• Busted in D.C.:
    “A Drug Enforcement Administration official said Radel allegedly bought cocaine from an undercover agent in Dupont Circle…”

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    When I was a kid, my brother,sister,& I always got a good laugh when my mom talked about her childhood friend Frances Pugh because they called her Fanny.

  • Kids in college talk a lot. I became friends with several kids from the DC area while attending a southern university in the mid 70′s, including someone of the family with the DC Coke franchise. I attended a wedding between some of my friends some years later in DC. Between some of the people I met there and some news reports I read later(about the retirement of a long term CIA employee) let’s just say that it was confirmed to me that my friends had been telling the truth.
    It would only stand to reason that a company with the international reach that Coca-Cola has had since WWII would be used as cover for CIA operatives. I figured it was an open secret.

  • Does your book go into any of the relationship between the Coca-Cola company and the CIA? It’s something that might be of great interest to FDLers.

  • Actually, you don’t have to file a tax return- just pay your taxes. If you want your overpayment (from withholding) back, you must file a return. It’s not required by April 15th either if they owe you. But I’m referring to federal issues.

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    Related: WMD “finders” are still hunting for WMD’s!

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    I’m generally a lurker on FDL, but I occasionally log in to comment. I’m starting a new job Tuesday(at way less than I used to earn) after being unemployed since January. So I’ll be joining FDL really soon! I know that it’ll be money well spent. My local newspaper has become pathetic. A conglomerate bought [...]

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    That’s taking it a step further than what I was aware of!
    A few years back while in Fort Meyers, Florida, we took a day trip to Naples and took a boat tour of the ultra expensive homes. It was kind of like the “See the Homes of the Stars” Hollywood tours. But the homes, for the most part, belonged to the CEO’s of various multinational conglomerates. It would take a lot of effort for the angry townfolk with torches and pitchforks to even get close to that corner of the country, much less storm the moats that surround those palaces. But if it ever happened, I guess that’s where they would be boarding their yachts to sail to their new floating homes.

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    From Craigslist:


    Political Consultant with experience raising contributions for our new SUPERPAC.

    A SuperPac may raise unlimited funds in compliance with FEDERAL ELECTION RULES ( FEC) from corporations, associations and individuals and will pay generously on a sliding scale. The more you raise the higher your percentage. We are seeking those who know who, why, where, when and how much they think they might be able to raise. Tell us and we will listen. Show Us the Money and you are a hero.


    Do you have a killer Roledex? Are you persistent, influential, etc. Have you dealt with hundreds of millions before.

    If you are retired and want to make some serious money???

    You can raise funds once or every day. We prefer a dedicated person who wants to run a full time fund raising operation for at least 18 months who can raise $50 to $100 million. You can work from anywhere.

    All funds must go into the SUPERPAC and be reported ( our treasurer will handle that) within 48 HOURS, as per FEC FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION rules or there are expensive penalties.

    The more you raise the higher your percentage. You will be paid when we receive the money promptly.

    Example: Raise 1 million in one shot and I’ll pay you $200,000 Raise $1000 and I’ll pay you a lower negotiated commission. We can build a sliding scale and you will get higher fees for higher contributions and lower fees for lower contributions, so you target large donations. Raise $200,000 in 30 days and you will be very well paid.

    If you have want to build a phone bank, or can use your own OLD LISTS EFFECTIVELY and or have the ability to build a business and have done so, you can build your own group. We want people dialing for dollars right up to November 2012.

    If you own a business which can deliver results, show us the money and we’ll show you revenue and offset some of your expenses in exchange for results.

    If you have experience in technology, operating phone banks, mass email, mass mail and or access to strong donor databases, you are more valuable. Only Two things matter: 1. Compliance with Federal rules 2. Re$ults

    Federal Election Law Experience helpful.

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    Does Mr. Aglialoro’s $20 million loss qualify for a taxpayer bailout?

    I’m taking a class in entrepreneurship. I was told last week that if an “accredited investor” (worth at least 2 million and a few other details) invests in a new venture, then he will receive a 25% tax credit for his investment. So if Mr. Aglialoro structured things properly, the answer is yes, to some extent!

  • This seems to be a place to ask. I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me understand or comment: My elderly mom was called last April by her mortgage holder (a LARGE west coast BANK previously headquartered in NC). She was asked if she would like to see if she could reduce her mortgage payment by refinancing under something to do with the TARP program. She told them that she would like to try.
    Pertinent facts: She had been married (for the second time)in the late seventies to a guy who deserted her and eventually filed for divorce which was granted in California in 1985. In 2004 she bought the property in question after moving back to NC from an adjoining state. In 2009 she legally changed her surname back to match her children rather than that of her stepchildren(it made for less confusion in our medium sized city). Her income is derived from a relatively (very) small trust fund administered by the wealth management division of the same bank which had originally been at a bank bought out by the NC bank which had been bought out by the LARGE west coast BANK.

    After two months of faxing the mortgage holder everything they asked for they told her that they couldn’t proceed. The reason was because she didn’t supply them with the property settlement from the divorce. She had already told them that it was an absolute divorce with no property settlement.

    In January we were notified that her trust fund was now managed by the consolidated LARGE BANK. The letter said to be sure to ask if they could help us in any way. So I decided, with my mom’s permission, to ask for some help about why her refi didn’t go through. They were of no help! I was sent through a typical telephone maze.

    But I noticed a new office of the LARGE BANK Home Mortgage Co. in my neighborhood. So I entered and inquired as to why she was denied a refi on the basis of being unable to provide a document which didn’t exist. Now I must admit that I can be very snarky in dealing with matters such as this. The smirking lady said she’d call my mom. Two days later she did and made small talk. She said she’d call back but never did. That was Jan 27th.

    So in mid March I went by again. Of course the friendly lady was too busy to see me without an appointment but said she’d call me back. After a week of not being called back I went by again and insisted on being told what was up.
    I was told that they didn’t have the docs in that office. I insisted she look on the computer. She did, but I was told that she couldn’t understand it anymore than me from the docs on the computer. So I insisted that she call someone and have them explain it to her. She did. Then she explained that the whole problem was the name change thing was what held it up. That the attorney couldn’t rectify the name on the application with the name on the deed. I asked her why they didn’t just ask my mom about the discrepancy. She responded that the folks on the phone aren’t paid much and wouldn’t know to ask. She said that if I could just get her the name change document she could try to get the refi reinststed. So when I went to get the doc from my mother, it had with it a fax cover sheet indicating that they had gotten it early in the process.
    Now being the conspiritorial theorist that I can sometimes be, I have to guess that the LARGE BANK really didn’t want to do a refi. At first I thought it might be that the LARGE BANK collected TARP funds for merely trying refis. Now I wonder if her mortgage was bundled in more than one security (I had heard that it happened more than once). It was a smallish house in a great neighborhood, not at all over appraised(I sold it to her for a loss). She had A+ credit and guarranteed income. It would seem to me to be good candidate for that type of hanky panky. Does the LARGE west coast BANK have a track record of that sort of thing? Comments?

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    Now they say they’re going back to him!

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    So Bill Nye, the Science Guy, was on CNN a few minutes ago. He started straying from the rosy scenario that all is under control. The anchors interrupted him because an actual rescue was taking place. The reporter narrating the helicopter rescue said rescues like that were happening by the hundreds all over Japan. They [...]

  • Regarding #3

    This snail mail address differs from one I jotted down previously … it was MacArthur Blvd in D.C. ???????????????

  • Hi Folks,
    New member, first post.
    Because even the people with a partially functioning brain around here (western NC) are so embedded with anti union views, the progress being made in Widconsin will most likely be perceived in a negative way. In the southern red states, what’s happening in Madison is a win-win situation in a way.

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