• You implicitly endorse the conservative fig leaf on their logical fallacy – conservatives don’t believe in a right to religious liberty unless it is a way of opposing the democratic republican government working based on facts and reason.

    When Ron Paul calls for a policy that has been proven by Switzerland for centuries, he’s called “dangerous”. When liberals take a position like Ron Paul, they are considered weak on defense. When the Peace Churches, Catholics, and other religious groups take either institutional actions in opposition to the war machine on religious grounds they are sanctioned, and their members are prosecuted for refusing to pay the taxes going to fund the mass murder of innocents. And in general, those who oppose war on religious grounds are called anti-American and insane and told to leave America, clearly making warmongering a Republican religious belief they impose of everyone.

    Whenever religious liberty is used as an argument, demand equal exceptions on religious liberty grounds for plural marriage for Mormons, exceptions to drug laws for use of drugs in religious practice, and exceptions to participation and support of war (NOT DEFENSE) on religious grounds.

    You will immediately see the religious liberty argument dissolve into pure culture war for political gain.