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  • I had lost both my parents by the age of 17. I was fortunate to qualify for Social Security and Veterans’ benefits (my dad was a disabled WWII vet) to attend college. I would not have been able to go were it not for those two programs. For Paul Ryan to consider cuts to the very programs from which he benefited is political cannibalism. Does he also eat his young? How do a$$holes like this get elected?

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    I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last two election seasons without Olbermann’s wit, cynicism, dignity, and honesty. Others try to have balls. Keith has them. Let’s hope someone else in the cable news world thinks so, too.

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    I have counted on Keith Olbermann to help me retain my political sanity for the past couple of years. I hope he pops back up somewhere soon, or I may just lose my mind! Violence will not be the answer. Comcast only responds to money. I shall pick and choose my programming much more carefully [...]

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    This is the first nail in the coffin for new owners Comcast. If they cannot handle the truth in the news and commentary business, they should have stayed the fuck out of it. I will be looking elsewhere for my news now.

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