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    It is not enough to be anti-interventionist, you must also be pro-dictator, pro-death camps and genocide, pro-execution of gays, pro-women as chattel, pro-child soldier.

    Bush and Clinton ignored Afghanistan during the 90s after the Russians gave up on its version of secular government and their version of equal rights. The result was government by gun as different factions used guns and oppression to attempt to control Afghanistan. And even when bin Laden moved back, the government by guns was not challenged by Clinton who was only interested in bin Laden and was perfectly find with Afghans killing each other to resolve political disputes over how few rights women should have. Afghan women would have been better off if the US supported the commies taking over.

  • Other than bitching about it, what are you doing?

    Are you rallying support for a total government takeover, everyone losing the system, doctors, hospitals, drugs they like because the government will pick those who are cheapest for them?

    Are you rallying for higher and new taxes to pay for it all?

    It isn’t possible to say “the tax on google will be $10,000 per employee, but the tax on Walmart will be $0″ because google provides great health benefits and Walmart provides none. Will you tax all employers $10,000 per employee, or tax them at $5000 so google sees its health care costs go down a lot?

    Single payer means the taxes for the pizza shop and workers will be the same system as the taxes on google and its workers, unlike the current system where there are multiple systems.

    I turned 65 just before Obamacare would have given me choice, so I know Medicare. It is not single payer. It is not simple. It is not cheap. It is not transparent. To get lower premiums on supplemental, the provider network is restricted or you pay a lot more for the doctor. Picking a plan is complicated because choosing the wrong one can be expensive is you get sick and chose the cheap option. then there is the drug plans where the cheap one last year is a lot more expensive next year.

    Obamacare plan choices are simpler than Medicare.

  • Nothing said about buying health insurance is different than buying a cell phone with bundled service, buying telephone and Internet service, buying road service for your car, buying identity theft insurance, buying auto insurance, even buying cereal for your kids, buying frozen dinners, etc. I only rarely buy cereal, to make rice crispy bars, but I’m shocked to find something that cost 50 cents in the 70s cost more than $5, and even the generic costs twice as much as they did a decade ago as marketers “don’t leave money on the table”.

    Shopping for health insurance on the exchange is simple compared to the way it was before.

    If you wanted a single payer system, you should have been out marching demanding that you lose your insurance coverage, lose your current doctor because the government will pick an acceptable one for you, lose your hospital because the government will decide which ones are cheap enough to remain open, because that is how the single payer British NHS worked until it started being Americanized and the costs soared and those with more money or better jobs get better health care.

    When you say you want a single payer system like the British NHS, you don’t get to say, “but it will be just like it is for the Google employee plan but better and cheaper.”

    Obama repeatedly said those who like their Medicare can keep it, who like their Google benefit can keep it, who like their GM union plan can keep it, who like their Federal government worker plan keep it, but that was shortened to “if you like your plan you can keep it”. So you who advocate single payer which means 100% lose their plan, attack Obama for a small fraction of the 250 million with plans lost the plans they thought they liked.

    I saw an example of someone who got back his insurance that was initially cancelled, and then had an illness and discovered the cheap policy he liked did not pay for all the medical care he needed and he owed tens of thousands on medical bills.


    You can’t have the radical change to single payer without 100% of people facing change that the majority do not like.

    And if you do single payer to keep everyone happy in terms of choices and care, then taxes are going to go up a lot on everyone somehow somewhere.


    The European and Asian not-single payer but universal systems offer less service to those who do not pay for extra, pay doctors and nurses less, spend less on nice waiting rooms and nice architecture.

    When the government decides for you, that is much simpler. But that means you have no choices because the government decides for you.

    In Canada, you can pay more in Canada to get faster, nicer, or you can pay to go to the US for care. Canada is not single payer, just the government providing a minimum amount of care on the government’s terms. Granted that minimum is as good or better than three quarters of Americans, but perhaps half of Canadians pay more and get better than the US. But cheaper because their doctors are paid less, among other things.

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    Why does Kamala Harris come out in favor of liberty and praise those who will see their loved ones die in the name of liberty from pot candy overdoses and from doped up drivers driving transfixed into oncoming headlights? Maybe because she does not have the ethics of the NRA that denies the resulting deaths [...]

  • I guess you mean “white” as in paper white, instead of pinkish white.

    The cases that hit the news are the black kids who happen on a slow news day, or the multiple white kids getting killed by a white kid. On a daily basis, people are killed, including kids, without note.

    I have thought that we should have the news organizations should daily have a segment:

    The following are the children 18 and under recently killed violently, their names and photos are shown as families provide photos of their children.

    The list would have a few dozen names and photos per week for the US.

    To do the list for all killed violently, mostly with guns, time would need to be provided for 200 per week.

  • Like the man in Pennsylvania exercising his liberty right to guns to shoot two troopers going home to their families.

    The NRA talks of the liberty right to guns paid for by blood of patriots, but they never name the patriots who must die for gun liberty.

    A 12 years old boy with a toy guns that should have been a real gun if the kid were truly given his liberty

    The two troopers, one dead, who were shot to pay the price for gun liberty

    The many children killed in school by other school children exercising their gun liberty

    But all liberty especially civil liberty requires the innocent to pay the price.

    All the rape victims pay for the liberty of males and females to mix; Saudi Arabia prevents rape as long as the laws are not broken because the law prohibit unmarried males and females from being together, and prohibits women from causing a man to be aroused.

    Civil liberty means terrorists have a right to kill you and only after killing you can the government collect information on you. The KKK was an organization exercising civil liberty even when lynching blacks and Jews. To narc on the KKK would have violated their civil liberty unless the government ignored the narc – the government must not stop crime before it happens to preserve liberty.

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    The bill, sponsored by Rep. Marc Roberts (R), would prohibit any municipality from providing “material support or assistance in any form to any federal data collection and surveillance agency.”

    Well, that would shut down all the IRS and Social Security agencies, nullifying the reason for the US Constitution, the first enumerated power of Congress. Also nullify [...]

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    The analysis is wrong.

    McConnell can simply argue that Harry Reid changing the rules was a violation of the rules and then have McConnell’s parliamentarian declare the rule changes null and void.

    But that would mean all future Republicans would be rule violators of Republican rule interpretation if they were to change the rules to stop Democrats from blocking judges with secret holds and demands for cloture votes, and even bigger violators if changing the rules to privatize Social Security and Medicare with just 50 Senate Republican votes plus the Republican VP.

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    Republicans might become socialists by 2017 out of their Obamahate driving them against corporate profits, crony capitalists, and calling all the for profit insurance companies “the government” as in “total government takeover of US health care system.”

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    FDR never signed single payer into law, so single payer must be the wrong thing.

    FDR never supported public employee unions, so public employee unions must be the wrong thing.

    FDR did not support welfare for the able bodied, so welfare must be the wrong thing.

    FDR did not hold your view that government is controlled by dark forces, so you must be wrong in your views

    Let us not be afraid to help each other—let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and Senators and Congressmen and Government officials but the voters of this country.

    — FDR 1938

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    If FDR had been elected in 2008, I’m sure Mitch McConnell would have immediately become a leftist Republican eager to see socialism implemented, and swept all the other Republican behind him in support for nationalizing the entire health care system, nationalizing the banks, nationalizing all the corporations….

    After all, McConnell would have been in debt to FDR for getting treatment for polio at Warm Springs.

    Because FDR did not sign single payer into law, single pay must be evil.

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    How well do the Koch’s pay?

    In the Koch version of 2009-2010:

    Ted Kennedy got the miracle cure for cancer and was in the Senate 24 by 7

    Robert Byrd was hale and hearty and in the Senate 24 by 7

    Arlen Specter was a radical leftist socialist pro-abortion Democrat his entire life

    Norm Coleman conceded defeat in 2008 to Al Franken who voted from Jan 3 2009 onward

    Snowe and Collins are leftist Democrats

    Joe Lieberman is a leftist anti-war Senator who supported McCain because McCain called for 200,000 Peace Corp volunteers staying in Iraq for a hundred years

    Mary Landrieu is a leftist Democrat

    plus you argue that the Senate rules are bad because Reagan and Bush were unable to appoint right wing judges who would ban all abortions, eliminate individual rights in favor of corporate rights over individuals, restore literacy tests to non-WASPS to vote, implement a poll tax,…

    The Democratic caucus had 60 members from July 7 2009 to Aug 25 2009 while on summer break, and then from Sep 25 2009 to Fed 4 2010, and at all other times, Senate action required at least one Republican vote because McConnell used the Senate rules to block or delay all Senate actions.

    Just remember, if you wanted Democrats to eliminate all the Senate rules McConnell used, then you want Democrats to have zero power if a repeat of 2002 to 2006 occurs, so privatizing Social Security, voucherizing Medicare, eliminating unemployment and food stamps, repealing voting and civil rights, repealing clean air and water acts, eliminating Osha, EPA, HHS, etc, would all sail through on straight Republican votes.

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    What?? The Senate passed immigration bill has been sitting in Boehner’s do-nothing file for 16 months, with all House Democrats and a dozen Republicans about ten signatures short on a discharge petition to force a House floor vote.

    The House has passed a dozen immigration bills along the lines of “instantly deport the children”, “shot to kill on the border”, “detain all illegals in tent camps surrounded by barbwire in the desert”, “deport US citizen child with their parents”, “do not give work permits to dreamers”, and Reid had them sent to committee where the died because the committee already sent the comprehensive immigration bill to the Senate where it passed with 67 votes. Boehner wants those House bills voted down in the Senate so Republicans can claim Democrats want more illegals to cross illegally to get amnesty.

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    So, LBJ failing to cover everyone with health care was not a disappointment? Clinton falling totally flat on health care was not a disappointment? You were happy that Reagan killed off alternative energy for 25 years and promoted higher pollution and global warming? You were happy that both Clinton and Bush failed to do anything productive about immigration reform?

    I’m 67 so I’ve seen all the presidents you have, and I’ve never seen Republicans be more obstructive of a president than they have of Obama, and I thought that it could not get any worse than the obstruction by Republicans of Clinton. LBJ accomplished a lot, but not universal health care, with the critical support of Republicans on Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Immigration reform, etc

    And LBJ operated in secret when he cut deals, with threats to opponents and bribes to supporters with his little notebook of secrets and IOUs and blackmail, so LBJ’s “negotiations” with Congress were just shy of the Godfather offer you can’t refuse.

    You might as well work for the Koch brothers for blaming Obama for the Republican total obstruction.

    But while FDR is before our time, he said:

    Let us not be afraid to help each other—let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and Senators and Congressmen and Government officials but the voters of this country.

    Not voting in every election serves the Republican obstructionists very well.

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    No, Obama will probably be remembered for giving temporary work permits to people for two years so they can be rounded up and deported in 2017. You somehow think that giving work permits for six years leading to being rounded up and deported in 2017 is somehow better.

    Progressives keep blaming Obama for the problems created by Republicans.
    Keep blaming Democrats for the problems created by Republicans.

    But at least you are on the side of Republicans who blame Obama and Democrats, but mostly Obama, for everything the Republicans do to obstruct progress.

    The Senate passed with 67 votes an immigration reform bill, so the demonstrations should have been targeting the House and the House leadership, demanding the House get a vote on the Senate bill where it would have passed easily with Democratic and Republican votes.

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    What Americans must do is stop burning oil completely and Congress must order all US oil be exported to the global oil market to crash the oil market and cut off the funding of all weapons buying and production pretty much globally.

    The Saudis won’t have oil money to buy weapons.
    The Russians won’t have oil money to buy weapons.
    ISIS won’t have oil money to buy weapons.
    Africans won’t have oil money to buy weapons.

    Is everyone willing to immediately stop driving cars and using fossil fuels to heat buildings to end the reason for war?

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    I see you never take personal responsibility for the long history of problems in the Persian gulf continuing during your lifetime. If you had, you would be telling everyone they must sacrifice like you have and sacrifice everything for your entire life to be as free as possible of the crime of burning fossil fuels [...]

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    The Democratic Party once stood for tax hike and spend, tax hike and spend, tax hike and spend. The Democratic Party once stood for sacrifice by all for a better future. The Democratic Party once stood for creating wealth by working, and not giving handouts. In 1935, FDR told the nation:

    A large proportion of these [...]

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    But some of us still remember who we could have been, some of us still have a glimpse of who we can be, some of us still have faith in what this country can be, faith in what this world can be. And on the sacred land of the Lakota, the environment is being defended, and [...]

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    Let’s see, Obama got a health care law that provides more benefits to the poor than anything FDR thought of proposing but didn’t because of opposition from the supermajority Democratic Congress he had, that is more comprehensive than Social Security that left out 25% of workers because they were farm workers, and FDR did not face 100% total opposition from Republicans, like Obama.

    The New Deal of the first 100 days was already drafted by Congress before FDR took office, so the big FDR actions were the illegal devaluation of the dollar and rewriting of contracts calling for payment in gold – Congress passed a law 9 months later to legalize what FDR did. And FDR ordered the Hoover WPA to spend money faster which ended up promoting that standard waste fraud abuse attack by the media and progressives who saw the crony capitalists getting rich at the expense of tax payers who were struggling. The big thing FDR did early was starting the CCC.

    By Jan 1935, FDR was attacking the welfare state and calling for it to be ended, in terms that made Clinton’s statement about welfare look supportive of welfare.

    While FDR was president, everyone started paying taxes. While FDR was president, wealth was created by work building capital assets. But FDR had a Congress that was very willing to hike taxes and spend, hike taxes and spend.

    A Federal gas tax hike to 40-50 cents a gallon would create millions of added jobs in construction within six months and would be like the gas tax hike Reagan signed in 1983 that reversed the national job losses that would have defeated Reagan in 1984.

    Obama has never had the support that he needed to be FDR and hike taxes and spend, then hike taxes and spend, and then hike taxes and spend.

    How many times have you called for big hikes in the Federal gas tax in the past decade?

    How many times have you called for a big hike in a carbon tax that would make gasoline and heating oil cost $10 per gallon?

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