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  • mulp commented on the diary post A Good End Date for the New War: Today by David Swanson.

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    David, put your affairs in order and see if you can negotiate an agreement with the Islamic State to refrain from beheadings, crucifixions, burying alive, shooting, burning, stabbing, raping, enslaving, forcing to be a murderer anyone they encounter who holds different beliefs, and to establish a government with liberty and freedom for all, and most [...]

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    PEACE means ending the suicidal idiocy of permanent imperial war. After all, we are seven billion sentient beings, thinking and breathing together, inseparable from each other and the planet that gives us life. One way or another, our Mother Earth lets us know how to undo the damage done by our baser instincts. Our greatest test [...]

  • mulp commented on the diary post How We Win on Climate Change by solartopia.

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    CORPORATE PERSONHOOD must die by Constitutional Amendment.

    So, the First Amendment must be limited so the Environmental Defense Fund, a corporation, Greenpeace, a corporation, the ACLU, a bunch of corporations, AFL-CIO, a bunch of corporations, can not spend corporate money pushing a political agenda. A corporation is simply an institution with a charter to act on [...]

  • mulp commented on the diary post How We Win on Climate Change by solartopia.

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    A lot of free lunchism in the above. TANSTAAFL.

    NET NEUTRALITY defines the core nervous system of what’s left of global democracy. The corporations want it killed. This demands everyone’s immediate attention.

    In the 60s and 70s I followed the telco industry development, the revolution in telco switches from cross bar mechanical to computer driven systems [...]

  • mulp commented on the blog post Occupy Central And Pro-Democracy Protests Shut Down Hong Kong

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    All the protesters are Obama CIA operatives who are trying to force Obama’s leftist imperialist democracy on the legitimate government as Obama seeks to expand his global war to be like FDR.

    Once war is underway, the ability to hold elections will cease and Obama will be able to serve a third and fourth term, beating FDR’s record, then resigning to allow Joe Biden to take over an oversee the new cold war post-war economic growth that restores the middle class.

    Come on, use your imagination to incorporate all the left and right-wing conspiracy theories into a coherent narrative….

  • mulp commented on the blog post Was The Khorasan Group Ever An ‘Imminent Threat?’

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    Another DSWright free lunch post.

    Look, the simple case is to say

    Liberty is so important to me and all progressives we will give our lives to preserve the liberty rights if terrorists to plot and behead us and still not lose their liberty until convicted beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime, and they must be allowed to argue they acted in self defense because we funded the terrorist oil companies pillage and plundering their homeland because we insist on buying gas guzzling cars because they are cheaper and then demanding gasoline from the oil companies.

    Take responsibility for your refusal to sacrifice your own money to buy electric vehicles and electric HVAC and electric power generation so you use zero oil that places demands on oil produced in the all the areas where terrorism and war is centered.

    Stand up for liberty and demand no one stop anyone from planning to kill you and make a video of your beheading.

    The tree of liberty is watered by the blood of innocent victims of those who seek power and wealth or simply love killing because liberty demands even evil run rampant until a conviction in a court of law determines guilt.

  • mulp commented on the blog post Holding Politicians Accountable

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    Of course, he’s done that inspite of voters demanding bigger government funded by higher taxes that swept tax hiking big government Republicans into office in 2010, 2012, and looks to happen again in 2014.

    Obama will certainly veto the bills strengthening the EPA in the next session of Congress doing the will of the voters going out to vote Republican, the protectors of the environment and the human people.

    Obama will certainly veto tax hikes that fund free college education, telling the voters to kiss ass for defying him and voting for Republicans, the champions of free public education for everyone for 16 years.

    And Obama will veto the Republican laws that break up the banks, limiting interest rates fees and such, and mandating loans be secured by real assets and solid incomes, sticking it to the voters with usury lending.

    And most of all, Obama will demand lower wages, the unions to be broken up, vetoing every Republican measure they have been promising to hike the minimum wages to $15 an hour, socialized health care, full employer retirement pensions even for the janitors, and strong unions, because Obama is definitely going to kick in the teeth of the 100 million voters demanding workers be treated fairly and voting Republican because Republicans are so pro-working class, so pro-living wage, so pro-socialism.

  • mulp commented on the diary post Bordier: A Bottom-Up Solution to Cross-Border Conflicts: The Case of the Middle East and ISIL by letsgetitdone.

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    The world outside the Persian Gulf is pouring tens of millions of dollars into the region daily in payment for oil, so the West et al are paying plenty of money to fund development in the region. However, I don’t see how the web is going to prevent the people with guns and bombs in [...]

  • mulp commented on the diary post A Holder of Political Ideology, not Justice by patrick devlin.

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    We the People elected member of Congress who by due process passed laws that specifically in the law make possession or sale of pot a crime punishable by fine and prison. That is law written by our representatives that We the People elected. Why do you want the law to be ignored? So you don’t [...]

  • mulp commented on the diary post A Holder of Political Ideology, not Justice by patrick devlin.

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    “Due process and judicial process are not one in the same.”

    That is a “duh!” isn’t it??? Or do you think the only way taxes can be collected from the Koch brothers is by a prosecution of them for payment of taxes owed under the Federal statutes. But that means a Federal judge needs to order [...]

  • I always replace “government” with “We the People”.

    Anyone who attacks “government” is implicitly demanding a free lunch, demanding they get the benefit of government without paying the price of government.

    If you want everything the government knows revealed, then demand everything the government knows about you be published. Everyone should know about your private dealings so your motives can be understood, so you can be called “criminal” based on the intent the data about your life reveals.

    Alternatively, you can demand that terrorists be allowed to kill you because the liberty of terrorists, mass murderers, rapists is so important to you that you will give you life to defend their liberty. Only after they have raped and killed you and had their acts be proven beyond a reasonable doubt should any mass murdering rapist terrorist lose any liberty.

    If you want liberty, you must demand of everyone running for Congress that they never act to stop crime or war because that violates the liberty of criminals, terrorist, and dictators going to war.

    More important, you must convince all voters that they must demand those the vote for to vow to defend the liberty of criminals, terrorists, and dictators to rape, murder, and pillage and plunder and only act AFTER they have raped, murdered, pillaged and plundered and never do anything to stop rape, murder, pillage and plunder.

  • mulp commented on the blog post So What Do We Do After We Destroy ISIS?

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    Poor Syria and Syrian people

    Well, if only they had not sought democracy and liberty, then Assad would not have had to go kill and destroy them all.

    Damn Obama telling them they should demand a republican government that serve them instead of the dictators. Obama should have supported Assad and green lit chemical weapons just like Reagan did for Saddam against Kurds and Iranians.

  • mulp commented on the blog post So What Do We Do After We Destroy ISIS?

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    The way to stop them is to stop burning oil – as long as you fill up with gasoline and heat with oil or gas, you are fueling terrorism and war.

    And it was Obama advocating democracy that led to the non-violent uprisings in the Mideast that led to the military crackdowns in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Kuwait, which have been responded to in Syria and Libya with rebel forces, and the opening up of space in Syria, Iraq, and Libya for open terrorism.

    It was non-violent protests in Ukraine that led to that war.

    Of course, 240 years ago, protests in America led to the war known as the American Revolution, with the British complaining about the traitors violating the laws of war by engaging in terrorism.

  • mulp commented on the blog post So What Do We Do After We Destroy ISIS?

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    Given “We” is Saudis, Syrians, Iraqis, Arabs, Jordanians, Kurds, Turks, Turkmen, Yazidis, on the ground doing the real work destroying ISIS, one hopes they all figure out how to create a republican government that eliminates the individuals being motivated to rise up against the Europeans and Americans who fund the dictators who oppress them by buying gasoline and heating oil.

    The “they hate us because they hate our freedom” left off the end:
    “they hate us because they hate our freedom to pillage and plunder their oil and pay the dictators to oppress them”

    Unless you have eliminated all your fossil fuel burning by investing in solar power to supply all your electric power that heats and cools your house and charges up your electric car, you are responsible for the war. because the war is ultimately about the pillage and plunder of oil – that’s why bin laden declared war on the US – to get control of the Arab oil to hold Americans and Europeans hostage to their addiction to oil.

  • mulp commented on the diary post Infrastructure Is the Current Revolution by TarheelDem.

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    TarheelDem never calls for major tax hikes to fund public services or investment, so clearly TarheelDem is with the majority of the people opposed to big government and demanding privatization. Or is hoping government will enslave hundreds of millions of people to provide TarheelDem with free stuff so it costs TarheelDem absolutely nothing. TANSTAAFL. A [...]

  • This is one of the most idiot statements I have seen.

    Sawant called for a program to provide jobs for workers in alternative energy, like wind and solar power. She emphasized how the current economic system would continue to fail in providing a solution as its main focus was profits above anything else. She referred to research where 90 corporations contributed two-thirds of the carbon emitted since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

    Presumably these 90 corporations have:

    … mined coal to sell to people to burn and heat their homes – burning the coal is what causes climate change, not mining the coal

    … pumped and refined oil to fill gas tanks in cars to burn – burning the gasoline is what causes climate change, not drilling and pumping oil

    … drilled and delivered natural gas individual to burn to heat homes and business – it is the burning of gas that causes climate change

    …flipped on lights to cause the power utility to crank up coal burning

    If all 300 million Americans stopped buying and burning fossil fuels and sourced their electricity from only renewable power suppliers, then the carbon emissions in the US would drop 60% without any change in manufacturing, steel making, beer making, bakeries, drying grains just harvested from the fields, forging car parts, making plastic containers which cost less in the food delivery life cycle in energy and are just as recyclable as steel.

    The reason for the high carbon emissions in the USA is 300 million Americans want cheap and will not pay workers to build and do “green” preferring to pay less money for fossil fuels and pay 50 cents a gallon of gasoline and heating oil in profits that will never pay a worker, but will help fund terrorists and militaries supporting dictators.

    YOU can choose to not burn fossil fuels. Buy an electric vehicle, pay the extra price for the ability to not burn fossil fuels. Buy your electric power from only renewable power suppliers. Do not burn oil or gas to heat your house but use electricity to run a heat pump.


    The way to make burning fossil fuels the most expensive choice is to have a high carbon tax, one that makes a gallon of gasoline and heating oil cost at least $10 per gallon and make coal electric power cost 15-20 cents per kwh instead of 7-8 cents.

    Yet on that we have

    Lehrer asked Klein a few questions including one on the potential of a carbon tax, which she dismissed as it was impossible in rapidly reducing emissions.

    another idiot response.

    Let’s say we have Klein be in charge of nationalizing all the oil and gas and coal corporations and she shut them down the next month and fired all the workers.

    Then what? Would the gasoline coming out of the pumps to fill your cars be non-polluting?

    Would the cars suddenly become electric by free lunch socialist magic?

  • mulp commented on the diary post A Quick Whirl Around The Fracking World: 25 Sep 2014 by KateCA.

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    So, with all the reasons listed for a high carbon tax to make gasoline cost $10 per gallon and more and for heating oil to be priced at $10 per gallon and more and coal power electric costing 15-20 cents per kilowatt-hour, I see no call for a high carbon tax. An effective carbon tax [...]

  • mulp commented on the blog post A Year of Negative Ratings for Obama

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    Wow, Obama is the one who votes in all the members of Congress??

    Look, progressives attacked Obama and Democrats on every issue in 2009 and 2010 and defeated Democrats instead of electing more Democrat by defeating the Republicans who blocked at every turn.

    So, progressives having successfully defeated Democrats decided to bet everything on a military dictatorship and reelected Obama and defeated more Democrats in the hopes Obama would send the Republicans to gitmo.

    But when Obama failed to waterboard Republicans, progressives have focused their attacks on Obama and Democrats.

    Clearly progressives are afraid of Republicans and dare not try to attack them and defeat them.

  • mulp commented on the blog post Obama’s War In Syria Finding Few Supporters

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    Let’s see, the head of that group you don’t consider threatening was involved with four cruise missiles going into targets in the USA on September 11, 2001….

    Now if you were to say “I have no problem being killed by terrorists because I sin by burning cheap gasoline and heating oil…” then you might make a point.

    I’m for a high carbon tax that would make fossil fuels and especially oil too expensive to burn so the price of the oil would be $1 a barrel and used only for things like lubricating electric motors.

  • mulp commented on the blog post Obama’s War In Syria Finding Few Supporters

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    So even when Americans affirmatively vote against military adventurism they get military adventurism.

    Electing Republican majorities everywhere who are constantly attacking Obama for being too weak and not engaging in enough militarism is “affirmatively vot[ing] against military adventurism”?

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