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  • Since being born gay and being born black are not a choice anyone makes [some people are just born lucky..beautiful and smart],I want to bring up that if I and thousands of other plain old vanilla pudding white people[not my choice, just happened that way] hadnt protested and screamed and yelled why back when to force the Federal government to abandon segregation….Barak Obama and his wife and children would still, to this day, probably not be able to stay in hotels,eat, go to school or have any civil rights in many U.S. states. Hey Barak, you are only Half White, you fool. What is he trying to do..pass for a redneck honky ?
    So …his mealy mouth condescending to Gays and Lesbians, etc..having States Rights only is bloody Pitiful. So what, you are married in Vermont and illegal in Florida ? Do we need visas to travel from state to state these days ?
    Maybe its time for the West and North East coast states to just secede and get it over with. Let the rest of the country slither down the drain into the dark ages where they belong. Who in their right mind wants to live amongst such nasty simple minded people anyhow ?
    Another thing is that this N.Carolina vote just goes to prove that Democracy,as we always thought we knew DEAD. I would like to see a DONT VOTE movement. It doesnt matter anyhow. Votes are simply bought and sold. There is no honor in participating in this shabby charade.
    Its really over, you know. Time to create an alternate culture of our own.

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    “Brought” one down, of course.

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    You were simply amazing …again.Thank you for standing up and saying what thousands of us also wanted to say. But why did no one else stand up and applaud your action ? Were they all so afraid for their jobs ? Guess so. Why does Pakistan abide these drones? Why dont they just say that [...]

  • When I see the candidates who are running for President of the U.S. going on about the U.S.A. being the greatest country Ever..I want to choke. I wish they would choke on their words. When I see Obama or Clinton saying the very word Democracy, I wish they would gag on that word.

    Being an American is a great embarrassment. I am ashamed and everyone else should be as well. Ashamed and Outraged. America is a small nation, barbarous, ignorant and cruel.

    All the world knows that this horror,and worse,is still going on everyday all over the world under the name of the U.S.A. Pitiful. Shameful.

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    Thank you Margaret for calling RP out for the Fascist he is. He is so far right that he makes sounds like a Liberal. Scary because he is as far from Liberal as possible. Ayn Rand is his patron saint and as scary as any person who ever lived. Pure sociopath. I recommend taking a [...]

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    This just came in the mail to me and my friend who gets my mail in the states sent this: Letter to you: State of Ca no longer pays premiums (since Oct) you must pay starting Nov 2011. They will pay you 407.20 for Dec and Jan, then 638.00 on the 3rd of each month [...]

  • There are, indeed, Angels here on earth.

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    Exactly, Twain. I have lived here in Oaxaca in Southern Mexico for the past almost 4 years. A beautiful colonial city full of artists and artisans. Lately I have met many Mexicans who had lived in the states for between 15 and 20 or more years. Some were born there. But they have come ‘home’ [...]

  • Hope all turkeys and fowl are halal…meaning they are completely bled when killed.
    ICK ..old turkey blood !
    I dont care who does the killing.

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    Way to radicalize about a thousand more young people who were only free thinkers and having fun before !

    (p.s.) “morans” are the young men of the Masai tribe who are the ones we see in red with great hair, watching the cattle. “morons” are thick headed stupid people of any race.

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    Maybe its time to #Occupy illegally repossessed buildings and houses for the winter months. A battery of Civil Rights and anti-Bank fraud lawyers could have all winter to protect the squatters and keep the dialogue going. Surely, the Powers that Be will try to re-evict. What a great photo op and viral video fest that [...]

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    Why not ? Why can he not be fired ? And why is he now said to be on paid leave? Is he being sued yet ? Hope so.

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    The “going home” issue is potentially a valuable one to be turned to a positive policy by #Occupy in every city.

    It is time to take over repossessed houses and buildings. Especially in winter weather. But it must be a mass tactic. One family at a time will just be swept away.

    If and When the authorities come to evict, the message..the posters, signs and chants are “if not Here then Where” or something like that. Here or the Parks.

    Squatting is common in London. Take a lesson from them.

    Repossess the illegal Repossessions.

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    Definitely .. Homeland Security should pay all expenses, especially since it is coming out that they (and others) are coordinating these outrages.

    Plus factor in all the massive law suits that really must come out of this. No more token $1. settlements.

    Sue the pants off the police and whoever else promotes this. I’m sure the Civil Rights lawyers are all over this like ducks on a junebug !

  • Yes, I am just waiting to hear the first MSM creep or Rabid Right Politician call our Heroes “Terrorists”. That will be the beginning of the End.

    Not that they are not already treating the #OWSers as if they are Terrorists.

    These Fascist Tools are really having the time of their lives Chemical Water Boarding our precious Soldiers for Peace and Equality and Justice.

  • Well, some of us were saying “Bring the War Home” and, indeed now it has come Aces and Spades.
    America is getting a tiny taste of the horrors Amerika is perpetrating on the rest of the world. World Wide Police State, courtesy of The Land of the Free, indeed.
    And the rest of the world is seeing full well that Amerika is purely Hypocritical. They have known this since day one, but if anyone had any doubts….
    Not all the returning soldiers are going to stay peaceful since they have been trained as killers of innocent people.
    This is getting very Interesting. Things can only get worse, before they get Worse.
    And the world is also seeing that Amerika treats its own children and intellectuals with the same cruelty and murderous manner that it treats everyone else.
    We have real Heroes here in the stomach of the Beast.

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    America needs a thousand of you.
    In every state.

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    “Occupy” has just the perfect tone of passive/aggressive determination deliberately and appropriately implied. After all, would some nice people out there prefer something like “The Butterfly Sunshine Toe Dancers Party”? Who would ever be put off by something like that? #Occupy is absolutely Perfect. Everything and every move is just ambiguous and defiant and directed [...]

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    Excuse me..I think I have to go throw up. Really.

    I hope this You Tube goes viral.

    Wont some nice, civilized Democratic country please come kick the shit out of the Goons of the One Percent for us ?

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    An American citizen and his American Citizen 16 year old son, dont forget.

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