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  • Angie, Alterman needs to read the book. He hasn’t done that yet. That’s obvious from his reviews. The only other explanation is that he can’t read. Or he’s a liar. Otherwise he wouldn’t have completely distorted some pretty memorable passages in Goliath, ex. Cafe owner.

  • That is important. I can’t forget the “matress” part.
    Cosmopolitan not. Militarism is very much “macho” always and bad for women.

  • Looks like troops started limited incursion now in BeitLahia, right now as we speak. Um, also there seems to be an Egypt-Israel collab on destroying tunnels.

  • Our so-called hideous less than lethal which are not less than lethal are tested too (“for law enforcement”). Tons of stuff on that. At Wikileaks. They used it on Iraqi prisoners, and probably Afghan prisoners and Gitmo prisoners (recently acc. to lawyers). They “tested” stuff in Vietnam, and took notes on what buddies were doing in Israel. It’s a very disgusting incestuous business probably

  • Regardless, many seem to think the drones are ours (the ones overhead right now in Gaza) and its quite possible they are, since we have quite the industry Heck, Obama and congress can’t be bothered to show up to a congressional hearing with Pakistani drone victims (incl. little girl) testifyiing that they don’t know why granny was killed, since he had an appointment that day according to with the makers of those instruments.

  • Yes, like the drones ✈ ✈✈ ✈ ✈✈ ✈ ✈✈ seen in Gaza overhead are probably ours gifted to Israel. Or the “less-lethal” weapons are probably another instance.

  • Yes. But there is so much awful, doesn’t the mind crack or find a way to take it?
    right now in Gaza, there are drones (probably ours given to Israel, via Obama ) overhead, no electricity and they’re blocking off tunnels (for food? healthcare?)
    perhaps, plus gunfire, flares heard.

  • Subject matter was pretty grim, e.g. Bedouins kicked off their land. If there was a bright spot, I thought it was some of the resistance. I liked the way you included women –both Palestinian and Israeli — and anti-militarism movements. It’s been a week or so since I read the book, but I can remember the cafe owner who didn’t serve anyone in uniforms, but paid dearly for that little bit of free speech.

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    Actually, this Gitmo scene reminds me of an FOIA detainee death report in Iraq, probably Camp Bucca, in which both elbows were broken at a weird angle. Thanks to Tom Clancy and his developer flying monkeys for providing the visuals on that one. War crimes creeps.

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    The synopsis for this game is on youtube, amazon and in reviews . I don’t get an “antiwar” vibe. I do think the reviews and the Gitmo clip are disgraceful. It doesn’t seem to matter that 99.9 percent of Gitmo prisoners are innocent, cleared, never charged and have been starving for justice. Still they have [...]

  • Yes Dr. Miles is essential read, if outdated.
    And yes, autopsies can probably be revealing to certain extent, e.g .three other Gitmo “suicides” bound hands and feet and gagged along with other gruesome stuff. I read part of article like linked. I sometimes don’t have the heart for it, no insult to your work which is valuable. The “suicides” give me the willies, espeically the ones that sound like a lynching for some reason.
    Adnan’s is heartbreaking. His cause was gaining. I felt sure of that. Not an overnight thing, but interest was there including Amnesty.
    I’ve read about too many broken ribs and punches to the kidneys and head in our gulags.I guess I’m worried they’ll say pneumonia was od-related when in fact he took quite a beating over the years.

  • Pneumonia is lethal enough to be cause of death, as everyone knows. The problem is if they’re lying about that too to cover up abuse, or minimizing his messed up health situation in order to cover the infamous Bogdan, Or if they’re suggesting something else in a whitewashy way.
    Funny that in report I remember they express concern with his behavior exacerbating his head trauma, but they don’t address the infamous cell extractions that so many prisoners have spoken about. They would not talk about that, of course.

  • They originally implied Adnan Latif had hidden meds in his Koran and used that to justify searches that led to the hunger strike.
    Bogdan’s is a brutal regime. Any whitewash is going to be full of inconsistencies. Like how are long acting antipsychotics (only 24) supposed to be the primary cause of Latif’s death when he had pneumonia, a hunger strike history and was on enough meds to fell an elephant? Not to mention guards probably beat him.

  • They claim back pain, but that could mean the guards beat the crap of him. . Keep in mind, report is a whitewash and that’s the kind of thing this report would leave out. Another prisoner said something about this time, which may be why Latif’s lawyer has brought up that report doesn’t interview other prisoners.
    Yes, it may have been a lethal cocktail they gave him–anti-psychotics(sometimes by shot), opiates, anti-depressants, ativ*n(sometimes by shot). They don’t say quantity in blood. The shot of valium plus antipsychotic could be normal in a psych hospital except that combination can sometimes kill under certain circumstances (heart problems, for instance). And keep in mind they are masking abuse that’s been going on for 11 years, plus Adnan had the head trauma. So really for Gitmo doctors to act like Adnan Latif was a willful bipolar is a mickey mouse assessment. I feel pretty sure you can’t make diagnosis, ideally, w/o ruling out abuse and neurological issues as well as physical.

  • Obama doesn’t “torture.” He just has Gitmo command pumping innocent men full of drugs to mask torture and abuse. And then guards throw them in solitary so they die of accumulated effects of abuse, torture and drugs.

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    That’s why I say the Guardian piece is trash. One former peer who gives his name tells one story. And then you have the Guardian piece which looks and reads like trash and focuses on personality to the exclusion of the work Manning and his peers in intel did. And according to this peer, it caused suicide.

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    Thanks harpie, that’s a valuable link.Seems its pretty important to Manning’s case to recognize bad publicity from the Guardian, NYT and Frontine from military sources, if they want to show hostile command environment, non? i hope I’m no rambling too much ;)
    Thanks for that link again. That’s a good one.

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    No I was answering you. Just because you have a one-track mind doesn’t mean I’m wild and all over the road. You’re completley drawing lines in the sand like a kid who’s bent on defending his turf. It’s tyrannical. Stop with the “ramblings”, “pet fiction”, the derogatory statements about everything I’ve linked and said that are completely relevant in defense of your hurling “pet fiction.” And the “wild and all over the road.” It’s the kind of language that suggests “crazy woman.” really disdainful.

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    Thank you harpie, you say barrage *against Manning*? Because that’s what it looks like to me. But then again, I’m just “rambling” and throwing around “pet fictions” although I do like to question. And the Guardian had anonymous and military sources. Again its mypoic to sit around and second-guess the defense team when we don’t have much knowledge of military tribunal law and whether these “leaked military” sources are valid. It’s a mickey mouse defense to claim these are fact when in truth they could be fiction and fall apart in five seconds. But that’s just my honest opinion.
    No Manning and is fellow intel analysts apparently witnesses some pretty serious war crimes and took part in them. Apparently that was what drove them crazy, some to suicide. Here’s some more “ramblings” and “pet fictions” on that from a fellow intel analyst:
    “Well, I have a couple connections to Bradley.. . .
    They have [Manning’s] chat logs . . .

    I was involved in torture in Iraq. Part of an intel analyst’s job is “targeting.” . . .

    The thing that gets me about that is I don’t think anybody who’s aware of what’s going on can do that work for very long without having a major problem come up. Most of the guys I went through intel school with, who went to Iraq with me, are either dead, killed themselves, are in a long-term care institution or completely disabled. I’m actually 50 percent disabled via PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), mostly because of the stuff that happened.”

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