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    I think it is important that we be as honest as possible about the harms this amendment can and will visit upon us. In that vein, all of my reading on the matter of domestic violence protections suggests that they won’t all be invalidated. Early legal battles in Ohio did create some chaos in this matter, but I understand that their highest court ruled that their amendment did not actually invalidate these laws. NC laws are already written to protect unmarried couples. That’s not to say there couldn’t be trouble and inconvenience, a few more people slipping through the cracks. But we have to be honest, or those who favor the amendment will ask, “What other lies have they told?”

    The best article I read was this:

    However, as a recent graphic points out, nothing will change if the amendment fails, so why risk even the possibility that DV and other issues could come true.

  • I am always iffy about honorary degrees, but I have seen some deserving people be awarded such. However, this is a little more heinous. It is almost like purchasing an honorary degree, but with no way to determine how ‘honorary’ it actually is.

    Also, I don’t get the “gay sex is gross” argument. I know of lots of sex straight people engage in that is gross (at least to me), but I don’t hear Mr. Wooden preaching against them. (Perhaps he would if the world were rid of icky gay people.) It is also so narrow, focussed on particular acts engaged in by a sub-group of the people he is trying to vilify. Of course, he has to pile lies on top of that, but even the starting premise is ridiculous. Perhaps, if he talks enough, people will wise up to how stupid his statements are and he will do his own cause more harm than good.

  • BoxTurtle, I had to join just so I could reply to your cynical outlook. As a NC citizen, I am aware things look grim; it is certainly possible that this amendment will pass. However, until the votes are cast, it is not a done deal. Your negative outlook does us no favors, either. Such fatalism can easily dissuade those who would vote against this amendment from taking time from their busy schedules to do so.

    In fact, I think this state is ripe for voting down this atrocity. The language is some of the most extreme to ever be place on a ballot, yet the attitudes of the populace have shifted drastically. Unfortunately, many who would be OK with civil unions for same-sex couples, would vote for the amendment. They need help to understand that this amendment will deny even that compromise. But because this amendment goes so far as to strip any possibility for any legal recognition for same-sex couples, it ought to discourage even moderate minds from voting for it.

    Further, the anti-equality forces have grown lazy on their own hubris. They are not focusing on NC, and they sincerely believe that they will never lose a popular vote. They phrase the claim to say that the people have always stood behind “traditional” marriage so they don’t have to admit that the people permitted civil unions in the state of Washington. In New York, they have the convenience of not seeing the vote put on a ballot, though I do not doubt that New York citizens would have done the same thing as their legislature. Popular vote is not an appropriate way to determine civil rights, but more and more the people are favoring equality. Hubris will be the downfall of those standing against this changing tide.

    Finally, the personhood amendment put recently before the people of Mississippi was also supposed to pass, yet it failed by a significant margin. This has been a hopeful example to me of what can be accomplished when we work hard enough to share the truth of what this amendment means. So please, BT, instead of being cynical, try instead to help encourage people to get out and vote. Help them understand the harms that will be caused by this amendment. Then IF the amendment passes, instead of saying “I told you so,” you can proudly declare that “I did my best to fight it.”

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