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    I think st is the abbreviation for stone. From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

    3 plural usually stone : any of various units of weight; especially : an official British unit equal to 14 pounds (6.3 kilograms)

    So about 28 pounds.

  • Thanks so much for this post.

    Damn good thing nothing important is going on in Hungary these days. At least, nothing that would require an ambassador to be a skilled, experienced diplomat with deep knowledge of the scene on the ground. Total backwater that country is. Nothing to see there…

    Oh, wait.

    Hungary’s Constitutional Revolution

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    Walker says he won’t concede on the collective bargaining issue, but he may on others.

    I’d so love to hear a response from the Democrats something along the lines of:

    In the Soviet Union people had no right to form unions and engage in collective bargaining. In Nazi Germany people had no right to form unions and engage in collective bargaining. This is with whom Governor Walker is keeping company on this issue.

    But despite the fevered delusions of Tea Party extremists like Governor Walker, we are not living in the Soviet Union. We are not living in Nazi Germany. We are living in the United States of America, and the right of people freely to form unions and bargain collectively to protect their interests is not negotiable.