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  • Some of the doctors serving at ELWA Hospital in Monrovia are there with SIM (Serving in Mission), which has been sending evangelical missionaries from many countries and many denominations since the nineteenth century. I don’t like Franklin Graham either, but the notion that Kent Brantly somehow deserves ebola because he’s there with Samaritan’s Purse is [...]

  • I’m happy to help. Thank you for asking!

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    Thank you for this! I know it’s a bit of work, and unfortunately, we don’t have the likes of the Koch Bros funding extravagant think tanks to pay people to do dig deep into a story. Most people overestimate the availability of data, and thus underestimate how easy it is to manipulate and misrepresent it [...]

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    I think the real danger lies in those cheapo table saws marketed to hobbyists and jacks-of-all-trades. Nobody buying a $100 table saw has read books on table saws or taken classes in table saw safety. These are the people you see breaking every rule in the book when they’re using their saw. Cheaper saws are [...]

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    In November, 2001, my wife was about 17 weeks pregnant when the baby died — an intrauterine fetal demise. It was a difficult pregnancy, and she was at home on disability. I remember I was in the front yard pruning roses when the home health care nurse was leaving. She told me we’d have to [...]

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    Elizabeth Warren’s point is rooted in free market thinking, but George Will completely missed it. Anybody who believes they’re successful not because of the American system, but in spite of it, is free to leave. If the Koch brothers think they can get a better return on their tax dollars in Switzerland, or New Zealand, or Thailand, they can move there. Somalia, with its low tax burden, and non-existent government, would be an obvious choice.

    If the Koch brothers renounce their citizenship and move to Somalia, we’ll manage just fine without ‘em.

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    This is a couple miles from where I live, so I’ve followed the tragedy closely. I used to teach high school, and I was one of the few teachers who would not allow students to use “gay” as a pejorative. I continue to support Ally Action, which works to make schools safe for all kids, [...]

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    Reps don’t have to meet with constituents, or host town hall meetings. I don’t think my local rep, Elton Gallegly (CA 24) has met anybody but donors in the last several years. When he has an event, it’s by invitation only. If the local Rotary Club hosted a lunch and charged $15, that’d be a lot more access than we’ve had to our Congressional representative. It’s annoying, but he keeps getting re-elected by wide margins, so it must not bother most people.

    We’ll see what happens under the redistricting. But if Gallegly retires, it’s not for lack of votes in his current district.

  • What we see here is proof that the negotiations were handled poorly by one side. We voted for Obamacare, but what we got is Romneycare, and now we’re expected to defend provisions we originally objected to. The goalposts just won’t stand still.

    It’s not unlike the month or so before hcr was passed, when conservatives were pointing gleefully to the sagging support for reform. But the drop wasn’t as simple as “The more people learn, the less they like.” It was that as progressive reforms were jettisoned, people supported it less and less.

    I wonder whether the individual mandate is necessary. I should think that without it, people will be denied insurance because they had a lapse in coverage. If nobody has a lapse, nobody can be denied.

    Thank you, Jon, for taking time to dig into the John Adams talking point. You’re right that it’s not the same as an individual mandate. I still wonder, though, if the net result is the same it would be if I was taxed, and the government purchased private health insurance for me.

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    President Obama and congressional Democrats want to extend the cuts for just middle class families

    Think Progress shouldn’t be pushing this GOP-friendly framing.

    President Obama is advocating tax cuts on the first $250,000 of taxable income. That will cut everybody’s taxes, even the super wealthy. Republicans want an additional tax cut for income over $250,000. Republicans want a double-tax cut for the wealthy, and they’ll prevent a universal tax cut to get it.

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