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  • NCGal commented on the diary post What’s Really Scaring Conservatives – Sharia Law or Islamic Banking? by Rayne.

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    Sharia law is something political conservatives speak about to scare people and make them hate Muslims. It has no role in the US. However, as you say, Islamic banking is practiced by millions of moderate Muslims (who would never want to live under any form of Sharia law). Usury is not just considered wrong by [...]

  • NCGal commented on the blog post House Democrats Reject Tax Cut Deal “In Its Current Form”

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    Heard something so surprising today on Minnesota Public Radio. Peter Orszag has stated in the past that if we just let ALL the Bush tax cuts expire, the national budget would be pretty much balanced by about 2015. That is amazing. Yet instead of Obama being the leader he thinks he is and talking honestly to the American people about these issues, he is playing the GOP’s game. Instead of countering irresponsible tax cuts, he would up them by making the estate tax lower than Bush had it and add a bunch of new tax cuts.

    Imagine if we cut out the tax cuts for the millionaires and pulled out of Afghanistan and eliminated just a few of the forms of corporate welfare we engage in. I bet we could have a surplus inside 10 years!

  • “they’ll always fight tomorrow”. – Reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara. Except for the fact that she was a fighter everyday…

  • And let’s not forget Seniors. They have not had COLA adjustments to Social Security in 2 years.

    Despite all the smoke and mirrors from the tech and housing bubbles, the economy does rest on some fundamentals. And this “framework” looks bad for those fundamentals. All these unpaid tax cuts, while funding one war with no end in sight and another war where we now have the largest embassy in the world, may look good politically in the WH. But it looks like a political action designed to please people in the short-term and hope they don’t think about the long-term…

  • It seems that “conservative” preachers, esp the ones on TV, appeal to people’s struggles. When people can’t pay their bills, have serious family troubles, and illnesses, they want someone to tell them everything’s going to be okay. They don’t want a religious figure who questions. They want one who answers.

  • Do you believe that given the dramatic shifts in this country since the economic collapse in ’08 that Americans are shifting (not all but many) the value they placed on consumerism and militarism? Or do you think the changes are temporary?

  • I appreciate Senator Brown’s approach. The WH hasn’t really acknowledged, to my knowledge, the broken campaign promises of Obama. He has only said – give me more time. Well, Obama campaigned openly saying that the NAFTA-style agreements were not the future, and that NAFTA needed to be renegotiated.

    Regarding Reid and Pelosi’s reaction to the trade deal, I heard Rep Kaptur say this week that the Dem party’s leadership in the House is primarily coastal (Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn) and that they don’t seem as attuned to the needs of the Rust Belt and Middle America. I paraphrase. I hadn’t thought about that before…

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    It is a stunning video. Dems in Congress and in the White House need to get a backbone and also decide who they care more about – the wealthy and their campaign contributions, or this country’s long term health and citizenry. We are all watching. And one line I hear from GOP is that people [...]

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    I don’t believe that no Americans care about scanners. I care. A friend’s relatives refused to fly from the Midwest to NC for Thanksgiving because they didn’t want to risk the scanners. As Ron Paul says, Americans have gotten too passive. When they speak up, it does make a difference. It’s clear TSA made SOME change after all the headlines.

    Imagine if Americans spoke up and said enough is enough, let’s get out of Afghanistan!

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    Thanks, Jane. Saw you on Washington Journal recently. You were great. On today’s WJ, Rep Becerra was on. He showed a couple charts that were dramatic. One showed the impact on the deficit over many years of the wars, Bush tax cuts, and stimulus. The other chart showed what a dramatically greater payoff people over $1M get from the tax cuts than even people at $250K-$1M.

    Millions of Americans do get it. They asked people to call in to give their opinion on the debt commission’s report. I may have heard one caller who liked the commission. Not even sure about him. Everyone, GOP and Dem and Ind, was pissed. The message was – enough of putting everything on the backs of the middle and lower classes.

    I agree that Obama must want to extend the tax cuts on all. Because there is clearly public backing for someone to say enough is enough…

  • I have been thinking that it would be great for progressive leaders to show a list of say 10 examples of corporate welfare that could be eliminated and the dollars saved. I honestly think many Americans do not realize the vast web of hundreds of billions of dollars that are either spent by the govt annually or not collected – in corporate welfare. We only hear about individual examples once in a while. More Americans than in a very long time are fed up with corporate America and Wall Street.

    The problem is that most Dems don’t want to upset corporations either. They want campaign contributions.

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    I saw Rep Kaptur make a good point this AM on CSpan’s WJ. She asked why we didn’t have a commission on jobs instead of on the deficit. Amen!

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    I agree. And the more to the Right Obama goes, the less he stands for anything. I have no clue what he stands for now – other than a deep desire to get re-elected. He may still have many of the voters who voted for him in ’08, but what he is losing quickly are the people who did more than vote for him. They knocked on doors, organized parties, ran caucuses, got out the vote, … And I know I’m not the only person who voted for him in ’08 who would rather write in Elvis’s name than vote for Obama again…

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    On the Lehrer newshour the other night, Brzezinski said that while there may have been a massive ‘data dump’, he thinks it’s very possible someone is releasing info selectively and manipulatively… Makes sense.

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    If Romney could survive the primaries, I honestly think he could give Obama a tight race in the general election. I may not agree with many of Romney’s views (or Obama’s for that matter), but Romney is accomplished – past governor and head of a prestigious global consulting firm. He wouldn’t shoot himself in the foot a la Palin or McCain.

    There may be surprise candidates too – like Senator Thune…

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    Judging from his very recent behavior since the elections, he seems to perhaps be interested in acting so much like a republican that voters won’t know which is the GOP candidate…

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    Actually, the idea of using drones in Europe against Assange is NOT impossible. And we know Obama prefers killing over capturing.

    So far, I don’t see why the Mossad would be after Assange. If they were after him, I don’t think he would be around.

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    I never thought about it, but you’re right. When Alternate Gower says, “no”, it is a little strange the way he says it. Or maybe that was just the alcohol talking, since the Alternate Gower was a wino…

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    Coincidentally, I did grow up in the Dakotas. You see a lot of small banks in that part of the country (Iowa, SD, ND, NE, parts of MN). I agree upstate NY is a lot different. I lived up there for a short while, too. In the upper plains states, you don’t have big booms or busts. They did suffer greatly in the 80′s though when farming was in crisis. And many community bankers learned their lesson then.

    Imagine a banker wanting to understand if their customer can actually repay the debt!

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    And, now, that is about all that we can earn…

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