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    So, who thinks Eric Cantor will be in the Super Congress? Do you smell sulfur?

    Here’s what we need: a new, third party. The Progressive Party and we need a candidate and we need to elect that candidate. We don’t need a “pretend” primary rival for Barry. We aren’t going to bring about change from WITHIN the Democratic Party. That’s not an option. We’re past that. Let’s burn that bridge and move the hell on.

    We true progressives have such passion, energy, intelligence, and vision that if we don’t go ahead and take the leap, I think we shall go mad.

    Is there not a true progressive leader who will rise up in response to the urgent call from our collective souls?

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    Did anyone catch R. Nader on Olbermann tonight? (David Schuster was in for Keith) Nader talked about an initiative being launched in the next couple of days where 100 progressive leaders are being asked to join in an effort leading to a progressive primary challenger against Obama. BUT, he stressed TWICE that the goal of the initiative is NOT TO actually try to BEAT HIM in the primary but just to get progressive issues discussed and debated during the primary.

    I want a FOR REAL progressive candidate…a “pretend” candidate would just feel like another slap in the face.

    Help me, FDL’er…this isn’t the answer I’ve been praying for.

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    I swear, didn’t Reid just say that he was willing to compromise even more today but nobody showed up. OMG…are they really still trying to throw more of this ONE-SIDED “compromise” on the heap? Why don’t the Democrats just shut up…NO MORE “GIVE AWAYS” to those madmen of the House. Why are Democrats so inept? It is already a one-sided bill…all cuts and no tax increases. It is already an afront to the citizens of our nation.

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    Well said, Greenbell. The number of Americans who have “a piece of America” is shrinking daily. I am in angst about having no one to vote for in 2012 and my sister, whom I live with, really gives me a hard time about not voting for O. again even though she says a write-in candidate [...]

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    You better believe it!

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    Hello to everyone. I am new to FDL. I am experiencing such emotions as I watch things unfold. I read HuffPost and Democratic Underground but I am looking for a true progressive home. I feel so helpless and alone. I feel like the world has gone crazy and I am in a downward spiral.

    I keep crying out to myself, why isn’t there a strong Progressive star to shine for us…someone to step up and say, I will be the leader in this fight. Why don’t we move forward with a primary candidate NOW…surely there is nothing more we need to see from Obama to know he is a significant part of the problem.

    I think about the eight long years I endured with Bush and I, like so many others, thought change had come. OMG. It has been a nightmare. I can’t contemplate five more years of the slow, death torture that Obama is delivering. It will have been 16 years of my life…waiting for the clear sounding trumpet to finally rally the people … to move the people to fight for America.

    I am an uninsured 55 year old, once well paid corporate training professional, out of a job since November of last year due to job elimination from Big Bank. I live with my sister (20 years my senior) and we are living on my unemployment, her teacher retirement, and her social security…so we are ok at this time but I wake up in the middle of the night knowing that if something were to happen to her, I would lose our home, would have to sell it if I could, and possibly look to moving overseas…it is just a nightmare.

    Nothing I see in Washington makes any sense and that really makes me think perhaps I am going mad. If I knew how to fight for my country, I would.

    Why, please help me understand,are progressives not directing all our time, money, and effort to a FOR REAL primary challenge. Folks, without that, are we not doomed?

    Please pardon this long post. I am just reaching out. I am looking for a community of sane, thinking, caring friends.

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