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    Oh now I know why Bernie Kerik is on CNN ….. To bring up ISIS!!! I am not kidding you at all!!! He just brought up ISIS. We should all submit to this crap because of freaking ISIS! We have to shut this stuff down!

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    Why are convicted criminals like Bernard Kerik on CNN right now talking about Ferguson? Disgusting. There are thousands of non criminal police officers who could be hired for these gigs.

  • Why bother reading the propaganda. Maybe if newspapers became less corporate we would care more.

    After our beloved Times Picayune was sold and stripped of almost everyone of substance that worked there. (think hundreds of people) and went down to 3 days a week, a local business man bought the Baton Rouge Advocate and is now printing a New Orleans edition seven days a week.

    So some people do care, and some people do read but surely if they become more local and less corporate it would do us all good.

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    Yes somewhat deranged, but what is this law accomplishing except making insurance required and simultaneously unaffordable? I am really into alternative medicine now that is not covered by this required insurance. I would like a high deductible plan in case of a dire illness. ( my mom had a $5,000 deductible plan that paid 100% after that deductible and it served her well when she was diagnosed with cancer.) I understand these plans are not available. Now I have to pay an outrageous premium for care I don’t want. I don’t want traditional medicine because it kills people.

  • Captive audience with penalties for not buying…what could go wrong? Waiving the only provisions that kept insurance companies from charging and arm and a leg….what could go wrong?

    Basically the one thing that this thing was supposed to do is bring costs down. Costs are sky rocketing as far as the eye can see. There are no constraints whatsoever.

    I wanted so badly for this to be a thing that actually helped someone. It so is not the case, and more and more I am finding myself actually scared to go to the doctor because they are going to subscribe a deadly medicine to me. After a bad reaction to a flouroquinine antibiotic, I don’t even want to use the doctors that are on my health plan. I went to the emergency room for my reaction and left with a note that said I had a sinus infection, the thing I was taking the antibiotic for and they told me to keep taking the bad antibiotic. With doctors like that you might as well just put yourself out of your own misery.

    My sister-in-law recently had a bad reaction to MMR vaccine, first and second dose. I mean body pain so bad she had to take 600 mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours for weeks. Same problem. Went to doctor, oh you have an ear infection. They would not even acknowledge that she was having a reaction to MMR. She had every symptom but a rash. We did homeopathic and alternative things to get her over it. No thanks to the “real” doctors that get reimbursed by Obamacare.

    I am really done. Now I am wishing for no Obama care as I am not using doctors. I am wishing for a high deductible plan for emergencies only but guess what? Those are not available any more. This law is a sham and give away to Corporations and Insurance Companies.

  • Yes so if none of the Bill of Rights remains, what have we left? A facist state that serves the corporate interests exclusively. How is this to be overcome?

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    They are trying to keep people from using cash so they can know everything that you do. This is totally creepy. As creepy than NSA knowing everything you are thinking.

  • Where are the charges for this man? Where is the demand for his resignation?

  • So you don’t think people could control everything with this? You can get people to do almost anything by accusing them or their loved ones of a crime. You could persecute people based on their beliefs or those of their friends. The IRS is now doing audits based on scanning your email and social media. They are actively looking for suspicious things when they have no suspicion. This is unconstitutional behavior. General warrants are against the constitution.

  • Will anyone? There has been a rash of people dying from cancer in their 60′s like my Mom. If they are giving us all cancer with the contamination of mandatory vaccines. (not a conspiracy theory, see this old article on SV40 also see the book “The virus and the Vaccine” by Debbie Bookchin, Jim Schumacher giving a very detailed account of how these could have been contaminated up until the 1990′s.

    So if we all get cancer (or insert another easily curable disease here) and die before the retirement age, they get to keep all the money they are presently trying to steal. Yes I said steal because I think that is what they are doing by claiming the fund is empty and or bankrupt.

    The SV40 is only one potential contaminant. I don’t know how they are manufacturing these now, but please recall that the US govt has given vaccine manufacturers total immunity from lawsuits for any harm that may come.

    Highly curable diseases include diabetes type two, obesity and related diseases. Please read Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! This really works. Cured my allergies…get drinking folks.

  • Yeah he is going to get rich. What does he care?

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    The parties are virtually the same. What has Obama done? Strengthened US Imperialism and gutted Civil Liberties. He lied his way into office, and now blogs that used to be non-partisan are covering up for him along with the corporate media owned by the military industrial complex.

    I am sick to death of all this BS.

  • This is fraud plain and simple. The individuals that participated in this should be jailed just like Bernie Madoff and other such perpetrators of fraud. Bernie Madoff’s firm did not get fined, he got jailed.

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    This is what he wanted all along. All he had to do was let the freaking taxes expire. So it is obvious to all that he had no intention of cutting anything but what is important to average Americans.

    On the other hand there will be no cutting of big defense, big oil, big insurance or big banking. The only thing on the table is Medicare and social security.

    That is what Obama and the Republicans want.

  • We have to break the two party oligopoly. Third party is necessary to even contemplate an honest discussion in this country.

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    Can we stop falling into their framing?

    Can we just call it congress and Obama take social security and medicaire hostage in order to pay for more department of defense and war? This fight is not about an f-ing cliff. This fight is about the fact that both parties agreed that if they could not agree they would cut a bunch of stuff automatically. Now they don’t want what they all agreed on to happen. Neither party is talking about the fact that we could just cut defense. Period.

    We spend twice what all other countries spend and we Can easily cut “guns” to pay for ” butter”. We can but since no party is even acknowledging this we are sitting here talking about an imaginary cliff.

    This pisses me off. Dems -and GOP are exactly the same. I am sick of it. Sick to death.

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    Been boycotting for going on six or seven years already after their stupid staff at the Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans store had me wait in line for 3 hours, not notifying me that the credit card machine was down and I could only buy what I had cash for. Have not stepped foot in any Wal-Mart [...]

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    After Katrina they told us any electrical wires that got wet needed to be replaced. This takes time.

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