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  • mulp commented on the blog post Dear New Yorkers, Did a Doctor Recently Vomit on You?

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    What percentage of people treating ebola patients using CDC, WHO, NIH, et al levels of protection get ebola?

    What percentage of people in contact with an ebola patient suffering a 103+ fever for at least two days get ebola?

    The answers are “extremely few.”

    No one living with the very sick Duncan, confined in the apartment he was sick in, or those in contact taking him to/from the ER or in the ER with him, got ebola, not a single one.

    Of the hundred or so medical staff in contact in some way in his hospital stay was infected except for two nurses who were not fully covered while providing care during the time he was leaking body fluids because the hospital did not tell them to wear the protection the hospital had on hand in storage.

    The doctor in NY had a fever of 100.3, not the 103 fever that Duncan had when sent back home for the two days his health rapidly deteriorated. Even at 103, Duncan did not infect others. Two days later after hitting 103, Duncan was still not highly infectious. It was only after that he became a health risk based on infecting the two nurses seeking to avoid infection, but not properly equipped.

    If you think zero risk is acceptable, then let’s have the government monitor everyone’s communication and movements to stop them from killing others, really track drivers closely to ensure they don’t drive recklessly and kill people.

    After all, liberty must be sacrificed to protect everyone.

    If you are sacrificing mine, I get to sacrifice your liberty.

    Seriously, you should be afraid of dying from triple-e, or west nile, or being disabled by lyme – all viruses with no cure, no vaccination, and apparently part of climate change increasing hazards (not getting cold enough to wipe out most of the virus reservoir hosts).

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    Didn’t you notice that the cycles got weaker the more taxes were viewed as theft and as burdens on the economy…? Tax cuts kill jobs AND create bloated wasteful spending, like wars, or in other nations, massive doles that create angry unemployed young people who are called ungrateful welfare bums who should get jobs (but [...]

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    TANSTAAFL I see no mention of demanding higher taxes to create jobs. Why? Do you think that tax cuts will pay for building healthy and modern schools? Do you think that tax cuts will pay for higher education whether trade school or college with modest tuition and spartan living quarters as required? Do you think [...]

  • Yet again, DSWright has failed to take the opportunity to justify the virtue of mass murder of innocent people, of sex slave trafficking, of forcing children into committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    After all, these actions have proved so virtuous in West Africa which has the virtue of no health care sector after decades of crimes against humanity and war crimes by child soldiers, leading to the great virtue of ebola added to the ongoing plagues of other diseases.

    War over there should go on unchecked to wipe out millions of people sitting on top of oil rich land. Once they have killed each other, US corporations will be able to go in and take total control and bring in Americans to pillage and plunder those regions for profit.

  • I see no evidence that Sen Alexander is doing more than bait and switch to create a wedge issue that benefits him. He has not introduced or cosponsored any bill to do what he says. He’s trying to prevent voters from voting for a 3rd, 4th, 5th party candidate who is campaigning on real less Federal interference in your life, after attacking his opponent Gordon Ball for the moral character flaw of defending pot dealers in court.

    And if Obama sent a bill to Congress to decriminalize, or as many had demanded, issued an executive order to override Federal law and prohibit any prosecution of possession and sale of pot under existing Federal law mandating prison and fines for such acts, you can be sure he will be among the loudest to condemn Obama and probably call for impeachment.

    Activists need to do everything possible to force Alexander to explain why he has not sponsored a Federal decriminalization bill or a bill allowing States to override Federal drug laws in the next 10 days.

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    The White House may look to the Republican Party to stop the release of any report relating to torture and the CIA

    Outrageous!! Obama is shirking his duties as dictator in failing to crush the populists in Congress elected by We the People to represent the people’s voice!

    Obama must become dictator and crush populist and its representatives, the Republicans in Congress! Enough of the namby pamby republican democracy nonsense!

    When a moneyed political elite makes you president, its your duty to be dictator and crush the rabble with hard fist.

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    “Due process” does not mean going to court.

    Laws passed by representatives of We the People are due process.

    Your financial life is reported to the government, mostly the IRS, by due process of the tax code. The privacy of your financial life is defined in the tax code.

    If you think that is unconstitutional, then you must really trust the conservative rich because you are arguing they should pay taxes on the honor system with the government having no reason to question what they report, thus no court order to search could be obtained. Unless people broke in and stole their records to provide evidence to a court.

  • Work is a racket. People only work if they profit. If they didn’t want a profit they would work for free.

  • Once again this highlights the fundamental flaw in the basic logic behind the Affordable Care Act. Even with the help of a fancy website, expecting regular people to be savvy insurance shoppers is completely unrealistic.

    Right, the voters vote Republican because they tell us that in the free market, healthcare is free.

    But voters are smart enough to know that a government run system like Medicare/Medicaid will cost a lot in taxes, so they know that the progressive promise of free government run single payer is not going to be free.

    And because half the people think they are rich because they see they are not working for minimum wage and living in a slum or homeless or going to a food pantry, so progressives saying they will pay for single payer by taxing the rich, they know they will be paying half their income to provide health care for the poor.

    No one is starting out by telling everyone that health care is not free and that everyone is and must pay for it.

    But no one tells the customer how much a car is going to cost, or how much a cell phone costs, or pretty much everything else, and people are taught to never demand the price right up front.

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    How do I register my money to vote??? Instead of blaming money for Republicans winning elections, how about blaming progressives for electing Republican by not voting for Democrats. I know you think that if Democrats promised to ban all burning of fossil fuels starting in 2017 along with closing every nuke plant, that every non-voter [...]

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    So, we have the Fairness Doctrine constantly in action:

    For every report of global temps setting a new record, we get the opposing view from seven “experts” saying the data is all a hoax like piltdown man, the data actually shows a fall in temperature, the higher temp could be from the sun getting closer to the earth,…

    To mindlessly claim that “we need a return to the Fairness Doctrine” is proof you are not paying attention – contrary views are constantly being expressed to counter facts based on facts being opinions.

    You need to sharpen your critical listening, analysis, argument, and rhetoric.

    To try to refute the opposing views of the fairness doctrine rebuttal to the scientific opinion on the temperature this year is to violate free speech with censorship – when YOU use Fairness Doctrine you mean censorship.

    To say Fairness Doctrine is needed to stop the “denialists” merely plays into the web conservative rhetoricians have spun.

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    To be liberal means to Trust No One source or fact or data.

    To be conservative seems to be the liberty to pick only one source or fact or data to prove a theory of belief.

    eg, The temperature today is colder than yesterday thus disproving burning fossil fuels having any negative effect.

  • I take it you use the fox distortion translator to understand what Obama say??

    Aug 18, 2011, reuters reported

    The future of Syria must be determined by its people, but President Bashar al-Assad is standing in their way. His calls for dialogue and reform have rung hollow while he is imprisoning, torturing, and slaughtering his own people. We have consistently said that President Assad must lead a democratic transition or get out of the way. He has not led. For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside.

    The United States cannot and will not impose this transition upon Syria. It is up to the Syrian people to choose their own leaders, and we have heard their strong desire that there not be foreign intervention in their movement. What the United States will support is an effort to bring about a Syria that is democratic, just, and inclusive for all Syrians. We will support this outcome by pressuring President Assad to get out of the way of this transition, and standing up for the universal rights of the Syrian people along with others in the international community.

    If fox were translating Obama’s convention speech in 2004:

    “Bush must go!”

    Unfortunately the people stood in the way for that, and enough Syrians stand in the way of Assad going.

    Do you think Obama was wrong and should have invaded Syria to remove Assad instead of leaving that for the Syrians?

  • Yet DSWright refuses to demand the solution to end US tolerance of Saudi Arabia and a lot of other nations:

    A carbon tax on burning fossil fuels so high it falls off the right end of the Laffer curve and generates zero tax revenue, thus pleasing the conservatives who hate taxes, while not being a burden on the poor.

    Its all about oil and gas in the Persian Gulf and much of Africa and Russia and China.

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    Possession and sale of pot is clearly illegal by the very specific laws of Congress. The law does not say “pot sale will result in jail only if schedule 1″, but instead intentionally requires jail. We the angry at anti-war pro gay rights women liber People voted to punish the freakin pot smokers. What is [...]

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    I assume they were deemed illegals and deported because of errors in immigration documents deemed fraud.

    To deny them the benefits they earned working and paying taxes would require under the 14th the termination of millions of people’s Social Security benefits for they have done worse.

    Remember, they are not guilty of being war criminals in the US; suspicion is not guilt.

    And as taxpayers, they funded Social Security payments for the probably decades they worked in the US.

  • Two points:

    First, voting or not voting and electing Republicans to legislatures who authorize spying on everyone meeting certain criteria is DUE PROCESS.

    Second, you can’t be for liberty on your issues and opposed to liberty on “their” issues. You can’t argue that no US citizen should be spied on without embracing the deaths from Tim McVeigh et al as the price you willingly pay for liberty, and then oppose gun liberty based on the deaths in Newtown being unacceptable costs of liberty.

    It you want liberty from prior restraint, you pay the price of violent acts that can not be discovered or investigated or stopped before they occur. This program is related to a program to collect large numbers of reports of suspicious people in a Federal database from anonymous people “to keep us safe.”

    Liberty and equal protection go hand in hand. Abridging liberty is normal in a democratic republic because the people pass laws to limit liberty. That is due process. Due process requires a court only if the legislatures says so, or for a few limited cases listed in the Constitution, which are not applicable if the People declare war. And war can be declared on US citizens. The Constitution reflects the concern about suppressing rebellions, and later, Lincoln targeted millions of Americans for killing without trial.

    Now if you believe liberty always trumps safety, then embrace a society with everyone carrying guns everywhere. How can you be against unlimited liberty.

    Once you embrace absolute gun liberty, you can now say “no spying on Americans is low cost because deaths from terrorism and child porn and the KKK lynchings and bombing gay bars is much less than gun liberty”. Let the child molesters, KKK, and gay bashers conspire away free of any government spying, free as long as they don’t get caught.

  • mulp commented on the blog post Not Even Thomas Duncan’s Fiancee Contracted Ebola

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    Well, he was not exposed to the hazards of abortion in a facility that was unprepared for a medical emergency; the Texas government had closed 18 life threatening clinics to save Duncan from death.

    Clearly the Texas Republicans are much more concerned about preventing patient deaths than Obama. If Gov Perry were president, he would have ordered all hospitals with ERs closed,unless they rejected all the advice of the CDC. NIH, OSHA, WHO, nurses unions, and focused on cost cutting by lowering wages and cutting supplies budgets to better serve those without money or insurance.

    Note that the judge who stepped in on behalf of Duncan’s family placed his faith in science and the Golden Rule, which must rank him as a radical leftist in Texas, and he has not been infected, even though he interacted with Duncan’s family without space suits.

    On the other hand, Gov Perry failed to step in and rationally deal with the problem after repeatedly arguing that the States are better at dealing with health and safety issues than the Federal government. He has opposed and promoted opposing everything Federal in Texas based on Texans being smarter.

    Gov Perry has demonstrated his competence in handling a medical crisis as President. Blame Obama….

  • mulp commented on the blog post Sensible Leadership On Economics In Real Life

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    So, you believe that 51 votes should be sufficient for Republican Senators to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, the EPA, OSHA and them only 218 Republican House members to concur?

    Maybe you are saying that if Reid had ended all the rules allowing the minority a say in legislation you would work like hell giving every penny going without food and housing and selling your wife for sex and your children to fund the campaigns of Democrats to stop Republicans from getting a majority in Congress. But as long as they only have 59, you don’t care if Republicans control Congress but can be blocked?

  • mulp commented on the blog post Sensible Leadership On Economics In Real Life

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    Why do you not believe in democracy? The President merely executed the laws passed by the Congress We the People elect.

    The problem since 2008 is that progressives and conservatives agree that they do not want Democrats to control Congress which means Republicans gain greater and greater control of Congress.

    And that is the effect of progressives blaming Obama for the laws of Congress representing We the People.

    Not voting for Democrats in every election is voting for Republicans who oppose Obama and you on virtually everything.

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