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  • It is hard for me to understand how Julian Assange has been accepted by NYT’s, Guardian, and other major media sources that all have huge connections with the CIA through its journalists, managers, and owners. Is there anything exposed thus far that are huge damages for the CIA? Just the opposite. The reports on Iran and its nuclear program further the efforts of the CIA and our military to paint Iran into a corner. Has Israel been damaged by any of the leaks?

    The leaks do paint the weak efforts by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to control the financial support for terrorists organizations in very vivid colors. Again, we see no links of the CIA in this effort yet we know it exists as we try to infiltrate the Taliban and move further into Pakistan. I wouldn’t be surprised when we announce some huge improvements of our relationship with Pakistan as we begin to draw down our troops and footprint in Afghanistan. All for future expansion of the role of the CIA with the Pakistani intelligence services. A very dangerous move.

    Thus far, Julian Assange has been hailed as hero by the more progressive citizens of our nation. Is he a pawn in this effort? Is he being leaked information that furthers the goals of our government in world political issues? I believe the truth has yet to discussed in the national media and probably will never be.

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    After watching the rage with which our State Department has pursued Assange and created problems by strong arming corporations like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and even Swiss Banks, you have to wonder why the Obama administration would ever bother with compromising with Republicans on tax cuts.

    Back to the $130 million supposedly in a Swiss Bank. I’ll venture to guess that it was used by Cheney to buy the “best government available” in Afghanistan for a small 10% finders fee on all the skimmed money from US contracts in the longest war in US history.