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    You’d think so. One way or another, the #BlockTheBoat activists will be watching. Stay tuned for more lulzy actions. :-)

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    I wasn’t able to see everything I wanted to re CTuttle’s question, AND, I want Mega to be wildly successful given what’s been done to them and the stakes for all of us. Hoping for a far, far better 2015!

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    I think the pressure on the WA Supremes to remember who they work for is huge. I’m waiting to see what happens.

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    I believe just in Auckland.

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    That’s great, eCAHN! I’ve seen small hives in neighbors’ yards and there is a nice selection of local honey I can get either via the farmer’s market or my co-op.

    Speaking of cooperatives… The Olympia Food Coop and it’s members think they should be able to boycott anyone’s unethical product that they want and The Center for Constitutional Rights is their attorney on a lawsuit against them:

    “Washington supreme court hears arguments on Olympia co-op’s boycott of Israeli goods”

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    You are welcome! Spread the word… it’s for a good cause ( ) and it would be easy for them to branch into a Twitter-like service without Twitter’s taxpayer-backed spying for the USG.

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    Good in general and looking forward to Spring. :-)

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    You can disobey NSA and try the new free audio/video end-to-end encrypted communication service at ( ) along with over 500 million other callers. Their servers are doing the job just fine.

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    Yes… but I still do fly-bys to this site. Hope all is quite well with you!

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    Twits just for context/citation completeness, eCAHN. How are the bees?

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    Just for you, eCAHN–

    WikiLeaksVerified account ‏@wikileaks
    Sweden’s #SIDA aid money secretly sent direct to US orgs (NDI, EF, EPF) with close ties to #Chevron & #ExxonMobile:
    7:07 AM – 22 Jan 2015

    Serviceable translation of the Aftonbladet article referenced is here ( )

  • Holy Smokes, check this out ( serviceable translation of as pointed to by ):

    Reveals a secret network – the MFA
    The Minister signed the pledge of Page Money

    Exbiståndsminister Gunilla Carlsson (M) wrote in 2007 a letter to the Eurasia Foundation, with the promise of Swedish Sida Million.

    Now she reveals that the organization has long been a network of Swedish top contacts – the Foreign Ministry.

    If the frequent connections to the oil industry says Carlsson:

    - I do not know what to say and what to think. There are oil companies in the world and I do not want to put any values ​​in this. I know, the chairman of BP’s well a Swedish? And we buy gasoline each day.
    Slideshow: Click to start

    Aftonbladet has revealed that 95 million of Sida’s aid money since 2007 gone to three US organizations: the National Democratic Institute, NDI, the Eurasia Foundation, EF, and its daughter organization Eurasia Partnership Foundation, EPF, for projects in Georgia.

    The organizations have strong ties to the oil industry.

    Millions of Page crowns, through NDI, EP and EPF gone to buy political media element in the Georgian media, and also to a specific leadership program that supports selected politicians in their election campaigns.

    The then Minister for Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson (M) wrote in October 2007 a letter to the Eurasia Foundation, where she was on the Sida and the Swedish behalf promised a grant corresponding to 23 million for three years to the organization.

    Two weeks later received EP with an application to Sida, which was granted by the Authority.

    A Page protocol from November 23 suggests that the initiative for cooperation comes from the department.

    Page report that the State Department, MFA, “demonstrated strong interest in the project,” because the EP has a good reputation there, and that cooperation is an “opportunity for closer contacts between Sweden and the United States.” In addition, specified in the protocol, Sida in connection with the EP’s application received a letter from the Foreign Ministry, confirming that the organization should receive SEK 23 million.
    Do not remember the details

    In September 2008, then Carlsson in a meeting with the Eurasia Foundation at the Foreign Ministry.

    For Aftonbladet, she says that she does not remember the details of the agreement reached with the EP, which initiated the ever-growing Swedish-American cooperation in Georgia.

    - I was newly appointed and did not know about these organizations then.

    In contrast, she knows them very well now, she says.

    If the connections between the oil industry and the organizations she says:

    - We’re talking about quite difficult countries in the Eurasia region, and sometimes there are oil. But what companies are engaged in and what organizations engaged in it I do not know.

    Chairman of the EF is Jan H Kalicki who also works for Chevron. He has been to advocate and plan the big pipeline that runs from the Caspian Sea through Georgia to the Mediterranean. And the board is also one of ExxonMobil peaks. They list their biggest donors, and it includes both Chevron and ExxonMobil, and they have cooperation with BP.

    - I do not know what to say and what to think. There are oil companies in the world and I do not want to put any values ​​in this. I know, the chairman of BP’s well a Swedish? And we buy gasoline each day.

    However, she can agree that it may seem problematic.

    - I can say that all aid is problematic and prone to huge risks and it may be wrong. That’s why I talked about that we must try to bring order and clarity, we have to have follow-up. I have been fighting for transparency. We must admit that it can go wrong and that things can be problematic.

    In its application to Sida states EF to have a good reputation at UD.

    - When they write so it may mean that they have built up a network of former employees, or current, which are also included in their network.
    Network within the MFA

    Carlsson clarifies that EF has long been a network of contacts within the Foreign Ministry.

    – In the Eurasia Foundation, they have a lot of local and regional engagement, contact areas, meeting places, where there were also some UD employees who are part of the network to be able to advise or be available as part of an infrastructure around this organization.

    She names two former high-ranking persons in authority, of which at least one served as the US organization’s advisor – and says that even she asked recently, after she resigned as Minister for Development Cooperation 2013.

    - There is nothing unusual that I continue to have some contacts. They have been eager to connect employees, so I was asked. Here was a man who represented the Eurasia Foundation up and we took a break. He asked: “Can I say that you sit with that advisory?”

    Gunilla Carlsson, who is now in January totally drop out of politics, states that she still has not responded to the organization’s request.
    Bildt linked to organizations

    The diplomat Bjorn Lyrvall has long been a close aide to former Foreign Minister Carl Bildt (M) and was named last year as the new ambassador to the United States.

    Swedish Embassy in Washington has since assigned his premises for the Eurasia Foundation meetings. In October this year shared the organization a prize to the outgoing Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns at the embassy. On a target in the Embassy foyer thanked the Eurasia Foundation’s “generous donors”. On top the oil giants Chevron and ExxonMobil.

    Even Bildt have multiple connections to organizations.

    Before becoming foreign minister, he was chairman of the moderate tied PR firm Kreab. At the same time, he sat between 2004-2005 on the Board of EF’s daughter organization, the New Eurasia Foundation.

    2005 and 2006, he participated in NDI’s delegation to Palestine, in both cases with the US ex-president Carter and NDI’s leader Kenneth Wollack.

    He has also been an international advisor at the Council on Foreign Relations, where NDI Founder, Eurasia Foundation Chairman and President Chevron employee in January Kalicki a member.
    Close contact with the NDI

    In early September of last year participated Bildt in a meeting in Kiev, Ukraine, which was about to facilitate “Ukrainian integration into Europe.” At the meeting there was Steven R Mann, senior advisor at the world’s largest private oil company ExxonMobil, who also sits on the board of the Eurasia Foundation.

    Carl Bildt stated that he then he sat in the New Eurasia Foundation had no relationship to the organization. However, he had frequent contact with NDI.

    - If both Palestine as other issues.

    He refers questions about Sida agreements with organizations to Sida.

    With NDI closed Side Agreement 2009, about 21 million crowns. A new agreement was signed last year, about SEK 31 million.

    Among the funded aid projects are Future Leaders program, a program similar to the one he previously participated in, such as Aftonbladet previously written about, where various political candidates handpicked to be coached by American experts and politicians.

    - Do not know if I have participated in this, but it is less important. NDI is extremely respected and good organization with which obviously Sida has a good cooperation.
    “Supporting democratic pluralism”

    Over 400 000 Side-money has gone to the NDI 2012-2014 through Samtsche-Javacheti Media Center commissioned to produce 29 talk shows aired in various Georgian television channels, with candidates.

    The media center has also been supported by the oil company British Petroleum.

    - If it happened to support democratic pluralism and development, it is obviously just fine. We have been heavily involved for this. NDI has been great and good experience in these areas. As for BP included the well in their community involvement in Georgia against the background that invested heavily in the country. And it is obviously good, responsible Bildt.

    According to Bildt has his contacts with organizations not meant anything to Sida’s collaborations with the same.

    - No. What page did passed virtually never my table.

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    It’s here— come and get it!

    Kim Dotcom launches end-to-end encrypted voice chat ‘Skype killer’

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    Ars Technica @arstechnica · Jan 18

    Why Kim Dotcom hasn’t been extradited 3 years after the US smashed Megaupload by @cfarivar

    Note that the beta of MegaChat is imminent so get an account and help a good cause– private communications!

    Kim DotcomVerified account ‏@KimDotcom

    Retweet if you like to try our new, browser-based & encrypted #MegaChat beta TODAY :-) #SkypeKiller

    Retweets 1,870
    Favorites 444
    Tgod1991 Arthur Dupont Martynas Montrimas Premium Lusu007 Scott Donald Nikola Alivkinov Ashley Hudson Gamesphere

    9:34 PM – 19 Jan 2015

  • Tangential– Remember Northrup-Grumman and US Treasury insider-connected Navient ( )? Navient Preps First Student Loan Securitization of 2015 ( )!: “It is backed by noticeably more loans made to two-year and proprietary/vocational schools than the sponsors other recent private student loan deals; Fitch expects these to perform worse than loans to four-year [...]

  • Here’s an article ( ) pointing to a 10Dec2014 Facebook post by Rep Justin Amash ( @repjustinamash ) to constituents ( ).

    Here’s an excerpt from that Facebook post regarding “Block New Spying on U.S. Citizens: Vote “NO” on H.R. 4681″:

    Last night, the Senate passed an amended version of the intelligence reauthorization bill with a new Sec. 309—one the House never has considered. Sec. 309 authorizes “the acquisition, retention, and dissemination” of nonpublic communications, including those to and from U.S. persons. The section contemplates that those private communications of Americans, obtained without a court order, may be transferred to domestic law enforcement for criminal investigations.

  • OT– “(iii) the communication is enciphered or reasonably
    believed to have a secret meaning;”

    What is going on with HR4681 ( ) ?

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    Wow– Jane and sister, hugs to you both and my good thoughts for you both to have a very swift recovery.

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    Thank you for having been with us at the Lake, Phoenix Woman, and best wishes to you in all that you do.

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    h/t @Cate_Long for seeing this article:

    Allowing NSA to suck massive amounts of water out of the Colorado River means the current toxic load of perchlorate the war profiteers are pumping out in their industrial processes to make war toys in California is being further concentrated. Shorter: Flipping the switch off NSA is a public health matter!

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