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    ps, these criticism of Sec Kerry remind me of the criticisms of Jimmy Carter which led to the election of Reagan who extolled the virtues of military force.

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    Sec Kerry needs to adopt Cheney diplomacy: shock and awe bombing, invasion, dark sites to torture, and sacrificing America’s young to get cheap goods for import, especially oil. When authoritarians are clinging to power, peaceful diplomacy will not deliver results quickly and without many seeking liberty paying a heavy price. Nothing stops you from going [...]

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    Well, lots of religious people oppose war but they still must pay taxes to fund WMDs and wars, and the cases to defend not paying 40% of income taxes based on the same law cited by Alito were dismissed in Federal court as not being relevant to taxes. Now one might argue that conservatives consider [...]

  • Let’s see, a protest over the economy in Tunis led to violence as the dictator tried to suppress the protests. The oligarchs intervened and ushered out the dictator and instituted progressive authoritarianism with increased individual expression.

    In Egypt an occupation of the squares over the economy and corrupt authoritarian government that sucked the life out of the economic liberty and opportunity evolved to include freedom of speech and press freedom and civil rights and freedom of religion, leading to violence, a coup by the military, elections, and a new authoritarian rule that denied freedom of religion and speech, and made the economy worse, leading to more violence and another military coup.

    In Kuwait, protests lead to oppression and violence by invading Saudi storm troopers, and repression.

    In Syria, protests over the economy and lack of opportunity triggered government violence leading to protests over press freedom, freedom of speech, and civil liberties in general, with the government responding with rockets and bombs.

    In Russia, protests have led to state approved violence, disappearances, violations of civil rights, censorship, election fraud, overall violence against dissenters.

    In the Ukraine, occupation of the square in protest over the poor economy, the lack opportunity, the corruption of government and the oligarchs led to violence, led to the legislature ousting the president who fled leaving behind evidence of gross corruption, which was then followed by the president’s puppet master instigating a violent revolution in the east, and the military annexation of part of Ukraine, Putin sending in Russian arms and thugs.

    No, clearly non-violent protests over economic issues, civil liberties, free speech, corruption NEVER lead to violence, and never to war because everyone wins when individual rights are seen as absolute win-win for everyone.

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    I note the free lunch outrage. Yet no one willing to admit to being the cause of the problems. Until you demand gasoline and heating oil cost $10 per gallon from a carbon tax that will generate no revenue because everyone has stopped using fossil fuels, you are the reason for the high profits that [...]

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    Hey, this will be great for the Koch brothers efforts to kill wind and solar. They can use it to argue that wind and solar farm NEPAs require also including the entire power grid upgrades be included in the farm’s NEPA. Roof top solar will now need to include all the natural gas energy efficiency [...]

  • Well, you might think things would be better if 80% of the voters were free lunch pillage and plunder Republicans in favor of grabbing the oil for free so all the other stuff they want cheap, and the 20% voted for the tax hike, no war, high prices, lots of personal sacrifice, no free lunch Democrats.

    But you might be too young to remember how Carter refused to go to war over oil and instead told us we needed to sacrifice and work hard to live within our means, and he was beat by an actor promising war and free lunches for everyone, because he was going to control the entire globe with the military power god gave America.

    Hiking the gas tax to just fix the roads has been since 1993 just to great a sacrifice, why it qualifies as theft.

    Other than Obama, who ran in the past three decades on the promise of hiking taxes, and won the White House or a seat in Congress. Or ran on disbanding the US military and getting rid of the nukes. (Obama has tried to cut the number of nukes but has had no support in Congress.)

    The Democratic Party reflects where the majority of voters are. You need to change the minds of the voters if you want the Democratic party to reflect the views of the majority of voters.

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    Capitalism was killed off by voters electing Reagan on the promise of a free lunch society of tax cuts and less government delivering more stuff free. Capitalism was replaced by rent seeking and unbridled pillage and plunder. Bankers and Wall Street ceased being servants and became the masters extracting rent for people using their own [...]

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    You will recall these ideas about marginal product and marginal utility from Econ 101: companies hire until the marginal contribution from the last worker is effectively zero, because that maximizes profits

    If I were to “recall” that on an Econ 101 test, I would get and deserve an F

    Maximum profit occurs in almost all cases when the supply is restricted by stopping hiring long before maximum production, leaving workers idle so the supply shortage drives up prices well above costs and thus creates profits.

    Maximum profit occurs when hiring one more worker results in the need to reduce prices on the goods to sell all the production and the cost of that worker exceeds the marginal increase in total profit (or worse leads to reduced total profit).

    The highest profits occur when scarcity is created and that leaves both workers unemployed and consumers denied goods and services so wages can be reduced and prices increased.

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    MarkH, how does the dream act keep illegal immigrants out?

    I’d say the same as the tax cuts.

    Neither applies to illegal immigrants crossing the border today.

    Back 150 years or so, there was no immigration law at all. Borders were open. That’s a founding principle in the Constitution. You will find no authority in the Constitution that gives Congress the power to “control the borders” or define an immigration policy. Citizenship had nothing to do with being in the USA, only with the right to vote, hold office, or teach in public schools. To be a citizen you needed to be a freeman, generally own property, be Christian, not Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim, unless in a Catholic State like Maryland or Rhode Island. Note freeMAN. Children, women, servants, etc could not be citizens.

    That the way the world was then, and the way most of the world is today.

    What you imagine as easy and obvious is alien to most of the world – like 6 billion people.

    The incentive to come to the US was really created by the conservatives shouting oh so loudly how open the US borders are and how great the welfare system is for immigrants thanks to Obama. They never made a point of publicizing the even greater welcome Bush was offering.

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    Well, Obama is doing what you call for, yet that has high percentages of progressives attacking Obama as deporter-in-chief and damning him for breaking promises.

    Is it humane to deport children who only know English because they grew up in the US speaking English and going to school learning everything in English?

    Obama can’t go back in time and swiftly deport 17 year old kids when they were 3 years old – the years of delay occurred while Bush was president.

    And Congress has been more interested in cutting taxes than in spending enough on immigration judges and other officials so the law can be followed quickly. If someone refuses to agree to immediately leaving the US, the time to get a court hearing in the special court is now a year.

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    Layout what you believe Obama should use as principle?

    Ignore all laws and open the borders to everyone and everything?

    And a Republican should likewise ignore all laws, OSHA, EPA, consumer protection, that prevent corporations from harming and killing people, by promoting unsafe workplaces, unsafe products, unlimited pollution of air and water.

    Be sure to state exactly what you believe Obama should be doing to be principled.

    Feed children to the dogs? Leave them to die in the desert? Deport them to the streets of some crime ridden Mexican cities by drone helicopter?

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    Mr. President, the writing is on the wall.

    Open borders and no deportations of anyone?

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    If progressives organize the public to demand a high carbon tax so gasoline and heating oil run $10 per gallon, then the Persian Gulf will have no value to the global economy or the US.

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    So, if you were uninsured and ran up medical debt, you got to keep your house because the bill collectors were very charitable before Obamacare??

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    My premium went up 8-10% in 2003, again in 2004, in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, so insurance premiums going up was the thing everyone liked about the old insurance policy you were promised you could keep.

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    Do any of the surveys ask about how satisfied people were with their previous policy, how much their previous policy premiums increased every year?

    I know that for the 8 years before ACA started kicking in, my insurance premium increased 8-10% every damn year from the previous year until I was paying nearly three times what I paid in 2003, except for the MLR limit of 20% holding down my premiums.

    But if you were unhappy with the Republican opposition to any health reform, then why weren’t you organizing to defeat Republicans in 2009 and 2010?

    What good is whining and not voting? This is not a dictatorship, by representative democracy where Congress writes the laws, so if you want some law, then you need to elect a Congress that will pass it.

  • We need slower trains so that more stuff moves by truck, and passenger rail goes bust because the speed of passenger rail gets slower and slower until it is going at the speed of 1940 passenger travel.

  • How is it that Eric Cantor lost given he was the corporate favorite because he ensures the corporations get paid by the government.

  • For all you who think that ACA is terrible and Obama failed to deliver what the voters want, you should have no trouble electing members of Congress committed to single payer by running yourself as socialists in the Republican primary where voters, not the corporations pick the winners as evidenced by the voters refusing to elect the military industrial complex’s bag man, Eric Cantor. In October, the Tea Party may block funding the military, if not then, about nine months from now when the debt limit is hit again.

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