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    It seems the only alternative left is militant street action….

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    Gievn the trouble they are having finding a sane candidate, some one should suggest to the Reubplican Party that they should sit out this one!

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    To OWS I was glad to read the write-up in the Washington Post by Kalle Lasn and Micah White “Why Occupy Wall Street Will Keep Up the Fight” published on November 21, 2011 and later posted on Common Dreams ( OWS has spoken! First of all, I am not one of those people, who like some in the left [...]

  • I hope the leaders of OWS nationwide run for House & Senate as progressive independents in the next election. They have shown that they are peaceful, good organizers and visionaries, they know what changes this country needs, and their views are supported by the sane majority in the country. They will make effective legislators, much better than many of the morons (or ‘morans’ according to Tea Baggers) who are reactionary obstructionists at best, lazy & corrupt otherwise, now supposedly “serving” the people!

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    Is Feingold the last progressive left in Minnesota? Progressives in this country have really fallen on such a hard time?

  • AARP has been taken over by the right-wingers! Need to start a petition boycotting AARP!

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    Although I am against giving any tax breaks to the parasites on Wall Street (they are parasites because they make money on the backs of productive workers without producing any needed goods and services themselves), I would support one to those who invest in the US and hire US workers NOW! They should be required to provide benefits to the workers, especially, health insurance benefits, until there is a single-payer health insurance that covers every one. If the corporations do not want to deal with health insurance for workers, they should support a national health insurance policy.

  • Will he finally admit that class divisions are objective facts of capitalist societies, that these divisions cannot be reconciled under capitalism, and that is why the working people need their independent political formations, fight for ending capitalism and gain power for people who make society possible and civilization possible with their labor? Or is he just complaining that Obama and the right wing, spineless cowards Democrats are not delivering on the promises, and as soon as they throw a few bones to the AFL-CIO, the labor movement will be back in the fold with its tail behind its legs?

  • I will believe it when I see it!

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    What do you expect from a war criminal? Yes, he is one: bombing innocent Vietnamese who did nothing to the Americans; Vietnam never came to attack US, US who invaded Vietnam. He is lucky that they did not execute his sorry ass. Now he has morphed into an imbecile fascist thug!

  • This is the time for progressives to go to work: identify progressive/socialist candidates for every electable position in the country where possible and work to get them elected. We need to start a “Bernie Sanders Project”: if Vermont can do it, it should be possible to do the same in at least few other places? Country is ready for sane (i.e., not ultra-left, pie-in-the sky type) socialists.

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    What is most disappointing is that a country & people that boasts of being based on law refuse to submit to an international war crimes court for prosecution those who are clearly responsible for 40,000 dead and over 30,000 injured Americans, over 100,000 dead and innumerable injured Iraqis in an illegal war. It is even more discouraging that Americans vote for Bush the Lesser and enabled him and his neo-fascist thug cronies to commit these atrocities. There is a reason why the rest of the world considers Americans to be a nation of hypocrites: it has a long history of directly committing heinous crimes against other nations or supporting dictators who do America’s dirt jobs against their own people in exchange for the might dollar.

  • Yet electorates in her Congressional District keep electing this lunatic beast! I am more worried about the virus that has afflicted those people; and I am afraid that it has spread in other places already, and is spreading more yet. And not to push the analogy, like viruses, we just wait for it to do all the damages it can do, hoping that we will not die from it?

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    David is a bloody fraud and a fake-intellectual, a façade he uses to pimp for the violent hate-full, racist extreme right, like he did on NPR right before Tea Baggers demo in DC last year. He has become shriller openly defending his palls on Wall Street. Allowing him space on the NYT and Public Radio is a travesty. Only in America can he do this: in any other place he could not sell his inane at best and blatantly reactionary opinions most often opinions even if paid for it.

  • To Broadstreetbuddy -

    Because while the Republican Party (Tea Baggers Party) has become a party of hate mongering, violent racist party of neo-fascist thugs, the Democratic Party has become a party of spineless cowards. The question is how it is that election of Barcak Obama has enabled the scum of American Politics to come up to the surface and enabled acceptance of promotion of violence and racism in public deiscourse! In the last forty+ years I have been in the country, I can not recall anytime when this was acceptable!

  • Why would aethists want to go to war, when in most cases, wars are religious wars anyway? I sure do not!

  • What makes my blood boil is that these inbred racist filths are allowed to go out on the streets. For the life of me, I cannot fathom what purpose they serve in human society.

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    Yeah, simple strategy: Republicans tell him to bend over, and he does; simple!

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    Two things to do: (1) Find a progressive/socialist alternative to run against Obama in the Primary; (2) Bring a million people to march on DC demanding that he is not to touch social security. Real, substantial political threat is the only language spineless incompetent and dyed-in-the-wool opportunists like Obama would understand.

  • And the same Justice Department refuses to prosecute Bush-era war criminals walking free and continuing to promote violence and war mongering! As if we elected a bunch of Republicans again! I do not know whether Obama and most of the Democrats are a bunch of spineless cowards or incompetents; probably worst – both!

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