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  • What can I say? I’m already half-gafiated or more, having dropped 90% of the web stuff I used to do, just so I could do work and school and family and like that there. I can say this:

    It’s been great. You were superb. I was missing you already. Reward yourself, man.

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    Back in… aw, shit …the 70s, we were seeing a version of this unfolding in Fort Collins, with those vehemently against bike paths even claiming in letters to the paper (a quaint precursor to blogging) that the streets were built for cars, not bikes.

    I wrote the paper myself, pointing to a well-known panorama photo of the center of town taken around 1907 that shows dozens of bikes, and not a single gas burning vehicle. (One of my favorite aspects of the photo is the sight of one dog walking over to visit another dog in the middle of the busiest street in town.)

    Hm. No cars. Bikes. Puppy dogs. And 1907 was in the golden age of human (USA) civilization, too, according to a respected relative who once told me that the American Way of Life ended around 1918. These are all things that conservatives should, therefore, embrace.

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    Well, it’s good that the Palin picture’s not front and center now. I look at it and keep imagining her mother’s voice, warning her that if she keeps making that face, it’ll freeze that way.

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    Tip: If the crayons aren’t included with the book, take it to Friendly’s and use the crayons they provide with the kids’ menu.

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    This article keeps reminding me of Heino. Heino and Nina did a cover of “Hi-Lili Hi-Lo” where he sings “Hi-Nina, Hi-Nina” and she sings “Hei-no!” The man with the deep voices and sunglasses is back in the news with a new album of covers from bands that all want to repudiate him for quoting Hitler in a press conference. And his wife’s name is Hannelore, too.

    In other news, I love the link to the Lynyrd Pykwff article. He’ll set us straight! If you can’t be objective, the next best thing is to be Objectivist (or whatever his room in the splintering Temple of Rand is called). (Splitter!)

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    While I am impressed with their embrace of technology in cleverly using a green screen to put an orange background behind her, I can’t help feeling that they could improve the product by having a script, or even just thinking about what they were going to do for a few moments before turning on the camera and going for their one take.

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    “Just a shot for me.”

    That’s the joke, folks.

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    Pardon this irrelevant outburst, but I just today stumbled upon Julie Brown as Victoria Jackson and it seemed like somebody should be forming a world religion around this or something.

    (I read that whole article about Maggie, by the way. I felt kind of sorry for her. I might even know somebody who knew her — at least she was in the Party of the Right around that time. But damn if I’ll let that make me feel like letting her take a basic right away from anybody who doesn’t meet the vague, yet strangely precise, vision of cookie-cutter conformity that she thinks is essential to an orderly life.)

  • In the story I read, Hobby Lobby isn’t protesting contraceptives, but ‘morning after’ pills, because they believe they induce miscarriage or something like that. From where I stand, it’s not such a huge difference, but that’s what they say, anyway. (I don’t discount the possibility that if they had gotten a win with that distinction, they’d have tried to use it as the camel’s nose in the tent, to use a favorite metaphor on the Right.)

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    You’ll pay for a whole flagpole, but you’ll only use the bottom half!

  • One has to admire poor Mitt. No sandwich! Oh, the peanut butter! And honey, I miss you— and I’m bein’ goo-oo-ood…

    Old Chinese story: the laziest man in the world had a wife who took care of his every need. She had to go on a journey for family reasons, so she left him lying under a tree with a necklace of biscuits. There they were, all he had to do was lie there and eat. When she came home, he was still under the tree, but he had starved to death. And only the biscuits in front had been eaten.

  • John McCain slept like a baby last night.

    Crapped the bed.

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    Jonah’s bio could be called Art of Fugue State.

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    As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could vote!

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    They are The Voting Dead.

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    That nice lady believes in God. I hope she believes enough for both of us, because after that, I sure don’t.

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    With all the idiot shit she’s spouted, I have to say Palin never said she could see Russia from her house, just that it’s visible from some places in Alaska. Considering she thought that gave her foreign policy cred, that was plenty stupid.

    But if you want something stupider, just check any five-minute interval of the record, and you can probably find her saying it, and if you look a little longer, you’ll find Republicans hotly defending it.

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    I was taking a walk and it occurred to me that instead of yard signs, Romney supporters ought to put up wind socks.

    “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve the direction the wind is blowing at this moment.”

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    And Democrats get in trouble when they privately say the kind of things Republicans say publicly.

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