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    Best wishes for your future PW. You a lot of insight to many conservations and your posts over the years. Will be visiting your new digs to see what you are up to..

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    Drvie by HELLO to all the Pups!!!

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    You mean you DO censor Kevin?? What happened to NO Moderation that Jane announced years ago??

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    I have been a donor every month since the program started! Just sign up for automatic payment! It is easy peasey.. You know you can do it just once and then sit back and you monthly support happens..
    Drive by hi to the pups!!

  • “The US negotiated with the Viet Cong in South Vietnam, who were very much analogous to the Taliban and whom the US would now certainly term “terrorists.” In 1973, the US used intermediaries to negotiate with the Viet Cong for release of captured US soldiers at Loc Ninh. Americans on the political right made a huge issue about 1300 US soldiers never having been released by the Viet Cong (only about 400 were), and the shame that these men were left on the battlefield by the Nixon and Ford administrations. Conservatives seem to want to have it both ways. If you negotiate the release of US captives with the enemy you are “negotiating with terrorists.” If you don’t, then you have left soldiers behind on the battlefield. The fact is that the only way to have freed them was to have offered something for them in detailed negotiations. As for the Viet Cong “terrorists,” many of them are in government now and the US has cordial relations with them.

    In the 1980s radical Shiites in Lebanon took American hostages. In order to free them, the Reagan administration not only negotiated with Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini but actually stole T.O.W. anti-aircraft munitions from Pentagon warehouses and shipped them to Tehran, receiving the money for them in black bank accounts and sending it to right wing death squads in Nicaragua. Khomeini and his government were listed as terrorists by the State Department at the time, and selling weapons to Iran was highly illegal. Not only that, but the US was allied with Iraq at the time, so Reagan screwed over Baghdad this way. Reagan did it, in part to free US hostages in Lebanon (Iran put pressure on its clients for their release).

    As for encouraging groups to take US hostages, if the GOP really is so worried about this outcome they should stop putting the idea in the minds of terrorists by trumpeting it all over the news media. There was no rash of hostage-taking of Americans after Reagan bribed Iran to have them released, so the expectation is ahistorical.”

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    Another nuget of Truth exposed by…… The Great Carnack once again..

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    I am I member on the automatic monthly donations ever since Jane and company instituted it. Wish I could do more financially but.. I can lend some expertise at tracking down the “tech Trolls” but not sure I could do it from here without a VPN connection and of course I would need to to be able to capture the offending packets to analyze the origins of the attacks. but hey I understand the reluctance of Jane et all on giving out such access… but that is all I can do to help.. the Lake isn’t what it once was but it is still a light in the darkness of the Right Wing Trolls..

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    And don’t forget her husband is selling Postal facilities to his connected friends at fire sale prices.. All thanks to that lame duck bill that screwed the Post Office of billions.. The right wing’s wet dream of eliminating the Constitutional requirement for a Governmental Postal Service..

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    Thanks TJ for this wonderful tribute to a well admired SouthernDragon.. I always loved his posts and conversations.. He is truly missed by all of us..

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    I am in RWC so Jackie isn’t my congress critter but I am still proud of her.. Wish Anna Eshoo would do the same but she has been paid for by big Pharma…

  • Jane is on MSNBC live!! She sure is looking good!

  • Best of luck Pam sorry your health makes this necessary!! But Your Health comes first! You have inspired others to continue to tell the story!

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    Great Post Alabamagunn! Facebooked & recommended!

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    recommended & shared on Facebook.. There is hope still alive for the little guy..

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    Ya they are planted early and are a spring and fall crop… Got to get my tomato plants going RSN…

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    Going slow but hey ya can only do what ya can.. Beans, peas and lots of sunflowers planted.. Waiting for results..

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    Hanging there watching the Giants with a 9-6 lead & the Sharks with a 3-1 lead late in the 3rd..

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    you have some balls posting that………………../s

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    Just pure BS to drive down the cost of labor… It is all smoke & mirrors by “American” Companies and the all the big tech companies are squeezing to labor market..


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