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    Rocky Anderson will win maybe 1% of the vote in the general. These people need to run in the democratic primary.

    The system is stacked in favor of the two parties, I don’t like it either but there’s no point in beating your head against the wall. If you can’t beat obama in a democratic primary, you can’t beat him in the general either.

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    And Obama drops bombs on children in pakistan, has already assassinated at least two american citizens in yemen, prosecutes government whistleblowers and claims the right to detain people he deems “terrorists” without trial, and is currently conducting a pointless, endless, bloody, trillion dollar 11 year war in afghanistan.

    What exactly is ron paul going to do about abortion, anyway? according to him It’s a state issue and he’s running for president, not for state government.

    If you’re worried about supreme court picks, i’d rather have them picked by someone who supports the bill of rights and doesn’t support unlimited executive power because that’s more important to me than the abortion issue.

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    I don’t think Obama is 5 minutes too fast, i think he’s 6 hours too slow.

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    I agree it is sad. I wish i had a lefty anti-war candidate to vote for that was even remotely viable. But I don’t, so Ron Paul it is.

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    Ron paul is like a politician out of the 19th century. It’s like someone took a time machine and teleported him into the future.

    He’s got my vote anyway, because I’m one of those single issue anti-war voters. But seriously, the gold standard? We’ll need to exhume the corpse of William Jennings Bryant to run against him.

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    I don’t think it’s too late for a late entry… Jeb Bush could announce his candidacy next week and become the instant frontrunner.

    He’s shown no interest in running so far, but the same could have been said of Perry a couple months ago.

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    There’s really too many polls to list… the major pollsters such as gallup, ppp, etc, all show him having high support with liberals, but also the university and newspaper conducted polls show the same thing…

    and anyone can conduct a telephone poll, all you need is a phone bank and some callers… the scientific process for how to conduct a telephone poll are well established, and while there’s certainly some debatability about the methods, and the margin of error due to methodological errors is higher than the stated margin of error due to statistical flukes, the margin of error is no going to be something absurdly high like +-30 points, so it’s very clear that Obama has a supermajority of self-identified “liberals” behind him.

    I’m not enough of a conspiracy theorist to think that it would be possible to rig every single poll that reaches the media. I don’t think we’re that far gone yet.

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    The most terrifying thing about Obama is fact that he can govern as a fascist in the mold of George W. Bush and still maintain support from 80% of american “liberals”, like rckisok here. You might think rckisok is a troll, but unless the pollsters are all lying, people like him exist in large numbers.

    For Fascism to work you need a charismatic leader who people will follow no matter how many laws they break. I don’t see Rick Perry or Mitt Romney as the kind of uniter who could pull that off. Obama, on the other hand, has probably 50 million or so “disaffecteds” just waiting to get back with him. They want to believe. Give them a reason, no matter how slight, and they’ll jump back on the hope and change bandwagon. Keep in mind: people still like Obama personally and his approval, while only 40%, is still way higher than any other washington politician.

    Obama might be re-elected, then the economy might recover, and some other uniting event might occur, and his numbers could shoot back up. Way up. Then he’d have the political capital to destroy the country in ways that Rick Perry or Mitt Romney could only dream of.

    Bush’s approval rating shot up to 90% after 9/11. If Obama ever got that high, he could destroy every liberal principal this country stands for with no opposition whatsoever.

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    I don’t think having a picture of the ozone hole over the south pole is really a good idea for this story. the lack of ozone in the upper atmosphere over antarctica really has nothing to do with the excess amount of ozone at ground levels in cities, you’re going to confuse people by conflating the two.

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    The complete and utter silence of the MSM on this oil pipeline is deafening.

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    Calling Irene just a trop storm is really an understatement. They really need better ways of rating hurricanes than just basing the scale off of pure wind speed. The thing about Irene is that it was HUGE. most storms are not nearly that large. It’s causing/going to cause some serious flooding in parts of the [...]

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    I don’t think it’ll be bachmann as vp, she doesn’t add anything to the ticket that perry doesn’t.

    He’ll probably pick a boring midwesterner to balance out the ticket, someone like mitch daniels or tim pawlenty.

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    Who knows, but I’m pretty convinced at this point that the whole political system is fake.

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    It’s depressing. Feingold is the only pol i’ve ever donated money too, and now it looks like he’s joined the long list of “Stepford Dems”. What the hell is going on?

    conspiracy theory time:

    I think the Surveillance State just has grade A dirt on every single pol in Washington. How else do you explain Al Franken’s 180 on the patriot act? Or the Kucinich plane incident followed by his inexplicable healthcare vote? They all just “changed their minds” with no explanation? wtf?

    And look what happened to Eric Massa right after he voted against that healthcare bill. They’re probably all secretly pedophiles or something and being blackmailed.

  • I live in Texas, Perry’s been governor for over a decade now and Texas is doing just fine for the most part, we’re doing better than most states. Not that I’m saying Perry has been a good governor or he can take credit for that, but he hasn’t blown the place up and he’s not worse than Obama.

    and FYI all of the “Insane” Perry quotes people dig up come during primary seasons, like right now. Don’t worry, He’ll stop freaking you out as soon as he wins the nomination… this is because he’s the king of pandering to the base. He’s also full of shit cause last year he all but guaranteed he wouldn’t run for president.

    But really, Perry praying for rain in an auditorium during republican primary seeason, or talking about secession during last year’s primary season… this is about as relevant as how Barack Obama said he supported single payer and opposed the patriot act back in 2007. They’re both completely full of shit. They’ll say anything to be president. They’re just saying what they have to say to get out of the primaries. Don’t get fooled. Other than the rhetoric there’s hardly a difference between them.

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    Prediction: They’ll vote it down today, the stock market will crash, then in a few days they’ll vote it up and the stock market will go back up.

    It will happen in this order because they are all insider trading.

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