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  • Narya commented on the blog post Friday Night Random Ten – Everybody Freak Out

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    They would also be spelling Eliot’s name wrong.

  • Narya commented on the blog post Put In The Sickle, For The Harvest Is Ripe

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    Chicago has farmers’ markets all over the city, on different days of the week, from May through October, and a big focus-on-local-and-organic market that runs a bit longer, I think. They’re really fabulous. I’ve been buying my honey from the same people for almost 20 years. And today–despite the fact that I get a humongo farm share from a CSA–I shlepped downtown on the el to get a bunch of stuff. Dinner tonight (and lunches this week) will be awesome–yay farmers!

  • Narya commented on the blog post The Lovesong Of J. Alfred Douthat

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    I love you guys; you all, including our host, collectively win the intertubes for today.

    That is all.

  • Narya commented on the blog post The Laziest Survivalist

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    I want me some snowballing audacity, with a side of faux morality and a soupcon of cynicism. And could I please have my audacity in the raspberry chocolate flavor?

  • Narya commented on the blog post Angry Househusband Explains It All To You

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    Here’s a shorter for you:
    “They’ve a temper, some of them—particularly verbs, they’re the proudest—adjectives you can do anything with, but not verbs—however, I can manage the whole lot! Impenetrability! That’s what I say!”

  • Narya commented on the blog post Andrew Breitbart NOT Killed By ACORN Deathdrone … Or Was He?

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    I hope you were wearing a hazmat suit when you waded into those waters . . . the depth and breadth of the delusion on display is frightening, also too.

  • Narya commented on the blog post Andrew Breitbart’s Big Stormfront

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    Don’t give them Florida; they’ll finish killing the Everglades. Give them Texas, maybe, or Alabama.

  • Narya commented on the blog post Kitchen Not Confidential

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    The place I was lucky enough to be able to buy last year has butcher block counters in the kitchen, and I’ve been loving them. I still use cutting boards on top of them so I don’t hack them up too much, but I don’t worry about stains. That all said, any recommendations on what I should use to treat the counters? How often?

  • Narya commented on the blog post I Flaunt, Therefore I Am (updated)

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    Okay, here’s another complaint: she has all that long hair swishing all over the place–does she ever pull it back when she “cooks” or “bakes”? Because I guarantee (as someone who has always had long hair), if she’s not pulling it back and braiding it and putting a bandanna over it, she’s serving it with dinner. And dessert.

    Also too, she’s so fucking clueless it makes my brain hurt.

  • Narya commented on the blog post We Will All Be Muslims Before The Niner’s & Ravens Kick Off

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    Can brining substitute for waterboarding?

  • Narya commented on the blog post Friday Night Random Ten

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    Glad to see someone finally got to the Dead–they included so many influences in their music that they’re a crucial piece.

    And I don’t think three is enough; any selection of three (including several fine attempts in these here comments) leave out significant strains of influence.

  • Narya commented on the blog post Friday Night Random Ten

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    I also love Perotta–I stumbled across “the Wishbones” when it came out and devoured it in a weekend, and have kept an eye out for everything else as it appears. I like some of TC Boyle and some of Gaiman, but only some of each of them. And I’ve never seen Dr. Who, either. All that said, you might enjoy Martin Clark. I really liked “The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living” and “Plain Heathen Mischief” quite a bit, and am pleased to discover there’s a third one I haven’t read yet.

  • Narya commented on the blog post Peak Vagina

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    Probably hasn’t peeked at one, either.

  • Narya commented on the blog post That’s Bruuuuuuuuuni. With nine u’s….

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    Okay, I had never seen Stefon before, but he reminds me of a bad combo of Dieter and John Belushi’s samurai and . . . something that isn’t that funny.

    I liked the Bruuuuni joke, and I have no opinion about his food reviews, but I recently read his book about him and food (“Born Round”) and really liked it. Even if the bit above does make him sound kinda assy.

  • Narya commented on the blog post Yeah, I’d Taggart That

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    The Reason review inadvertently gets to the point: the reviewer describes the movie as a “labor of love.” Except according to the Randian babble, it should only have been made for profit. (Which brings up one of the many conundra of Rand’s crap: why would anyone ever write a novel, or tell a story, or paint a picture, or sing a song?)

  • Narya commented on the blog post World’s Worst Food Network Audition Tape (Updated)

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    In general, weighing rather than measuring ingredients is better, especially for baking. That said, in pastry school, even though we weighed everything, we still sifted stuff on occasion. At home I almost never do, unless it’s something that has clumped.

    But I would never, under any circumstances, use my Cuisinart to sift flour. That is wildly demented.

    Over at Edroso’s place, the comments are also quite good.

  • Narya commented on the blog post Tonight The Ricola Let Me Down

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    Did you mean Selma Diamond?

    Whom I loved.

  • Narya commented on the blog post The Mysterious Galaxy

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    Yes to LeGuin, particularly “Dispossessed” and the whole Earthsea series. The complete set is fascinating to read through, not just the first three. “Left Hand” never did much for me, but I’m such a huge LeGuin fan.

    Sherri Tepper can be extraordinary–particularly “The Gate to Women’s Country,” “the Margarets,” and the Grass trilogy. “Beauty,” too. Others are good, but a couple are too formulaic for me.

    “Mists of Avalon” is wonderful; I didn’t discover it until a couple of years ago and wondered what had stopped me. Others by the same author sucked, though.

    Love Neal Stephenson, but start with “Cryptonomicon,” “Snow Crash,” or “The Diamond Age.” If you like those, then go ahead with “Anathem” or the trilogy.

    Can’t really read Vonnegut any more (I used to love him); his issues with/around women seep out too much for me to read any more. Same with Heinlein.

    Gaiman is fun.

    Simmons eventually bored me; just kinda went on and on w/o going anywhere all that interesting.

  • Narya commented on the blog post Galt!: The Musical

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    This site/thread should be called “Atlas Shrugged: The Snarkening.”

    One of the more horrifying things about Randfans is that they think her books are anthropological reporting. Personally, I wish they’d just actually go Galt. I’ll even let them use all of the roads, regulations, and municipal goods they scorn, one last time, if they promise to go away and not come back.

  • Narya commented on the blog post Galt!: The Musical

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    Holy shit–this is too damn funny. It sounds like something from the Spinal Tap world.

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