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  • Conservatives simply start by being against Democrats. And then vote “right” in every single election.

    Oddly, progressives seem to start by being against Democrats. And then elect Republicans by not voting at all or voting for someone who will never win just to punish Democrats. And then bitch that Democrats don’t stop the Republicans.

  • So, you elect Republicans by not voting??? They call everything Obama has done or wants to do radical leftist, they call the Democrats radical leftists, and the voters seem to agree with the Republicans that the Democrats are too radical leftist for America by replacing them with Republicans from the Tea Party. With enemies like [...]

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    The US, with 5% of the global population, consumed historically 25% of global oil production. The US share of consumption of oil is down, but if the US stopped consuming oil, but continued exporting its oil production of oil that falls below $20 in cost, that would cap oil prices forever at $20, but the US corporations would be spending all their marketing dollars selling and exporting electric cars, electric heat pumps, utility scale batteries, etc. I doubt the US would be able to beat Europe, Japan, and China on electric trains.

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    The Pentagon under directions from Obama is PAYING people to find ways to stop requiring oil for its operations, like replacing generators with solar panels, or producing tents with R-30 insulation to cut the oil required to heat and cool them.

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    Time to start working to defeat every single Republican that will not publicly smoke pot in Colorado. Or at least eat a magic brownie in public.

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    Well, progressives could counter with a total 100% boycott of all oil for a decade to bankrupt the House of Saud. If 100 million American progressive vow to give up oil 100% then not only would the Saudi legacy be given the glory it deserves, but so would about a hundred other dictators.

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    Anti-Americanism and anti-Europeanism are fueled by the pillage and plunder required for you to fill up your gas tank for $2 per gallon.

    Feinstein is simply reflecting the political reality that a policy to fight anti-Americanism would require the cost to fill your gas tank cost at least $10 per gallon, maybe $15-20 because of oil import bans and high carbon taxes.

    Where is the call for a very high carbon tax to create pro-Americanism globally?

    Until you get everyone you know to stop buying gasoline and heating oil, you are fueling your car and heating your house with anti-Americanism.

    And your fellow citizens would rather send their children to die in war than give up cheap gas for their gas guzzler.

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    When you say “EU countries” you mean EU taxpayers and citizens. When you say IMF, you mean the taxpayers of the nations like the US which fund the IMF so it can lend money to governments like Greece which really means the citizens of Greece.

    Are you arguing that we the US taxpayers should give more of our money to Greece with higher taxes, lower Social Security benefits, more debt burden to your children and grandchildren?

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    Germany is still a nation built on production.

    Greece is built on financialization and rent seeking. But too few tourists are paying rent to Greeks to live in the past.

    But I gather your objection is to the German workers who save instead of spending all they earn, and their savings gets loaned to Greece, and you think workers in factories should donate part of their wages to countries like Greece that don’t produce what they consume.

    Germany needs to import petroleum but it produces and exports goods it produces to pay for those imports. Greece does not produce the exports needed to pay for its imported energy.

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    The banks don’t loan bank money to borrowers; they loan your money to borrowers including borrowers like Greece. You are now cheering for Syriza promising to never repay your bank savings lent to Greece.

    If you never save for anything and live hand to mouth as a hunter-gatherer, you lose nothing, but if you ever want a home of your own, you need to save and not consume all you earn, but that requires borrowers repay debts.

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    Austerity is when your friends and relatives stop lending you money because you never repay them and you are now forced to live on what you earn.

    Many people never have anyone willing to lend them anything so they simply do without and never face austerity.

    Greece has been borrowing and spending for half a century, and its lenders are saying “this can’t continue”. Syriza is saying “you must keep giving us your money” but would you give Syriza your savings? If you won’t give Greece your savings, you are forcing Greeks to suffer austerity.

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    Very reasoned response….

    I guess you are going to lend your savings to Greece forever so they can continue to import oil.

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    Well, Putin runs an economy that produces less than it consumes and is thus a net importer. But Russia has land it is pillage and plundering and selling off.

    Greece could sell its land and housing to Germans for vacation homes to pay off debt, but that ends up with Greece being owned by Germans and the Greeks will be homeless or tenants working for Germans.


    You can not consume more than you produce over the long term. Greece has been consuming more than it consumes for about half a century, with significant parts already sold off. Its ports, for example, provide entry to imports to most of Europe for Asia, so Asia has bought Greek shippers, ports, etc. Half a century ago Greece was a major force in shipping by sea and that generated income to Greece, but now that income goes elsewhere. But Greece continued consuming like they were a global shipping powerhouse, like the US keeps consuming like the US is still the global leader in steel making, ship building, building big infrastructure, electronics, etc.

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    It will be interesting to see how well Greece does with drastically reduced imports, especially energy.

    Greece will be required to create a sustainable economy in a matter of months without use of mining to keep the economy going.


    Syriza has promised a free lunch, but that’s not possible given Greece’s dependency on imports, imports Greece has not been able to pay for with exports and tourism.

    Sure, Syriza can repudiate current debt run up to pay for the past imports in excess of exports, but no one is going to lend Greece any more money to pay for imports if that happens, and with no money to pay for imports, no imports.

    And that means far fewer oil products in Greece.

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    Thank god progressives and conservatives joined together to vote out those climate change liar Democrats who tried to pass a crushing cap and tax bill based on lies, stopped only by a hair by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans protecting Americans from leftist redistributionists!

    Too bad McConnell is such a conservative that he isn’t eliminating the anti-democratic filibuster so Congress can easily pass laws killing the EPA, OSHA, and promoting wealth through increased fossil fuel pillage and plunder! The anti-American Democrats in the Senate and White House will use anti-democratic tricks and corrupt rules to thwart the will of We the People and block virtuous projects like Keystone.

    Gotta defeat more Democrats to create more jobs by more burn baby burn of fossil fuels.

  • Well, We the People clearly demand secrecy based on the votes We the People cast electing conservative authoritarians overwhelmingly to control Congress and almost all legislatures.

    We the People got what We voted for in more conservative authoritarianism in taking private property by force and turning it over to for-profit corporations to benefit Canadian corporate interests, and in dictating to women how to live and make personal medical decisions.

    But authoritarianism requires media control as demonstrated by their redacting Obama speech and redacting the NASA and NOAA reports on climate. Clearly We the People want secrecy and thankfully Congress has kept a clamp on the Obama administration speech.

  • By legislating from the bench, SCOTUS has bound the next Republican elected by progressives who only blame Democrats for everything they do not like.

  • PS — This is the same Obama who signed off on extending the so-called Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich in December 2010 — when they were scheduled to expire at midnight on December 31st — and the majority Democrats still controlled both the House and Senate.

    So, you believe that slashing unemployment benefits and other aid to the poor and also hiking taxes on workers was a very desirable thing to do to get rid of the Bush tax cuts and really make sure that the government shutdown and millions of workers ended up with lower income as a result?

    I find your principles of throwing millions of people under the bus just to end the Bush tax cuts to be as disgusting as the politics of Ted Cruz et al.

  • Obama hiked taxes on income including capital gains to pay for Obamacare, which is one big reason Republicans hate Obamacare so much.

    And Obama has called for hiking taxes on high incomes ever since 2007 on an ongoing basis, and even recruited Warren Buffett to back hiking taxes on millionaire.

    But as best as I can tell, progressives joined with conservatives in defeating the Democrats who voted to hike taxes on the wealthy in Obamacare so they would not be able to implement their socialist theft and redistribution.

    Obama has constantly called for higher taxes, but the voters including progressives have clearly demanded free stuff without paying for it with taxes.

    Why am I the only one here calling for a carbon tax on fossil fuel burning that hikes the price of gasoline and heating oil to at least $10 per gallon, a tax so high it will be dodged at all costs and generate no tax revenue, but will instead redistribute wealth in wages building wind and solar capital assets?

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    “We think it’s morally imperative on all people who have power and privilege to resist and to join up in whatever ways are most appropriate in their communities, to fight for a revolution against the social order and fight for a world that emphasizes and prioritizes human need over corporate profit.”

    Does this mean you all [...]

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