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  • ncstagger commented on the blog post Ryan-Murray Budget Deal Announced To Remove Defense Cuts

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    Basically, here’s the gameplan.

    1. Get rid of the filibuster. Check.

    2. Figure out a way, once again, to demoralize the Dem voters and thereby give control of the senate to the repubs in 2014. Check.

    3. Sit back and watch as all manner of fascist legislation is passed while the Dems, now without the filibuster to stop it, sit by “helplessly”.

  • Babylon must fall.

  • ncstagger commented on the blog post Government Shutdown Threatening Food Safety

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    HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It is a system that identifies and develops control measures for the various points in a food manufacturing process or in a food preperation/service process that have the most risk of harming human health. For instance, for a restaurant that prepares a chicken dinner, an identified hazard would be salmonella and a critical control point would be cooking it to a final temp of at least 165 degrees fahrenheit. HACCP is a very useful tool and a well developed HACCP plan can go a long way to improving food safety and reducing the risk of foodborne illness.

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    what a dick.

  • So how do we know these two Chechen guys are the ones that bombed the marathon?

  • I dont really understand what is going on here. If these people are suspected of breaking the law they should be given a court date, tried and sentenced or released. If they are prisoners of war then they should be treated as such. Apparently they are under some other status? Whatever status that is, there has to be a procedure to follow and some sort of end game, they cannot be just held indefinetely, that is just not right. And what happened to Obama closing this base down anyway?

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    Or maybe Obama could propose a budget that reflects the values of the people who elected him.

    You know something that recognizes that at a time when a quarter or more of the countries households are out of work or underemployed and even more are in danger of falling into poverty that it is not the time to be slashing help for the poor. He could address the “deficit/debt” by ending the wars, cutting a few hundred fighters/bombers or maybe one aircraft carrier and save as much money as his wrongheaded SS reforms. Then he could go further and reduce military spending even more, take the savings and use it to fund a green energy jobs program that constructs nationwide infrastructure for solar/wind/geothermal energy production tailored to local climate/geography resources. He could solve the SS problem by raising the cap to 200K. That would be a start. Instead he proposes Republican/Corporate/WallStreet policies.

    Eleventy dimensional chess excuse is played out.

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    What I see playing out is that the Repubs will filibuster gun control. Then Reid, with righteous indignation spewing from every orifice, will “heroically” change the rules and end the filibuster. Which will then remove it as an option to stop the gutting of social security and medicare aka “the grand bargain”.

  • The problem is that the majority of Dems are sellouts and we cant vote for Repubs cause they are even worse and there is no other viable alternative. The only solution is for a true leader to emerge. Can’t be from an existing party IMO. Obama played the role of this leader but he was [...]

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    So MSNBC has now removed or castrated Keith Olberman, Cenk Uyger and now Ed Schulz. I’d say its pretty obvious that forceful, truth-to-power opposition to the ruling class that appeals to mainstream voters is not allowed to grow too loud on a major network. Now they can discuss more details of every elected Republican and [...]

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    Soil scientist. Twice the wage rate is being conservative. Many of my colleagues working for private sector developers are well into the six figure category while I have not yet hit 50K. Local health departments in rural areas are not a place to work if you want to be wealthy. Not only is the salary [...]

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    Not all public sector workers are in unions. I work in the public sector in a “right to work” state with no union. My salary is roughly half of what people in my field make in the private sector. My job required a degree. Coming out of college I made the decision to go into [...]

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    President Obama signed the $633 billion defense bill,

    We are now spending more than $1.73 BILLION every single day on “defense”.

    And this was approved by nearly every member of the House and Senate as well as the President. So when they all start to gnash their teeth and wail about “out of control spending” in the next few weeks, keep that in mind.

    1.73 billion dollars every single day.

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    ahhh what a nice treat to find some sweet jgb here, thanks!

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    Term limits are already in effect..

    ? Really ? I must be out of the loop because I understood that both the US Senate and the US House both have no term limits. Neither does the US Supreme Court (or the Vice President, for that matter).

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    Drawing state and federal voting districts is a complex matter and there are people and groups which have been working on fair districting for years. Which is to say, my reading says it’s not that simple.

    Agreed. But I submit that my suggestion remains the simplest and most importantly, the least susceptible to corruption.

    Were you to suggest years rather than terms, I’d support: two Senate terms is six House terms.

    A valid point. Whether the limit is set on terms or years and whether it is specific to the office is worthy of discussion. I like the idea of years better I think, although 12 is too many. I like 4 better. Constant turnover would promote diversity of ideas and greater representation of the people imo. Public office should be something a man or woman sacrifices a few years of their life to do, not a career or a means to permanent financial security.

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    But it also seems to me to be a natural consequence of Americans continuing to vote for unprincipled lying sacks of shit. We have just come through an election in which over 120,000,000 votes were cast for either Obama or Romney — each and every one of those votes going to a sociopath. With many voters totally unapologetic.

    Don’t see this changing, the voters have no choice but to vote for turd one or turd two. Decent people are, for the most part, busy working and raising families, they don’t have the time, money or connections to run for office at any level. And when they do run they are eviscerated by the monied interests ninety nine percent of the time. On the extremely rare occasion that they win they are quickly ostracized, marginalized, compromised and neutered. Without real changes to campaign finance/term limits/office pay and benefits/redistricting laws/etc, this will not ever change.

    My suggestions? First, the pay for all politically elected offices has a maximum cap equal to the median income of whatever the constituents of that office is. All elected offices have a term limit of two terms max. No person who has held elected office may accept subsequent employment in any company/industry that was subject to any regulation or policymaking decision that person took part in that could reasonably be seen as a conflict of interest. All campaigns for elected office shall be funded publicly, with an equal share to all qualified candidates. No private funds allowed. All congressional districts shall be redrawn so that boundaries are equal to county lines. If population discrepancies are large enough to warrant it, multiple counties may be combined into a district to result in fairly equal numbers of constituents per district. If necessary to split a county into two or more districts it may only be done with a horizontal or vertical line.

    I feel these measures would help encourage only people with a genuine interest in serving our country to sign up to run for office. I also feel that none of these measures has a chance in hell of ever being enacted. Happy New Year.

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    It appears to me that this deal came down to trading off the increase in the tax threshold from 250 to 450 in return for a one year extension of emergency unemployment, a five year extension of the expanded child tax credit, earned income credit and the tuition credit plus extensions of various other tax credits or deductions for renewable energy, science, research, etc.

    The two month delay in sequestration means that it will be dealt with as part of the debt ceiling fiasco that is coming next.

    I am pissed that O did not hold firm but truly I dont know if it would have been possible to get all of these various extensions done without giving something. These tax measures are very significant for the working poor and middle class (the real middle class, not the quarter of a million dollar income folks).

    My biggest problem with this deal is that it did not include a permanent end to the debt ceiling charade but I suppose there was no way in hell the thugs were going to give that up since it is their yearly ace card now. The constitutional option wrt the debt ceiling should now be on the table. Also I think we just missed a rare opportunity to significantly cut our bloated “defense” spending but that fight is still out there.

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    Yes, none of the hosts over on that bastion of liberalism, MSNBC, are giving more than a small blip of coverage to the current sellout that is going on regarding SS/taxes/etc. Its now constant gun control/violence blabbering. Just a coincidence I’m sure…

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    This is all such utter bullshit. We spend nearly 2 BILLION dollars every day on “defense”.

    But yeah, we’re broke. Please.

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