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  • Absolutely! Since the Democrats have agreed to permanently underfund Gov the only logical thing to do now is to cut Federal Services. Face it the Republicans and Grover Norguist have won.

  • This is a disaster.

    With this vote Senate Democrats have permanently underfunded Government and the Republicans have essentially won on the Tax Rate question. They have just cemented George Bush’s tax rates into place forever. My congrats to Grover Norquist for a game brilliantly played and a historic win which was 99% complete. Now we are one step closer to Greece because there is no way to ever pay for the Government we have and ultimately must cut essential Federal Government services.

    Just wait till we get to the debt ceiling debate – the Republicans are gonna cut Obama a new one and he totally deserves it!

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    That is rich coming from Jack Welch – the guy who almost perfect earning manipulations so that GE beat quarterly estimates for how many years in a row? The fact that the MSM takes him seriously shows how lame they are.

    As they say figures don’t lie but lairs surely figure!

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    So how many little boys has that Bishop, the dude from Seattle, buggered?

    Expiring minds want to know!

  • I hate to be a spoil sport but there is still time for the Dems to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory -

    Never underestimate the ability of the Dem elites to sell out everything we hold near and dear.

  • I agree – thanks to the Repubs for not moving an inch. The Dems really, really want to cave but they have to have at least a penny or two from the Repubs and they aren’t getting it.

    So far its the Repubs that are saving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The Dems really want to sell it out but know they can’t do it on their own.

    However, there is still time for a big cave by the Dems. Keep an eye out for a plan by the Dems to give in on the cuts with a promise of a tax increase in the future. They will paint it as a iron-clad 100% guarantee of tax increases on the rich and corporate America in the future but it will only be a promise that won’t be kept. So, sadly there is still time for the Dems to cave and sell us out -

  • You said:

    The people have woken up. They won’t go to sleep because they realize the last option they have for improving their lives and the greater society is public rebellion. Everything else is futile.

    I really, really hope you are right -

  • I don’t want to get into your argument with Nathan – I’d just like to point out that this legislation has absolutely no chance of passing. It’s all part of the Kabuki Theater we call Congress. The Senate passes something that makes you happy knowing all the time that it will not get through the House so it’s a meaningless act whose only reason for existing it to please folks like me and you. The Corporate interests who own both the Dems and Repubs don’t want it to happen so it won’t happen. It’s just a crumb the Senate Dems are throwing you to keep you on board.

    Now on the other hand the so called Free Trade stuff is sure to pass and your Dems will be voting for it so now they can say they tried to something about X but the nasty Repubs prevented them from doing it! Its all Theater and its all the time kind’a like all movies all the time on Home Box.

  • Don’t kid yourself, this is just window dressing – its going no where. Its just more crap served up to Democrats to placate the base.

    It’s going no where. It’s a waste of time to even speculate about it.

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    And who is actually surprised?

    Obama choose Bowles precisely because the Big O wants to hurt Social Security. No news here – time to move on.

  • Just re-read my comment and don’t want to leave the wrong impression -

    What I should have said in the ()’s was: (hence the NYT suggestion that the movement was undemocratic).

    I believe the movement they refer to is the soul of democracy but for the establishment, which the NYT ultimately represents, it’s gotta be scary and even worse – uncontrollable so it needs to be demeaned.

  • Thanks for the link to the NYT’s article -

    While misguided in some ways the NYT’s article does point out one thing – folks are progressively coming to the understanding that the political system we have is just a sham. No one seems to know what to do next but folks are starting to understand that the puppets on the stage are not nearly as important as the folks pulling the strings behind the curtain.

    Here’s a link to something that goes with the whole mess, not totally sure how just yet but its a factoid not to be missed – go here and listen to the podcast at the end:

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    But we can thank all the disappointed “Progressives” who stayed home from the polls last year for that.

    is such nonsense. Where is the data that shows that “disappointed Progressives” stayed home from the polls last year? Their isn’t any because we voted. The folks that didn’t vote are the occasional voters that Obama disappointed in droves.

    Are you from TPV?

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    Actually I figured he would keep up the “happy warrior for the middle class” gig a bit longer before he started in on “us” again. He really needs to build up some creds before he sells us out by oking the tar sands pipeline project. Since he knows his tax on the upper class won’t / can’t pass its the perfect instrument to whip up the base without having to do a thing.

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    While this should proved the Dems more evidence that Obama can’t win and should not run sadly I doubt that will happen.

    Time to hunker down for the worst – Obama’s damage to the Democratic Party will be profound.

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    LBJ said it first and said it best:

    I shall not seek and I will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your President

    Now if Obama would just say it and put us all out of our misery. Finally he would do something that brings real hope to the [...]

  • Folks- don’t kid yourself. This is a done deal. Obama will trade it for something before its all done.

    It’s a setup like everything else.

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    Thanks -

    I love this:
    “They aren’t just drinking the kool-aid they’ve evolved gills and are living in it.”

    It’s so true -

  • Ever since Obama For America’s (OFA’s) New Mexico Director Ray Sandoval email bomblet hit the press; I have been curious about the blog where he got the explosive material that fueled the explosion.  Its name is ” The Peoples’s View “. My first impressions of that blog convinced me it would make folks at Daily Kos blush.  There [...]

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    I usually need to hurl after reading Ezra Klein or seeing him on Obamavision (MSNBC).

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