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  • I voted for change in the last election (Ralph Nader) so I am not surprised at all that Obama is allowing the torturing of this brave American patriot, Bradley Manning.
    And Ralph’s right: Obama should be impeached.

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    Here in WI we are taking a pay cut to pay for our already paid for pensions. Up to 5,000 for some of us.

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    thanks for all your support; enjoy hearing your analysis on WTDY in Madison with Sly.

    One day longer!

  • The travesty is how they just abuse language: first collective bargaining is a budget issue, then it’s not. The main purpose of CBAs is to get more money!
    I am a teacher in the Madison area. Through collective bargaining we increase our salary, we get the district to take part of our compensation and put it into the state retirement fund, we get paid sick days, we get paid personal days, we get get paid for subbing and we earn these benefits, dammit.
    Even something like bargaining about class size affects money.
    So, the possibilty that this manipulation of the legislative process may pass muster in the courts is troubling.
    Ultimately this power struggle is going to come down to citizen agitation. We have a proud tradition of activism in this state but we also have our share of the population that is tuned out and turned on to entertainment diversions. I know some teachers who have had their eyes opened to the political corruption in Wisconsin. They have been very active in opposing Walker’s demands. But they wonder why this isn’t over already. I hope we can keep enough of these folks engaged to win this battle for democracy. One thing is certain: the Koch Brothers aren’t giving up; they screw workers over for a living.

  • I am a Wisconsin teacher who just had my rights stripped away.

    Does anyone on here mind if I refer to these 18 Senators as the bastards that they are?


  • I was there for three hours today. I saw no teabaggers.

  • That is the WEAC leadership’s fault. They could have blown this lie out of the water right away and reframed the budget issue.

  • I was there as I have been three other days. This was very inspirational and historic.
    The most moving parts of these days have been inside the capitol dome, where the drumming and chanting and cheering brings one to tears at times.

    The only downer: the stupid move to cave on the pensions. We already pay 100 percent of our pensions. Now we get a salary cut so Walker can give out corporate tax breaks. Pathetic.

    We should have denied his budget and frame the whole issue around shared responsibility because with all the cuts in salary we are going to spend less; it’s going to shrink the economy and result in job loss. We needed to have offered our own budget balancing plan. Framing fail. And here we are teachers and we had the whole world watching. A great way to educate the public and the whole country about a different kind of shared responsibily for expanding democracy and moving us all forward. A huge screwup for caving in to Walker’s framing of the issue.

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    Scott Walker was expelled from Marquette University. For real.

    Anyway, I was there on Saturday. If they teabaggers weren’t there you wouldn’t have noticed their absence. The crowd against the Walker-Koch dictatorship was that massive.
    80,000 is a conservative figure.
    I was at the Springteen-Gore rally. This was bigger.

    We are going to continue to defend democracy on the Madison Capitol Square and inside the Capitol Building.

  • Walker and now Palin’s justification is this: everyone must be willing to sacrifice.
    How is cutting the income of state workers only everyone?

    One percent for schools,, as a sales tax would bring
    in $850 million per year.
    This way everyone would actually sacrifice, but only a little. And it wouldn’t shrink the economy as Walker’s measure will do.

    Everyone in? Or some out?

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    Why in the hell was Geoffrey Canada on this list? That guy wants to get rid of teacher unions. He’s pathetic.

  • Well I have been reading Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon, Margaret Kimberley and Paul Street for quite some time. I never had any hope for Obama, never expected him to enact anything progressive and would never vote for him. It was pretty clear he was a triangulator way back in 2004, if not before. Go back [...]

  • If there were rule of law in this country, Bush would be on trial.

  • Look, Obama had to give insurance companies until 2014 so they could figure out ways to get around the regulations.

    After all, this whole thing was about faux change.

    Remember, Obama expressed concern about all the folks who work for these useless insurance companies.

    Now had we enacted single payer that would have actually created jobs.

  • What an idiot. You do not resist arrest. Go quietly and walk with a big lawsuit. Oh, you resisted arrest, now that’s out.

  • This guy has never impressed me as an important thinker, writer, or commentator.
    I have always wondered why he was even on the air or in print.

    Of course, it’s because his thinking is within the bounds of thinkable thought allowed in the mainstream media.

    He’s boring and his thinking is not all that accurate.

    Glen Ford, Margaret Kimberley and Bruce Dixon outshine this guy on every journalist level.